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EXILE update. 05252013AB

Friends, FRIDAY was a good writing day!

I didn’t think it’d be, seeing as though the loins w/the other half of my children had flown the coop[like days prior or something tho,so..eh]…but it ended up being the most prolific writing day here yet.

A lot of the start of the process for writing a fourth book, especially if it follows a trilogy, is tying up loose ends from the first three to build the official platform for the new baby. This is the work I had been putting off until i was in a literal happy place because it takes a frickin Serene mind lol.

And since i take these experiences as children who are given to me, who live with me from the moment of hopeful inception & hopefully onward into eternity, they demand & deserve that serene mind and space to play with their building blocks however they see fit.

Kokopelli [the name given to the child that carries Exile in her bones] has been with meĀ  for a while. I actually felt God flip her in my literary belly on July 31st, 2009 in Montreal ,alongside her big brother who was on the way out into the world [Babay, also known as EMPYREAN, book three of the series, was promptly pushed out in the two months that followed said flip].

This here Freedomrun has been expressly for the love of her. I may not be IN the exact shack she first inspirato demanded to be birthed in, at that exact table but i am in the locality. Her siblings have been overjoyed to return to this limestone rock jutting out of the ocean, and she has been as content to run through the bush to the beach or to do cartwheels on stretches of grass with them as a three year old as she has been to camp out alongside me, little feet dangling as i am listening to her notes or transcribing her visions.

Which returns us to the start of this post: the blessing of yesterday. I was entrusted with three of the hardest transitional chapters of the whole arc, back to back, in one day. Which is in line with many of the chapters that have come out here. Her Big brothers and Sister have taught the child well.

To give a better understanding of the whole chronos of this:

The first book Exodus was begun technically while i was still designing menswear in 1999, to the chagrin of all those tied to me who were reading the signs and sure i was going to be this big name “brand.” Elements rose up in collection themes and mood boards for the line that i couldn’t shake. She got her bones in 2000 due to darknesses traveled through as i followed my heart and shuttered the line, and after many years of notes and drafts my first novel was completed in December of 2003.Exist was written between March and May of 2007. Empyrean was completed scattered across 21 days between August and September of 2009 in Toronto.

After the rough edit of that fall in Seattle, the concise editing of the three books went down from January 2010 until September of that year. First proofs and all the correcting that goes with that went on for the next two quarters, up to the limited release/runs that really were for continual editing. And on January 1st, 2012, Exodus, Exist and Empyrean hit Amazon.com holding hands like the triplets they are to me in my heart. THIS is alongside all the other art projects, volunteering, jewelry and fabric collections, murals that has been jumping off on the road that the Art of Life has traveled down for me.

It is now 2013. The brunt of last year and this one has been reading and researching for this second trilogy.

Yep~Koko [EXILE] has two siblings[ EMPATHY& ETERNITY] who are as adamant to arrive junctos as the previous ones were to be a trilogy. And God has been so good to me during this time, no matter how many others were the exact opposite of such. I can get all phony Christianese about the thing, or just be honest. Some people suck, especially those who sell out their true ideas to cater to mass appeal and then want everyone else to live that hell with them too. But at least i now know in my isolated isle of a heart that All folks don’t.

And I have been happy here on the shores of freedom isle. Everything has not been uber-great, but it has all been perfect, and good, and worth the battles that went down between the decision to come here to honor this kid and actually getting here.

Things I haven’t had the space to process over the years due to lack of true privacy have spilled out of me gratuitously, and i am lighter, rawer too. There is room for the children to breath, laugh even.

By the grace of God, there is a swiftness and actually [I’m gonna say it] an elegant surgical precision in how these chapters have beenĀ  coming together that i can attribute to the god-given years of editing between now and then. But there is a Sweet kindness from the Lord that counters the cantankerously,violently creative vibes she gets from me & the comic bulldozerishness of the loins from afar. Her ‘Everyone has to obey me!” bossiness is tempered by my city gypsy-chic bluntness.

She’s going to kill everybody. But she’s going to do it with love, and a spray of cherubic gore splashed across the grin strung up between her beautiful little cheeks.

The fear i initially had of her is as far from me as East is from West. Because i Know the story. “God-You want me to say what??!” was the initial reaction.

Alas, there are other things that have to be worked out beyond the business of this that must be tackled today.

Happy hunting, people.