Grinning for Gauguin, or “Portrait of the Artist in the Morning” by Angel Brynner


Another in the guardian artist at the helm series, Grinning for Gauguin is a shout-out to the first man i saw with the openly publicized artistic ability to LOVE people who looked like me in an art gallery. before I even knew his story, I knew he loved what he was trying to depict. And this is one of my favorites as a child because i actually looked like the one in purple when i first saw his work,and took it as a meditation on me growing up out of pinafores and such lol.

It was pure irony that the island i was led to in lieu of the island he went to for similar reasons over a century ago[ Before there was Fiji in my imagination, there was Tahiti due to Gauguin] stocked this fabric by the name of Androsia, made on the isle of Andros in the Bahamas.But it was also pure Ambrosia against my body for what NOW may be visually obvious reasons lol.

I have just spent damn near a month running round and writing in my “Tahitian bathing robe” and it makes me as happy now as it did when i first caught sight of it…in a painting…like 29years ago[omg  TWENTY NINE YEARS AGO?!SHEESH!lets do the time warp again!!] and knew it would be mines.

Here’s to the love of Art and the Art of Life, yall.

And have a Great Morning.


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