To Conneticut. To Portland. To Compton. To pray us out of our collective cowardice and insanity that lets it come to this time and time again.

I found this at: 

A Prayer for Children

O Lord Jesus Christ, whose anger was once terribly kindled against those who hurt the children, we beseech You to bring to repentance all those who through cruelty, abuse or carelessness bring the innocent to harm.

We are among them, O Lord, and confess with sorrow and shame that every failure of our love in thought, word or deed immeasurably increases the sin of the world and the unhappiness of the children.

Lord, have mercy on us, increase our love and consecrate it, making it active in deed and prayer for all children in danger of body, mind or spirit, all who are hungry or homeless through war or disaster, children of broken homes, frightened or lonely children, children who look for love and do not find it.

What can we say, O Lord, what can we ask? They are the innocent sufferers for our sins, as You were in Your life on earth, united to You more closely than we can understand. Lord, have mercy upon them in their suffering, and have mercy upon us in our sin.

This is happening because of what we will not do. This is happening because of the smaller things we collectively turn a blind eye to in our lives, when we SEE people around us intending to violate those far enough away to not affect our day to day with their pain.

This is happening due to what we call our global commerce, what we traffick, worship and champion. It is in what we accept in our so-called art, the lyrics weakened people are seriously living their lives to the beat of, and is seen as our divine right as a country that only came into existence through rights to bear arms against clearly seen enemies 200 years ago.

Only now, we kill ourselves…we kill our children. with absence, with what we feed them emotionally and otherwise to escape truly parenting them, with what we allow them to ingest in our absence. We kill other communities around us by what we will only allow to set up shop Over there instead of within our township. 

Yet think we are not killing our own communities.

 But when one of our children repay the favor, killing those who still have the hope to be whatever it is they feel has been stolen from them by us, we shoot them dead “before it spreads.” All the while we are making it communicable via our media outlets, a ready show of our collective guilt. And then we cry as a country. Then forget.

In the past 20 years, our country has shoved many thousands of bodies of children under the rug that is draped across the floorboards of our beloved nation. We have a penchant for the decimation of our own offspring here that is quietly akin to Carthage, yet we get to pretend we don’t understand where they get this from. We rule out the depth of their humanity in our reducing them to consumers,worthy or otherwise. And we cry foul everytime some member of our gun-soaked society reaches for the power arms signify in this world we decimate day after day.

Will Conneticut’s senselessness shine anymore compassion on those who are shot down in the urban centers of our country day after day who are raised listening to the prepackaged big-business mantras of “violate and destroy” as their only lifelines?programmed? Will this country of disgruntled offspring ever recover from the one-note virus of ‘kill,kill,kill’ that was only to infect certain communities that has instead manifested across us all?

How cold has our love grown? Have you forgotten splashing The Portland Mall shooting all over the news nonstop in the 48 hours before this? what about Toronto? Colorado? Does the new spilled blood wash away the reckoning and repentance that should be on the heels of each outburst but never makes the evening news?

Is this the only road we have to a common ground?  

The war that begat this country has never ended. We turned on ourselves a long time ago when we let arbitrary factors define whether or not we could quickly look away from the carnage without it being politically incorrect.

If you have children, do more than hug them tonight. Strengthen them. Step up to the plate as adults. Face the collective cowardice and insanity this stems from so this can finally at least start to stop. 

We resort to guns because we cant deal with the pain we cause each other. We cant face what we do nor can we face what we have done.

How many of us have felt pushed there? To the point of feeling the need to arm ourselves for the worse due to the sicknesses we’ve seen others unable to cope with as they came for us? How many of us have joked about ‘going postal’ without dealing with the implications of there even being a colloquial term for that in our psyches? How much emotional hurt & violation are we consciously trafficking in on a daily basis? Without admitting, or even while relishing the pain and disruption of lives that finds root with each of us?

The boyfriend of a dear friend in Miami is screeching across the lines about the horror of this act, gun control, and the “better way” his homeland “did it.” But I know that this same man bashed and bruised the head of the one he claims to “Love” not even five days ago, and refuses to face what he did. Because he doesnt have to. Here. It doesnt have to connect because he has his constiuency convinced. He is cheered on in his sickness.

The person who almost pushed me to utilize my right to bear arms a year or so ago after years of stalking and bullying me- as others looked away, and i refused to fight back= literally just threatened the life of someone i adore with gun violence. ten days ago, after his threats didnt move a consciously unarmed me to not step back up to the Art Industry Life God called me to. Out of nothing but petty jealousy on his part.

He mistook my peace for fear and trembling, then lost his mind as HIS plans fell flat. And his definition of “true friendship” was publicly touted as “those who stand with me in my terrorizing and attempts to violate this woman who walked away from me.”

And yet he-Knowing that he just banally threatened a man with a bullet to the rib over a walkaway approved by god- is twittering tears alongside Obama. For his fans.

“As long as no one knows” is No Longer good enough.

I myself have repeatedly said “if it was Not for JESUS, I would’ve already shot my harasser dead.” But that’s not good enough.

quoting scripture is not enough.

“we have all fallen short of the glory of God-” is NOT Enough.

A pending apocalypse penned by a people[The Maya] who decimated the culture ahead of them[the olmecs], stole their calendar and then could Not predict their own self-inflicted genocide..speaking across baktuns to another twisted culture lost in what will become the annals of their own self-inflicted genocide…is NOT enough of an excuse either.

WE ARE ALL LIARS AND HYPOCRITES SHEDDING CROCODILE TEARS. Look around your life. see where you too have become numb to it. This violence, the little deaths meted out with no consequence.

And there has to be a better ending to this than a firefight in a hall of funhouse mirrors. We have to be capable of more.We have to say “Enough.” And then actually DO Something more than wait for the next outburst. We need to change.

If we as a country cannot fiscally exist without the money machine of guns, if we cannot live in a world without arming ourselves due to the efficiency with which we have armed everyone else…

We have no one to blame but ourselves.

The true enemy is us, and has been for a long time.


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