Hive & Swarm, illustrations commissioned from AOLAB by Nola Woodworks for the Audubon Insectarium, NOLA, AOLAB2012

Just got back from installing the nola woodworks tables that i got commissioned to do illustrations across for the Audubon Insectarium here in New Orleans.

Hive & Swarm, respectively.

For the kiddie “you want me to eat what?!lookitthabees,arethosekillerbees,maybejustcarpenter,or honey, oh look theresa-omghowmany?!?!tharooftharoof,tharoofisonfiyah!!” ……party area:”D

…a fun, simple, short & sweet project that i am grateful for being pulled in to participate in by nothing but goofy grace.

May the kids…at their inaugural birthday party….tomorrow…beat the sNot out of these babies,and may children who’ve never needed ritalin…be sequestered due to mah bees inciting them to go batshit craycray as they eat worms in a controlled environ :”D I’m soooo in love with God right now for this one lolol


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