Where you Are. a morning meditation by Angel Brynner

i see your spirit for me in the spaces between the words you press against  my cheek in the dark, feel the strange blaze of your love as your eyes trace the curve of my lower lip from millions of miles away as i wake.

never random, replete with molecular memories already written by God for the story of Us to be, regaling me with unspeakable words of faith that no amount of logic or lack can rise up against without being comically subdued, phantasms of inner fidelity that hold my hand in yours no matter what.

i see showers of love as i come out of dreams that didn’t even feature you, not with you in the flesh at all, yet you are so alongside me each morning that even the Angels give berth to the sound and fury of your breathing steadying me into starting my day, fresh, Like God himself has given me grace to have hope in the allegory of you,alive making me feel rested, dawn by dawn.

the spectrum in my space goes from the indigo of a white room at night, to the gray of wandering  in r.e.m., your warm thigh registering against my hip through the slip and slack of dreams,  to the white of aware but not yet awake, to showers and resplendent washes of sheer pink flooding across curtains as the sun comes up again, the day itself is an afterthought to the infinity of a love, in the morn, lost in thought, yet not on me, still in me no matter what, more present than things passed. pushing me to a renewed mind no matter where you are.

beauty, in the eye of the beholder, to the mind of the beheld is nothing less than peace,love and sweet, the soft, steady victory of waking up still in love with the seed of you God has nourished within me.


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