Holy Hur [Hair, yall] by Angel Brynner

Had an impromptu convo w/a clerk at Walgreens today-was on a mission to see what was IN the eco-styler gel i’d been hearing about AND sight-find the yellow grease I used to get my hur pressed with once a month by this woman Arlene when i was a kid[because thin-haired mama was traumatized by Esmerelda[my hur:”D]fighting her back lol].

It was to my elbows til i was 13 and i am growing it out. Anywhoo~ Turns out this chola with the weave down to her a** was wearing said weave Over Natural hair due to a situation that i thought iiii was the Only one frustrated by. She said it perfectly:

“When i was a kid, i used to get my hair pressed and it was down to my waist. But Now, Nobody KNOWS HOW to do that old-school press-and -pull out like grandmothers used to do,I get it flat-ironed & i’m just like”yall i coulda did this at home with a flat-iron.!”

So it’s NOT that i am looking in the wrong places in Chocolate city!lol Even the Native Chocolatienes are like “Where grama’nem at? cuz Auntie’nem aint got the skills~”

It was a cathartic moment to say the least lol!

If you got an auntie off in the cut who knows how to press Natural hair correctly, send her a shout-out because SHE could be cleaning UP right now.

The Harvest is large but the laborers are few!lol

& As for the “why you looking for grease?You’ve been a champion of Oils for 15yrs!” They do 2diff things. I’m working on something in particular here. But it’s been nice to see that the inner nudge to go for what your inner kid &Holy know isnt only being heeded by me.

folake AmelLarrieux2-main_Full

As for all the noise about Not doing the grease route…the chicks with the non-militant natural hair never stopped doing what was done early on with their hair. Non-militant Naturas  are a diff head than the Veganaturas, IMO.But some need to go to that Vegan-esque extreme due to things they went through with their hair long ago that need to be purged from their psyche,perhaps.

And There IS a bamboozling afoot.

One I myself unwittingly played an infinitesimally small part in once. Was all about the deals in NYC, and a certain pretty amazing hair company had a training center. My hair was wilding out then as it is now[this was  either 07 or 09], i went in to get it done gratis and this one particular time they had the glorious assortment of black female scientists, stylists & creative directors in who were researching Natural hair product options for development after purchasing an unnamed old-school black haircare brand. They asked MANY questions, it was great fun blah,blah, but at the time all i was doing was Olive or Grapeseed oil, a bit of Vo5 every now and again and said as much.

Their plan-very vocal about it too, no shame in game, was to develop a line that knocked what naturals were already doing at home to the curb & then cashing in. Fine.Basic American way these days. Get’em with the good idea, then get’em hooked so they send your kids to college lol. Only problem was they weren’t pleased with the answers they were getting lol. They wanted something that Kinda worked like what naturas do, but still had the get hair hooked aspect that built in customers. Like i said, aint knocking them, good business. But was still about the hook.

THAT is where the loud push to not do what a whole bunch of Yall- US- know was done before the whitewashing began.

Our moms, aunts, grammas and even daddies- Who came of age in the 70s, both sexes rocking fros, press-outs and the like were onto some ish that i am simply exploring as i meander down this next part of the path for me.

My Dad had no problem with my hair [it was a splice of his wild curls brushed out and my gramma’s Chinese/Black thick splice], and one of my most vivid tween memories is being at the Hall with him behind me[moms had protested doing it that Sunday or something lol], him deftly weaving what was warbling Loudly all out and down my back into a big-assed, sleek rope.


There’s a current point to all that. I actually tried a “Natural” product by a certain company the other day that was to be a heat protectant since i’m wearing my hair flat-ironed in this heat for a bit because its actually less stressful on My thick-assed hair than washing& detangling & airdrying daily thru the summer. I prefer to leave it the frank alone, and folks don’t cornrow like they did when i was a kid and you ain’t add no plastic hair to strangle your own hair.

Anyway, the results were just what the aforementioned company wanted.They put chemicals in the natural products which are currently used in skin care products these days, but your hair overdrinks them& the next day you have to add more. Grease NEver did that ish, pressed or cornrowed. You could go at least a lil while with grease. I gave the stuff i got a few days to show& prove…then i took the ish back.

Yes, I found a grease i absently recall after that convo mentioned at the start of this blog with the clerk. Felt Holy all “this one~” after i’d stood there trying to hmm it out. And then…

I brought my ass home & rinsed that other stuff out of my hair. Because that’s the other thing they glaze over:

Hair is already dead…if You keep reapplying ish to already dead hair and will get just the bad,damn near embalmed “why won’t it grow?!” results many have been weighed down by over the years my generation has been wandering the hur wilderness.

Then i sat my ass down, Lenny T-shirt squeeze-dried it[ that’s a trick that really IS legit/spot-on:grab a Tee& squeeze out the water instead of a towel], divy’d it in half and did Not grease my scalp past the four main quads it was split into. But i did comb it through the hair to the tips-Not alot – popped four braids in it,banded the ends& then tied it up in that same chunk of t-shirt to lech more of the wetness out as it air-dries.

FTR, i clipped the ends after this pic was taken.But like i said, it’s all a process:) .

THIS IS ALL EXPERIMENTAL..yet in an anthropological sense because we are going kind of “What is the ROOT Word on all this mess?” about the whole thing.

Especially for yours truly. Because the flip-side of all this”what we gone do is go back,way back~” stuff is my dad’s Occasional “imma show you how Easy this is, woman!” ropebraid ups aside, My mother blessed me &her with visits to aforementioned Arlene lol because SHE got HER hair “done” allatime. The curls yall know me to rock Were Brushed OUT the entire time i was young past the age of like 2. As were my Dad’s, actually. The fro was picked out. And as for dad, when He saw it curly and wildin out, he was all “Oh yeah, that’s what mines do when i don’t…”

I was 25.LoL.

NO ONE knew in the way we know now mofos had “good” hair.

Which is why i’m notorious for telling chicks who’ve asked me over the years to just “Let it do what it does.you may be surprised with how it curls up when you leave the ish alone for a while.” My mom was brains all over the place when i was sitting on her bed at 25 & She Saw the texture she’d always mangled because she didn’t have it herself or know HOW to “do” it. It wasn’t Meanness Allatime. Her & my sis have Thin-assed hair like Her Cherokee Squaw momma’d daddy. It was a whole nother world that she took to be a manifestation of Hell  growing out my head.

DSC_2746This is me at 2 and a half. That’s the last time the fro yall know was not brushed out & ropebraided the frank up lol.

I even find myself tying it up more frequently when i Do press it, instinctively. Why? We’ll find out at about the same time lol.


and i’ll keep yall posted.

i FRANKLY cant wait to see what the frank happens when this dries…if the various hypothesii i’ve presented quietly to myself will pan out.


p.s., I call my hair Esmerelda because she is a gypsy who likes to do what SHE likes to do, and its a nomadic splice as it is. I name everything anyway lol.


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