Exile soundbite. a random chapter by Angel Brynner, 2013.

chapter fourteen

Jezreel hit the floor hard and tore down the long hall. The deathly silent first floor made absolutely no sense in light of the chaos up on the third. Anger welled up behind his eyes and spilled over his cheeks as curse after curse grunted out of his mouth. He angrily struck out at a wall of lockers as he flew past, unaware of each step lifting him up off the ground bit by bit as he went.

“This is supposed to be settled!” He grimaced as he roughly threw himself across the hallway into the other wall and pounded it. The impact echoed like a big drum. Again and again he threw himself violently down the hall, leaping off walls, cracking windows as he forcibly splintered doors and ripped things down. Physical aggression poured out of him the only way it knew how to. He danced like Nureyev thrown into a vicious rugby game and out for blood.

“We’re Here! This is done! It’s supposed to be-Over-“ he hissed and threw himself down onto his knees with such forced that the palms of his hands cracked as they hit the floor.
Air wheezed raggedly in his chest as he leaned on his heels and looked down the hallway he had just destroyed. It was so silent that it put his teeth on edge.

His breath got emphysemic as his eyes traveled down his ashen arms into cracked, grey hands that rested in his lap.

“What the-I don’t- understand-“ he whispered in shock. He peered at a faint splotch of red that slowly made itself visible between his right thumb and index finger.

“…Don’t you?” the teacher they called Wade growled softly from the far end of the hall that Jezreel had careened down, the double doors flung open. He was seated on the floor in the center of the dance room like a Samurai, his back to the destruction.

“Mr. W-“ Jezreel started as he scrambled to his feet. He made his way towards his old teacher who disturbingly looked as young as the first day they’d met. Wade’s eyes crackled as he swiveled his torso around and interrupted him.

”I said- NOW. Do. You. Understand?” Mr. Wade repeated roughly.

Jezreel’s face contorted in confusion. “No! No I don’t, man!” he yelled as he loomed over his young-looking old teacher.

Wade spun around, took the feet out from under Jezreel and pinned him to the springy floorboards by the neck. His lips hovered a centimeter above Jezreel’s ear.

“Life. They smell the life hidden here…not just her…you too… US…all of us….when WE…now… ALL of US…Here… are supposed to be…dead.” Wade growled softly, then yanked Jezreel up off the floor by his neck, roughly flung him into a mirrored wall and pointed a spindly, accusatory finger at him.

“And I saw you dance damn near your entire life.-THAT,” Wade motioned absently down the wake Jezreel had cut, “Is the most passionate your ass has ever moved, dead or alive.”

Jezreel shook off being utterly confounded by what he couldn’t discern was the compliment or insult in the comment.

“Wade, we don’t have time for this-“.
“We have all the time in the-“
“Dude- I’m serious- Don’t go all Kung Fu on me! I need your-“

“That’s part of the issue- you are Serious-“ Wade said dismissively and walked towards the windows like the duck-footed dance master he once had been.

“Listen, Magii~” Jezreel said derisively, “I get it, I Know where I am, where we are- dead or alive-zombie, yeah-yeah- Look-dude, we are under attack up there-like now!“ he finished as he walked up behind Wade.

His jaw dropped as Wade waved his hand and the veil fell from Jezreel’s eyes.
It was an all-out war zone in the streets that surrounded the crumbling, old school. People mauled one another, clawing and ripping at whatever flesh they could get ahold of , sniffed out whatever heat they could smell on one another, hungry for life, for blood, for another taste of what had been completely taken for granted across such a twisted expanse of space and time. They bayed like wild animals and turned on one another incessantly, tumbling against rusted and rotting abandoned cars that were strewn across the pock-marked boulevard.

Wade motioned across the way to the protesters forever going at it in front of the abortion clinic. Jezreel’s eyes grew huge as he saw them, a handful at a time, run off to dumpsters alongside the lot and do despicable things to each other and the bloodied things found within it.

“Every moment of this entire after-life, we are under attack. Don’t ever forget that-“ Wade said darkly. “or all the gifting you brought this far will be useless in the long haul- We are always under siege-“

“Sonafabitch! That’s Rabble-Rabble!” Jezreel gasped as his sight extended through the crush of disfiguringly contorted bodies to see Rabble and Habib frozen, cups to lips as the only thing that kept them from the insanity strung up between the two clusters of eternal men were flimsy pieces of glass.

“What the fuck is he doing out There? Everyone needs to be HERE!” Wade yelled.
“Vitanza wouldn’t let him in! He was strapped too!” Jezreel yelped.“Oh my God-“ Jezreel whispered as one of the demon possessed protestors furthest from the coffee shop. beyond the curb lifted up his nose, sniffed the air like a feral beast then looked over its shoulder trying to decide where the scent was coming from.

‘They are starting to smell him-“Wade hissed. The two men looked at each other. Without a word passed between the two of them, they bolted back out into the hall, whipped around and slammed through the glass out into the madness.


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