Who shot the dog version:

God, my hair and NOLA heat have been getting on famously this summer. From trying to appease  it by flatironing it so i can leave it alone to rollersets and/or contemplating poetic justice-esque braids to just be done with it, it is safe to say if it is an option I have pondered it on 99 degree days. It’s just been like this “discussion,” one i Have to admit i have been having a ball having. It’s been less of a dilemma and more of a conundrum to solve, a hair theorem, if you will lol.

I didnt want to wash&wear it everyday because it would be a mess by the end of the summer, but i’d never thought of amplifying the curls to the utmost.

But something happened a few ago & i shrugged my shoulders and went with it. I had known this line before- correction, i’d had good success with the chromeo* portion of this brand many years ago but had never bothered with the curl portion of the line because most  curl lines are frankly BS and you end up having to do just as much Using the stuff if not More than if you didnt, and for all the buzz, it was never from a chick with hair even remotely like mines.

For the record: the chromeo portion of this line WAS HOT, tho. It made my hair reflect like glass.

Anyway, i recalled the positives of said line & went in search of it. Kinda like the Indian hemp grease experimentation. The most ridiculous i’d gotten was with that Hemp line in like 2002.$50 a bottle, but it lasted me a good 6-8 months. worth it. Chromeo was not as pricey, but had also done right by me and had the brand it is part of on my hmm list for the summer.

Now…I am NOT a diffuser chick. Maybe it’s technique or whatever but I have gotten two of those things max and tossed em-they do Nothing for me. & even when my hair is bone-straight it is so that God can blow my hur all over my head like i am in a wind tunnel or playing with clouds. it’s my angelic thing i guess. Hur has gotta move. Even if i truss it up on top of this big ole pretty head of mines, it better be able to undulate lol.


I went back to chromeo- at least that was the intent- and was spoken to about the curly portion of the line in the process again, with my wariness on display.

Then the guy said”Oh, & it’s been reformulated.”

Now…seeing as though i had no priors with it but had instinctively known it was going to piss me off to spend that much cash on something i could gut-tell was going to do nada for my hair…what followed was doubly weird.

God went”get the curl.”

Now i still tried not to. Agreed to the curl shampoo, but opted to try the defrizz conditioner instead. He had me take that back a day later & exchange it for the matching treatment for the curls, the logic being that IF we are going to rock the curls with them being 100% who he designed them to be as part of this experiment, i had to give it the old college full-on try.

This afternoon i dyed my hair. Blue-Black. I’d happily done a cool, detailed hand-painted dye job a few months ago, but my roots grew in pitch black, so we had to equilib that.

I haven’t even used the shampoo yet.

and i tell you…

Nah. Instead…it is BEST to just show you:


EVERY fricking curl on my head is Perfectly defined and waving at folks all “Hellur~”

It is dry, flies all over the place when the wind hits[i took my hur on a walk to to let it air-dry in the last sun of the day,,very romantic lol], is so soft that if Loins was here, his  inner child’s face would be smushed all up IN my hair and- AND…& now keep in mind i DO love my oils…completely and utterly dry.But like Moistly dry.

It is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma how the frank they have pulled this off.

i am SOLD.

It’s alllll ova…

I am IN the promised land and i am not going back lol!

Consider this product my Gilgal, yall.

kerastaseAnd it’s that i WOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN IT if i had just been listening to myself.

iT IS soOOOOooo worth what it costs that there’s this part of me postulating whether or not it needs to go to that place of stockpiling it in case they want to mess with the formulation again.

But that’s just fear talking.

And past experience with great beauty products that they’ve f’d up trying to “fix” lol

(Boots No.7 protect& perfect, i am talking to you!lol)


i rebuke it.

With a shake of my “omfngGodwasriiiiight!!”curls.


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