“Through.” a song by Angel Brynner AOLAB/FREEDOMRUN 2013. 30OCT2013

[soundage: think 80s epic teen film crescendo song.it’s belted,but in the same area of kids in america/love is a battlefield,though a different sound-think Tenderness from weird science-where that song was used at the end lol-that kind of mentality to the placement of the song]

The hands of time aren’t always clear

i know you’re mine, i know you fear

…but we all do.

you move so slow upon your path

you’ve made me grow, you make me laugh

…i needed to.

cuz even in love,

it just goes so far

it takes what you give,

and gives what you are

and sometimes it breaks,

sometimes there’s a scar-

but you-

for you i will go through

you stay so far, but hold me dear-

most times it’s if you are right here

…when i need you.

and there are times it moves so fast

this is so wild, but will it last?

we need it to- we do-

and when you’re in love

there will be an ache

regardless of if

you give or you take

and one day you’ll see

what’s really at stake for you-

and maybe you’ll come to.


i can’t see the night

i’m held in your light

you hold me so tight

so dont let go-

i need you tonight

i’m calmed by your light

for this i will fight

so dont let go-

and only in love

do you finally see

who you really are

what you’ll never to be

to see all of that,

yet still you want me-

you do-

and that’s why i love you-

and finally you are right here

i can’t believe that you’re so near

…that you came true

we must believe we’ll make it last

cuz we are here- and past is past-

our love is true

and one day in

you find with a start

Love captures your soul

moves into your heart

and even, you see

Love changes your art,

and you,

real love changes you too.

copyright Angel Brynner/KPM

Draft. by Angel Brynner. AOLAB 24OCT2013

i need writers who write.

That is a particular request. Not writers who discuss, who talk about writing, who aim to impress those peering into the process with odd arcs and swirls of syllabic slaughter, or who treat the execution of it like false mystics who lead others to resort to alchemy and groupthink instead of the pure pockets of soul inherent in all of us.

& the effects of being forced to deal with the inanity of attacks from those who are terrified to do what i do-which is to stare out alone into what i stare out into every creative day of my life and burnish whatever rough jewels God has laden my cart down with that day, with nothing but skies only he and i can see for now wrapped around me- are weighing me down this morning. Those who bring drama instead of respite, who cause problems & thwart all attempts at joys they angrily don’t understand nor respect…is trying to take a toll on me.

Oh how i wish they’d just go away & work on their craft-create from God, quivering, in good faith,  instead of aiming for the false,cheap alchemy of  forcing their hate into a world that has already released them from office, which i have done. How i pray they will go away and go for Love & Gold & Truth, instead of trying to roughly push me towards hate in search of grist for their own dry and dank mills, nothing but attempts to slow a roll they’re jealous and apparently in awe of. I feel like water going around rock. but in a weary way.

…But my babies cheer me. The current book manifesting as the spirit of a child scampers across me into the quick i’ve protectively tucked myself into overnight and wedges herself happily on and in,giddily offering a continuation of a brave new world instead of schedules and goal-posts. The triplets have fallen in love with the b52s of my bizarre youth and blast channel Z in the corners of my mind so they can dance the way only kids at heart can as they organize what they’re going to spring on me next as soon as i come to a sketchbook or pad of paper. They like it longhand,feel the lines of themselves scratched into being against paper, under the gangly press of a heavy left hand against a pilot precise v5 pen. Their sea of inspiration has me runway stomping down Burgundy to Beyonce’s Green Light like it was West Broadway in 1995 to get to places i have to be in order for them to run around while i write.

& my child made me cry when last week when she shoved me out the house without any of them, on her day, with nothing but the thoughts of the man i love who is not here as though he was, when my heart aches at the fear that if he was it wouldn’t even matter because of the “good cafe” mode i am in as it is. It was a day off that stripped me to the bone until i relaxed in the idea of…not working on something that has been my life’s work for over a decade.

And when i am attacked mid-flow, post downloaded deluge, in the ebb  when i come back up and am walking pensively aside oceans and rivers only i and those who’ve had the balls to dive into the first volumes of this tale know as of now…

and i punch out with my words to make people who show that they have no idea what it is to do what i do no matter the acclaim the world has given them, when i have to slash to make them back away, the most hollow thing is the clear realization that they don’t even understand that who i am in this flow will destroy everything they love without a blink of an eye for the interruptions and skirmishes they aim for if i every truly get engaged in their madness whilst in the midst of mine own, artistically speaking. with no remorse. and the brink of humanity feels like a weary acceptance of not even wanting the glory of that riddance because it would leave me with even more broken aspects of them smeared across my writing table. And it has nothing to do with unforeseen lovers, or babies made.

Because there are books to write.

Pray for my continued peace alongside me, one God sees me take by force every day as i make amends with my own violence via suitable applications.

And for writers who write.

Who understand the war i am in because they have theirs waging everyday too and can;t be bothered by the barrel shit. Pray that God sends me writers who write.


Today’s show is brought to you by the number 7, and the letter “Oo~” Angel Brynner AOLAB 19OCT2013

It started simply enough. I was at Walgreens making a pitstop supplyshop out of laziness-not wanting to walk 2 more blocks to Rouses-fingers crossed. You never know. WELL everything i needed was there AND on sale…except pancake mix.I picked up a box of bisquick that WAS there & while i was reading the directions[never made pancakes from scratch or whatever Bisquick qualifies as] a store clerk came up to me.

“Ever had 7-up Biscuits?” she asked, eyes shining. “They’re soo simple!Best biscuits i’ve ever had! You gotta try them!”

She gave me the very simple recipe.Now…There was no way for her to know that my needing biscuits would’ve made me still have to go to Rouses. There was 99% no way for her to know i catered a bfast 2days a wk. But those shining eyes got me and i decided to follow it. The sour cream was even on sale, along with 80% of the things on my grocery list, with a streetcar stop right across the street on an already rainy morning.

I got home & sat down to proof the recipe, which on this end means i crosschecked what she said to do w/online versions. My eyebrows raised. EVERY SINGLE ONE was 4 & 5 stars, followed by things like”Just like KFC” “you won’t go back!” “Best biscuits ever!”

Had other things to test out- I have a french brass band getting a separate catered brunch for the next 2 days & some stuff i do ahead of time[plus the HUR thang],so i got down to it around 430pm….

And proceeded to make the best biscuits i have ever made in my life[granted i’ve only done it about 5 times in said life, but daaaaaaamn!] and Possibly…I kid you NOT…

Possibly the best buttery biscuits i have ever HAD… in a lifetime of throwin DOWN on biscuits. The test run was so good that I…i pulled Frittata OUT the oven to have room to put in a second batch lol.

SO simple.

2cups bisquick

1/2 cup sour cream

1/2 cup 7-up [ iiii saiiiiiid 7-UP-iont even Drink soda, but daaamn!]

1/4 cup melted butter

[& yall KNOW its deep if i’m writing yall out a recipe up in’ere]


450 degrees.

You pour the melted butter into a deep dish pan[ did i stutter? i know i did when i first read that directive] and set it to the side.

You cut the sour cream into the bisquick, pour the 7-up [yup] on top of that[felt like chemistry class watching it froth], & mix up a kind of sticky dough, turn it over on a floured surface, pat it flat- you dont even need to knead it or roll it- & cut your biscuits out and arrange them IN- i-iiii said IN the fricking melted butter.

…then you bake them for 12-15 minutes.

People were Losing their frickin MINDS as the aroma of these boys filled the house lol. Some guy actually angrily stormed in and Huffed accusingly

“Smells like PIE- who’s making PIE!?”

I told him it was biscuits and he calmed dowm lmao. It must’ve been the sweetness from the 7-up cooking off. They came out…

and i was so far gone that i can be seen on the camera carrying the pan out to the cooking dudes here to be seen like it was a newborn baby lol. The taste-testers were a cacophony of surprised, tongue sucking grunts of approval & How the-“You did that with what’s?!”

Full-on Southern-style, hardcore, fluffy, smack yo momma biscuits.

I did a batch with butter & one with margarine- the margarine batch is 4stars the butter ones a 6. Out of five stars.

How that clerk knew? God only knows.But next time i see that woman, i may kiss her.

Or bring her a biscuit lol.


Maybe i’ll take shots of folks enjoying them 😀

p.s., Last week i tested out sausage made from scratch too. It’s a work in progress.they were good.folks who had both liked the from scratch ones best,but my recipe doesn’t feel spot-on yet. Any suggestions recipe-wise are welcome.

Why am i trying all this stuff from scratch lately?


Cheaper & Cleaner.

No preservatives,cleaner, better taste, tweakable at will. Gotta tell ya, when i started trying it, the taste difference was insane.& the time quotient is bananas.it takes NO time to splice homemade sausage. The baguettes? another bag, but worth it. Salsa and guacamole? Can’t go back.

Some things tho~

Blow-out Saturday!! Angel Brynner AOLAB 19OCT2013


…the beauty arsenal has expanded lol.

what EVER is in silver-enhancing shampoo is for me!

With the exception of a silver coil here and there my hair comes in India Ink black, but God likes to sun-kiss my curls in ways that’d normally cost me billions[said like vin diesel says billions] if anyone else tried to mimic it at a salon. I may dye it 2-3 times a year, depending on its mood and what  angle i’m on, bouncing between espressos, chocolates and indigos. I’ve been thinking about blonding or gingering out again lately too.

However…whatever this silver-amping shampoo just did to the black has me swooning like the black swan up at City Park when we play on the dock. Who knew that washing your hair with silver pop shampoo would make your black get all shine bright like a clear night sky?


Languid morning in bed, rainy nola-day wandering& hydroplaning in proofed black suede boots, relaxing bistro breakfast out with Toklas & Stein at 27 rue de Fleurus (lol), and now a steamy bathing experience and a heady, incense-soaked beautiful dry- blow-out that has my hair smelling like roses and gleaming like black tourmaline under white-cloudy skies.

The Angel in the Angel is very happy, indeed.

Happy Saturday.

a day off in NOLA by Angel Brynner 17OCT2013

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The “who shot the dog?” version:

It started in LOVE… and ended in Art.

Which is love[ to me, anyway].

work in progress #38.

we’ll see where she goes.

Gotta say, i am  FEELING 38, yall.

I love being in love with a man who understands that Art is a process and everyone has to honor his or her own for it to be worth a damn  or it’s pointless.

That? That comprehension is the most erotic, addictive & encouraging thing i’ve ever witnessed on a man & it does more than drive me wild…it erases all unnecessary defiance,allowing you to meet that road rising up with full energy, nothing wasted, all honored-

Honor your Journey…every step of it God lights for you.

And Walk.

Whoever he HAS for you…will comprehend and respect the process God calls you to.

Eternity[Liloo’s endsong] by Angel Brynner 15OCT2013

ok. I call it Liloo’s endsong because as it came out i realized it is the sound of the closing of the second trilogy. It’s mid-tempo, just shy of country- think if Blake Shelton did a crossover midrock song- that kind of rhythm[ that makes sense to me lol]-MAYbe…maybe a bit of Dave Matthews Band when he’s more melodic spliced with Hall & Oates mid 80s tempo/groove-ishness, lots of guitar but…

Love is bountiful,

it’s full, emotional

it’s the source of all that’s true

what we’re called to do

when God made us He knew

He had me in store for you

everywhere we go

all he had to show

He strung it all out in time

it’ll come together to

one day bring me to you

eternally loved and divine

[“oh~” interlude until the next verse over rhythm guitars & drums]

You dont ask me to be

your one note fantasy

you honor God in you and me

You can see it in your eyes

you are not surprised

that you could mean so much to me

Wherever this goes

God only knows

Because His ways are not our ways

 wont be surprised to see

you standing next to me

when we’re in eternity


[BRIDGE violins over guitar- think happier,peppier Silent Lucidity or Tonight by smashing pumpkins-akin to that but not that]

So you finally see

What you are to me

One who loves me honestly

Look me in my eyes

Do not be surprised

Your love is rest, refined and free

I’m ready to go

I know that God will show

And His days are not our days

i know i will see

You standing there with me

when we reach Eternity.

[oh~ ]healing love, incessantly

[oh~ ]One who loves ME completely

[oh~ ]Love is Rest refined and free

[oh~ ] so much more than fantasy

[oh~ ]you may be my…eternity

copyright Angel Brynner/KPM