The beauty of the betrayal Baton Rouge. An AOLAB blog.

The name Baton Rouge means Red Stick in french. It refers to a red stick that Americans native to the area used to mark off tribal territories. It was also originally a military post for the invading French…settlers. The first image that rises up to me is a bloody nightstick … one swung at the original inhabitants to ‘make way’ for the then new world era, one bloodied now by the splatter from the straddling and unnecessary point blank shooting of a black man who,  if he was selling Cds, had possibly been blocked from any other gainful employment, mounted Like a pig by the outright justification of bad cops clothed in blue being written off as nothing more Than Pigs.

It’s a horrific image that the initial naming of that “territory” was seeded with from jump. The space betrays the abuse those indigenous to the area then and now have lived subjected to.

…and yes,  I’ve “been” there. Once. Baton Rouge is the only city experienced during  the AOLAB treks whose energetic quality had me flee. The oppression in the air there was heavy, hurt my heart. &they were GOOD People. It just didn’t feel like a place where ‘good  people’ weren’t routinely sacrificed in some way or another,  speaking from my heart.  And the many times I’ve cut through to go to other cities it was always oddly with held breath. Once,  fleeing Hurricane Gustav the volunteer team I was with were to be sent there or Jackson, MS. We prayed & unequivocally picked  Mississippi. 

The spirit of that city hurts. It hurts for its people,  it hurts for the atrocious acts that people don’t realize often occur there right in line with the vibration of all this. 

I think that’s what I always felt. 

I ran because I’d never felt the spirit of a city hurt for those who lived within it, a spirit of a city in despair.

This anger we’re seeing betrays its  long broken heart. 

And it…its angry lament  raised the strangest question this morning:

But what was its  original name?  What did those native to the area call it, before the brutality of foreign invasion reigned ? 

The original peoples were the offspring of the moundbuilders. Istrouma is  the only word I could find. ..and they(historians) claim they don’t actually know what it really means.  “Possibly  a corruption of this or that choctaw  word~”

The weird thing that arose is a reference to red sticks that the Native population used to carry… to count days up to an event.  Like a calendar.

“The Muscogee tradition of carrying a bundle of sticks that mark the days until an event occurs. Sticks painted red symbolize war.”

What if they let the invaders find those red painted sticks in the first place to symbolize they knew they-as the manifestation of war-were coming?  
…and energetically speaking, how does that inform  the energies at play today? If the nation’s focus hadn’t been pinged away from Baton Rouge TO Dallas, had actually been stayed with,  mediated, worked through earnestly,  maybe the cops who died yesterday would not have had to die, be sacrificed to this madness.  Their blood is on the hands of the media machine  that did that consciously. 

The time is now. The energetic aftermath of #philandocastille &#altonsterling


Us 70s, 80s &90s babies are just…being shocked out of our laziness. Across the color scale.  We thought what our granddaddies did, what mom & dad marched With John &Becky for was the final answer. We were lulled ìnto a dream that, though not killed, the beast had lost the taste of us. &we spread our wings, touting the changes that did manifest like wind beneath them. 
We forgot…that beast was happy to kill them too for standing with us.

We need to understand… alot of#goodpeople Didn’t forget that.

It is easier to be #ledandfed  no matter what your skin color is. &it leads to an empty life. Which is the goal.  Controlling empty lives. 
The people i went to high school with have kids coming of age now. &there IS a diff clip to these kids because even though WE didn’t recognize it as such…we dealt with a brand of pissed off systemic racism that would’ve  bewildered our grandparents to be given the chance to face down.  Making 6 figures doing the job is your dreams yet being called a nigger- we defiantly went into schools that didn’t want us unless they could brainwash is, saw the racket that was, kept exploring. These kids…scare me with how proud they make me.
We know how we got shit done. &we gave birth to a generation that has the potential to To HELP US END this madness. But we don’t get to stand down.  Our multiethnic, multinational friends don’t get to stand down, either.
Regardless of what the System induced/introduced multiculturalism for…THIS TIME NOW is when we show them Why WE took to going beyond small town borders into each others arms. What WE knew was blatantly  revolutionary about it as we did it. 
This is our Revolution, #fureakingHippies #generationX #generationY #generationZ

We can’t let these wily #millenial offspring go this alone. We went through shit believing it was getting better. &it has. Which is why the beast is showing out. It’s in its #deaththroes.

#philandocastille &#altonsterling & the 121 other Black men &79 Latino men did not die in vain.