Does the Movie “This is the End” have a blunt, in your face “hidden christian message?” or “Can I get an Amen up in’ere?” by Angel Brynner.

I have to give it to Seth Rogan and company.

Even though I laughed out loud at Pineapple Express and the whole ‘lovin the bromance’ push that it shaped up to be, it’s not like the genre [which to me is simply repackaged “No Girls Allowed” b/s for the current passive/aggressive generation of movie execs still finding opportune ways to tow company lines..oops! Wrong blog lol(yeah, i did write that)], I wouldn’t say i was a “fan” in that fanboy kinda way of him and the crew. They were funny, but it was not like they were the Wayans or anything[circa I’m Gonna Git you Sucka & Original Living Color].

In fact, the only reason i went to see the movie was that i saw a clip where chests started getting pierced with blue beams of light & all hell was comically breaking loose & it piqued the madcap chica in me, “Aw hell, what the hell have they gone and done now?”style.

But when i tell you that I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END OF THIS FLIPPIN MOVIE it is an understatement of the emotions that careened to and fro across every crevice of me.

In fact, it’s the ONLY movie i’ve seen in YEARS that i laughed so hard in that i truly want to go see it again -in the theater- just to see if it was a fluke.

THIS is the End has made me fall in love with Chris Robinson[which was bound to happen anyway lol]AND James Franco[ to such an extent that boggles the mind] and a slew of other happily ridunkulous grown-assed men who’ve improv’d a piece of celluloid that may end up being the cornerstone of a whole bunch of conversations on Heaven & Hell that an entire generation has been bamboozled into thinking it is passe to have.

And they WAY they do it, the send up of it with the sincerity at its core hi-beaming out and smacking folks in the forehead time and time again…just made my heart sing.

I dont even “know” if they “meant” to do what they did, but the movie makes you think.

Not only does it make you think[once you stop choking on  popcorn mis-swallowed due to batshit stuff seen on the screen] affably about the premise, these guys even quietly built in aspects of the Christian message that even pastors these days gloss over.

From the reality of the godhead- i will never look at ice cream again, to plays on “no greater love is there than this-” I had a moment in the movie where i just got serenely mystified and went”God, what are they doing?” & I heard him say to my heart “They’re preparing you.”


My advice?

Go get prepared.

If you dare.

Because they are right.

it IS almost the end.



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