“The 100 day challenge: 100 books devoured in 100 days” by Angel Brynner.

Pretty straightforward.

My 37year old self pitted alongside of[not against] my beautiful, bookish inner nine year old(the Einsteinian silly-billy prose nut 🙂 who makes up the most words that confuse yall & used to actually go read encyclopedias when her dad sent her to “go read the encyclopedias we paid all that money for”) to settle this research mess Once and For All.

WE, as in “I”, have a WHOLE bunch of reading to download into this here mainframe this summer before donating Minime’s “Library.”

On the heels of procuring like four more volumes upon returning to NOLA i started balking at God, all “There are AloT of books here!” Niney had already showed up, and i was a cool nine year old IMO, so it had been quite fun to recall her POV of things.

(“Niney” does not approve of this Appellation, yet will take it until the end of this post because i said so, & she is me, but i am older & that’s the end of that 🙂 .)

It was only after a few days of her giggly butt happily hanging round in the spirit that it has dawned on me-on the heels of finishing a book in like a day, no less- that THIS is the chick who devoured literally HUNDREDS of books over the summer in elementary allatime.  She is who turned librarians into book pushers soon as they saw the odd glint in her eyes,and they’d just stack her the frank up.This is her shall we say ‘forte’ lol.

100 books devoured by September 20th 2013.

Now this doesn’t mean a book a day. & Some of these books were gotten for three to five pertinent chapters. the rules are devour what we got the books for- At Least 100 by that date. I’d already made a dent in the home stacks before the Bahamas, but now is the time to get down to business. &Books began prior to June 10th but not finished by June 10th CAN & DO count in the final count of things. Books finished prior to June 10th are in a holding zone until further notice.

Why am i voicing it? Because i need outside accountability lol.

And yall need to understand why i am howling at the moon in the middle of September, beyond still celebrating my bday around that time lol.

That being said, to the books!


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