Eternity[Liloo’s endsong] by Angel Brynner 15OCT2013

ok. I call it Liloo’s endsong because as it came out i realized it is the sound of the closing of the second trilogy. It’s mid-tempo, just shy of country- think if Blake Shelton did a crossover midrock song- that kind of rhythm[ that makes sense to me lol]-MAYbe…maybe a bit of Dave Matthews Band when he’s more melodic spliced with Hall & Oates mid 80s tempo/groove-ishness, lots of guitar but…

Love is bountiful,

it’s full, emotional

it’s the source of all that’s true

what we’re called to do

when God made us He knew

He had me in store for you

everywhere we go

all he had to show

He strung it all out in time

it’ll come together to

one day bring me to you

eternally loved and divine

[“oh~” interlude until the next verse over rhythm guitars & drums]

You dont ask me to be

your one note fantasy

you honor God in you and me

You can see it in your eyes

you are not surprised

that you could mean so much to me

Wherever this goes

God only knows

Because His ways are not our ways

 wont be surprised to see

you standing next to me

when we’re in eternity


[BRIDGE violins over guitar- think happier,peppier Silent Lucidity or Tonight by smashing pumpkins-akin to that but not that]

So you finally see

What you are to me

One who loves me honestly

Look me in my eyes

Do not be surprised

Your love is rest, refined and free

I’m ready to go

I know that God will show

And His days are not our days

i know i will see

You standing there with me

when we reach Eternity.

[oh~ ]healing love, incessantly

[oh~ ]One who loves ME completely

[oh~ ]Love is Rest refined and free

[oh~ ] so much more than fantasy

[oh~ ]you may be my…eternity

copyright Angel Brynner/KPM


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