“The LIFE and DEATH of God, being forgiven AND forgiving him,” OR “the wages of TRUE RECOGNITIONS and Sincerely Accepted Apologies across the board in both directions. by Angel Brynner.



If GOD really was Inside of Jesus the entire time…

If you really think about it, it makes what happened at the end all the more spectacular when you think about HOW the world plays out  regarding evil & good.

I mean, God repeatedly says through the books of the prophets that HE made both good and evil. So those who say an earthquake is an act of God…that we dismiss these days as parochial…whether they know it or not…are lining up with the “word,” even if it is in a skewered way. But That’s a whole other post. Let’s stay the course on this Jesus thing.

So…the most high God “sends his son”…who grows up to say “if you’ve seen me, you have seen the father because we are literally the same thing”…& has his “Son” who is really Himself…walk through all the shit he ALLOWS to happen in this system of his called planet earth.

& in the climax of it[not the actual end, tho it looked like it & many thought[some to this day think] it was… the guy-Jesus…when it gets close to the full-on…is sweating blood in a garden, begging his father not to make him go through with what, up in heaven, had been decided long ago was the only course reconciliation could take place down.¬† &then he¬† goes through with it.

But what did he “really go through with?”

IF GOD was IN Jesus as it ALL went down at the climax- the false accusations, the imprisonments, the beatings, the flagellating, the crowds that had cheered him INTO the city turning on him, demanding his death, the plots against him, the lies, the friends deserting him, the family standing off, nobody standing with him-

like…it’s ONE thing for it to be God up in Heaven watching his Son go through an intensive course of what the BRUNT of folks on this planet Go through due to the evil he not just Allows on earth, but himself says repeatedly is of him as much as the good… to finally FEEL WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE US GOING THROUGH THE HELL HE ALLOWS IN THE SYSTEM.

THAT IN & OF ITSELF… speaks to a slew of things that i wont even go into concerning god’s ability to understand…and too have mercy on us.


IF you really think about it, it GETS TO BRAINS ALL OVER THE PLACE.
Really think about what that means.

GOD didnt JUST subject his child to this fucked up system.
There are too many potholes in the salvation tied to that one that MANY have fallen into….like “what’s the point of being his kid if he even had CHRIST go through this shit?”

GOD subjecting HIMSELF to all that rage & abuse?
At the hands of men Motivated by the Satan that it comes down to HE created?

Paul writes about God being reconciled to us, & implores us to be reconciled to God.

What if what Christ was really about was GOD saying “I’m sorry” to all of us, in regards to the system he designed that UNTIL christ came there was no real way to survive or overcome due to the Evil HE built into its framework by not offing Satan?

What if That factors into what the whole”refer back to the cross”
& “The cross settles it” is really about?

What if Christ going through it was God going through what we go through & THAT is why Jesus is always there when we go into that throne-room, to remind God?

“Father, Remember what they live thru in that system of Ours down there…”

…and throughout the scriptures we see even an ALL-knowing God still needing to be put into remembrance by those he dearly loves of various things HE’d said…

I always had an uncomfortable irk about the whole “they killed God. He came here & they[we] killed him.” Even with him being resurrected.

Even with seeing how bad my life “could’ve been”, and how “Blessed” it has been in comparison to some of the lives i’ve seen decimated by evil along the way…
I STILL have moments of “How could you have LET “This”[now] or “That”[then] happen to me if you love me,if i am yours?”

Today, i am just getting this whole “refer back to the cross, it settles ALL of it” on another level.

It’s not God brushing off OUR suffering.
It’s not even him saying “ok!look at what i put my own son through,”
or”Look at what i had to Watch my own son go through,”

…in the weirdest way today, i feel like on top of everything ELSE Jesus stands for…for the first time in my life i received a sense of God being sorry for the pain WE go through in his system, then have to struggle to believe in him and for him on the other side of.

if Christ “TAKING IT”
WAS REALLY GOD tasting it…
if the murder of Jesus was so violent because it REALLY WAS THE RECONCILIATION WITH us…that the Bible SAYS it is…

IF God made it sooooo bad to be the horrible equivalent of what some humans walk through variations of everyday…

If every lash of that cat o nine tails was for the kids that get molested in his system, if every punch that rained down on him was for every woman that gets abused or abandoned in his system, if THAT is where the fervor demonically was fanned up from, if the Devil was using what was done to Christ as the final condemnation of the system HE felt He got ejected from…but even the devil Himself didnt recognize it was GOD himself Inside of the Jesus he KNEW from before He got kicked out of heaven…

& those trapped in the system with the beast he threw down INTO the system out of Heaven when he got tired of it, that ONLY wants to torture us due to HOW God saw & defined us when he first made us….BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF THE EMBODIMENT OF THE CREATOR OF THE SYSTEM THEY WERE INEXTRICABLY TRAPPED WITHIN, as the aforementioned beast stood in the shadows, cheering them on for doing something HE personally could not physically do.

It was a trampling underfoot to the fucking Death of the God who made the system…


IT JUST blows your mind.

& it makes sense of the other half of that “God has reconciled himself to you all! now YOU be reconciled to God!”

He admits in what he lets Christ go through that this fucking system sucks.

Even in all the reasons we will Never understand because HIS thoughts aren’t ours & HIS ways aren’t ours…that Justify him setting the system up AS such…even GOD himself sees the suckiness in what we have to battle against in it.


It makes bone-deep sense of the whole Christ is literally the ONLY door out of this system. The only way to walk through is via the one who walked through…who knew HOW to walk through…because HE designed the entire thing.

…Think of it like Zelda, or something.

…simplifying it a bit.


want to delve deeper?…read this:


“An unexpected ESSENCE of NOLA summation” by Angel Brynner

btw…for those of you who have been wondering when i was going to do my food review thingie for this here beloved city…there ya go.

I guess… this time i wanted to fully Enjoy the spots privately before releasing them to the wild..eyed perusings of potential place poachers lol. I opted to LIVE’em heartily before i CHEERED’em so that i could set’em free painlessly lol.

AB  .

“An unexpected ESSENCE of NOLA, nuff of dis’ edition ” by Angel Brynner.

There are many other places i could name Like willie mays and parkway bakery, but most of them you’re going to get heads-ups from concierges and the like to check out .

i will however give props in another way:

MAGAZINE STREET really does have at last count something like 72 different restaurant experiences. Some are hits, some are misses, but the cool thing about food in New Orleans is that even when you are at a spot that is technically a local “miss,” it could decimate the competition in other regions. The food is just THE FOOD here. In addition to food, the shopping on Magazine is EPic. From Rise for womenswear, menswear and jewelry around the 3500 block to Box Paper Scissor for all kinds of cool cards, paper and gifts…vintage spots,did i mention gelato, interior design…there are just so many young local women and men of all colors doing their thing along Magazine. Walk it, but please wear comfortable shoes. TO walk and shop it all can take hours.

OAK STREET in Uptown is More Local-flavored.There are Great restaurants¬† and wine bars up here,some of the best scruffy bars and homegrown under the radar BBQ in town, cafes galleries-there’s much to do on OAK, and Jeanette Street, a block away has a spot called Boucherie [tucked in a little yellow House]that¬† even floored Mr. Anthony Bourdain, supposedly. You can take the St. Charles streetcar up to the very bottom of OAK and meander your way up.

ESPLANADE in what is still technically mid-city but kinda more a little like Bayou St. John has an assortment of laid-back local restaurants, wine shops and cafes once you get above Broad Street. It also is where the racetrack [horses,big-hats,hoopla] is located, the most beautiful [imo] above-ground cemetery in town[photo-op-wise], and leads you nicely into NOMA[art museum], city park[with its amusement park] and all there is to do there.  Hop on the City Park Streetcar at the top of Esplanade and meander back down to where all the ESSENCE action is, or even hop the 91 straight down Esplanade back to the top of FQ & bottom of Marigny.

Leaving OUT?

FRENCHMEN STREET. I won’t SEND you to Frenchmen street because Everyone is going to send you to Frenchmen because the Music is THERE across like 20 clubs you can dance in and out of drunk off your ass, carrying your drink in the great wide open. It’s like telling you to breath in and out. I WILL…. say the food at Three Muses ON Frenchmen is frickin amazing.

BOURBON STREET. &yall know i love me some frat-boys [-Wait. Just realized yall’ont know i love me some frat boys.University of Cincinnati.It’s a platonic love lol] Bourbon is Frat-Boy Disneyland. Stripclub dude’s Xanadu. I aint gotta send yall there. Yall gone go anyway. But PLEASE…for the Love of God…just show your boobs and get it Ova with or you will always wonder where the night could’ve led. Said to the Girls AND the Boys. A lil nips exposed to the night air aint never hurt Nobody nowhere other than Bourbon Street. And your kids will one day ask you “Did you show your boobs?” Dont make yourself hafta lie to them lol. You know you want to anyway.

TREME. Because you guys who are addicted to the show already have the spots on your heart where you just HAVE to go. I can add nothing of merit to that mix other than a “Where y’at?” and a “Have a ball, yall”

MARIGNY& BYWATER. Second verse same as the first. Plus, there are a few spots i can add to the current roster in the public consciousness, but i’d prefer not to. Marigny back through to the Bywater is one of those zones where if you stumble INTO it & vibe with it, you were meant to go to it. & i’ve had ONE spot already ruined by my not following that rule of thumb with that area that it has taken 3 years to revibe lol. said with love.

That’s all for now…I hope your time here is Blessed. & i repeat…don’t f up nothing, yall! damn! lol

it’s “Enjoy the city~” not “Destroy the city~”!

God Bless.

“An unexpected ESSENCE of NOLA, sweetest thing edition ” by Angel Brynner.

Now this one is a bit weird…

The Best place to go for a Sazerac?

Bittersweet Confections over on Magazine street in the Warehouse/arts district. Yes, I am sending you to a Chocolatier. The woman behind this place is an aptly sweet, insane genius when it comes to truffles, chocolates, bon bons and the like…but it is her renditions of local drinks in¬† her chosen medium that will blow your mind and have you hung over and craving more after your first bite. Even if you hate¬† anise, her herbsaint and absinthe creations will hit you smack between the eyes. And as an added plus, since you guys are going to be wandering around anyway prior to the¬† Essence fest in search of anyway…from 8am til noon on Saturdays she does a full-on Belgian Waffle breakfast that will have you acting out for the rest of the afternoon.

The Best Place to go for a praline?

You will see them Everywhere…and technically, the sweet-toothed inner child in me & the little dude she rolls with who is even more ridiculous for spiritual sugar than she is will say heartily “TRY THEM ALL!!” BUT iiii…the managing adult in this here ship will say…if you really… and i mean REALLY want to get into the upper echelons of what a frickin Praline can be…if you want to shoot for the moon and go as heavenly as you can hit it on earth, there can be only one, highlander style.

& there is only One place. Cochon Butcher.

Now you are going to hear a lot about Cochon. It is, as a dining establishment, in the top ten of many a foodie circumnavigating this here city on a routine basis. Phenomenal food, if you have no problem decimating pigs. But where it goes to a whole nother level is in their butcher shop, which is really a cross between some kind of hipster riff on an elegant french boucherie and a laidback loungey-cafe thing where you can order a la carte & toss back an assortment of derangedly named and labeled brews. Once again, it is one of those spots frequented by folks in the industry because these guys know their stuff and their customers do too. it has a nice relaxed synergy to it.

But How, pray tell, did a hipsterish Butcher shop land the title of Best frickin praline in the eva-lovin universe?

Homemade BACON PRALINES is how.

I..i feel like there shouldn’t even be anything else that is necessary to say after that lol. But if there is, it is this: If your Life is only going to include ONE praline…iii mean even if you ARE a vegan locavore who has to live in a bubble chomping on bamboo and unscented paper for sustenance….If there can be ONLY ONE Praline in your Earthly existence… Let Cochon’s Butcher shop Bacon Praline BE that Praline. You will not be sorry if you trust me on this one.

Best place to go for a beignet?

Here’s the thing: You HAVE to go to Cafe du Monde to have their beignets & chicory coffee. you just do. & most of you who have come here at least once HAVE done so. It’s like going to church when you used to sleep over at your Grandmother’s House. You do it, and you dont give the city no lip about Having to do it. besides, the sparrows kamikaze diving behind you, high off the powdered sugar trail you’re making are worth it in and of themselves.

…but After you have theirs…now see, a few months ago i Could have sent you back to Restaurant R’evolution…but they changed their beignet dessert¬† so it doesn’t trump CDM the way it did when it first broke out the box. Still good, not the greatness that one was. But a spot that really surprised me with theirs got absently mentioned in the bar post. Criollo at the Hotel Monteleone.

Crillo’s beignets are actually…what i expected CDM to be prior to trying them.¬† Theirs read, taste & feel more like pockets of some hazy, thick-mouthed croissant that ended up in the wrong end of town and got turned into a….they ARE lovely lol. They are like rich, melt in your mouth pastry dough vs¬† CDM’s more hot-do-nut riff.

Cafe Du Monde beignets are like Sandra Dee…good girl beignets. Crillo’s beignets¬† are like Eartha Kitt purring ‘I vant to be eeeevil’¬† in your ear as you drag it through the praline sauce it is served with. It’s like the difference between getting married or taking a lover…at a time when you have no interest in marriage whatsoever. In a dessert lol.

and Lastly…best place to go for gelato?

hm. One way i WILL give it up to this city is that when it comes to the whole gelato/sorbetto racket, they play it Hard and they play it wild. The restaurants ALL have their hand stirring that small-batched handspun pot in flavors that will make you swoon if ice cream is your thing. But there are two¬† freestanding camps that are at it like the Sharks and the Jets And they are Divina Gelataria[ locations on Magazine, the FQ & some place else i can’t recall] & Angelo Brocato’s up in Mid-city.

It depends on How you like your Italian lol. It really does.¬† Angelo Brocato‘s is the traditional lothario… up in mid-city[ THE spot to go for dessert if you’ve dined Anywhere in Midcity, which explains the lines snaking out the door at dinnertime] it has a rich, sexy southern Italian thing going on with it-but with a stability. The crazy italian guy from Rome you’d almost marry if it wasn’t for the fights, make-up sex notwithstanding. That you f around with for YEars…as long as you can forcibly keep it casual. You know that even when the flavors they spring on you surprise you, that its going to be tried-& true, hit it like it needs to be hit love as you dig in. If i am craving tiramisu gelato, i go to the AB, because no One is going to nail me to the bed with it like Brocato’s version of it.

and then… There is Divina Gelateria.

Last time i went to DV, i had hibiscus¬† lime sorbetto. time before that? Jasmine gelato. ‘nother? Green Tomato sorbetto. Abita Beer sorbetto, kaffir lime, Aztec, Herbsaint- You cant even name the things they… It’s intellectual, Northern italian, straightlaced-looking, quietly crossing i’s dotting t’s to see if anybody notices acting…throw you up against a wall & kiss the f outta you lovemaking…mind-effing…ice cream. …which is why i can’t go in there sometimes lol.

They’ll just spring something on me that even the IDEA of someone Doing that to gelato will have my head spinning for DAYS…even After trying, getting,having, dripping, licking it off and loving it. DV is the wily, skinny, sexually demented albeit committed,omg i could be with this crazy-assed man forever…cerebral version of gelato. Which is why i can’t go in there allatime lol.