an inner conversation between books who pose as children and an angel who tends to write from time to time:

“We’re going on a research trip tomorrow.” Angel announces. Her green beret is at an angle and the stogie hangs out the corner of her mouth as she ponders purchasing writing pants.
“Do we have to dress up?”
“Do we have to wear bowties?[obviously from the books who pose as boy children]


[groans]”Are Muslim?!” [obviously the smart-assed one known as Lilboy]


“If we wear’em do we get the 72 virgins anyway?”[ obviously the cerebral & highly-disputed eldest brother Babay, who SOMEHOW ended up being birthed third even though he was started first. Has the hormones of a gangly tween boy for all to see]

“No, &-how do you even- you know what? Go talk to your faRther~!”

[more groans]

“Do I get to wear shortpants now?” Beanie asks.

“What?!No! Wait- we don’t want to wear short-pants!” Lilboy rails.

“I do, i’ve got pretty legs~” Beanie says with conviction.

“No!I’m the one who gets forced to wear short-pants, you’re too little & your legs are not cuter than-”

“Are you actually fussing To angrily wear short-pants,dude?” the faRther calls out from the table he’s hunched over.


“Whatsa virgan?” Ridley calls out.

“They only eat grass & paper~”Koko says matter-of-factly as she puts bow-ties in her hair.

“Thatsa Vegan~” Lilone[eldest sister,highly contested] corrects as she positions a bowtie across her non-existent chestage.

“THAT is NOT a TOP!” the faRther yowls, not even looking up,feeling her do it in the ether alone.”& later on i’ma tell you my version of the 72-itsa nightmare that will scare the-[saucer eyes from the kids] Nevermind…”

“Can we take toys?” Koko asks.

“No.But you can take field books &draw pictures For your toys.”

[groans from the toys]

“I signed on for action!What is this?!”[a gaggle of bunnies]

“We’re being robbed!”[a clatch of bears:/]

“Can Holy throw a toy jamboree in our absence so they wont stay mad?” [Liloo]

“TOY JAMBORBEE!!” [Honour]

[roar of children,tweens & toys near-deafening]

“How many kids do we fn have-?”[ faRther]

[Apache growls just for shits & giggles]

Guapo & Journey ask “can we go to the toy jamboree instead?”

“Who said i was throwing a freaking Toy Jamboree?!”[Holy]

Angel-Philip holds up his bear & growls “Lion.”

“& you- stop thinking about writing pants….”[Jesus]”I gotchu.”

a new girl goose[toy] wanders in shyly wondering who she belongs to as thewild-haired tribe settles down for the night.