Blow-out Saturday!! Angel Brynner AOLAB 19OCT2013


…the beauty arsenal has expanded lol.

what EVER is in silver-enhancing shampoo is for me!

With the exception of a silver coil here and there my hair comes in India Ink black, but God likes to sun-kiss my curls in ways that’d normally cost me billions[said like vin diesel says billions] if anyone else tried to mimic it at a salon. I may dye it 2-3 times a year, depending on its mood and what  angle i’m on, bouncing between espressos, chocolates and indigos. I’ve been thinking about blonding or gingering out again lately too.

However…whatever this silver-amping shampoo just did to the black has me swooning like the black swan up at City Park when we play on the dock. Who knew that washing your hair with silver pop shampoo would make your black get all shine bright like a clear night sky?


Languid morning in bed, rainy nola-day wandering& hydroplaning in proofed black suede boots, relaxing bistro breakfast out with Toklas & Stein at 27 rue de Fleurus (lol), and now a steamy bathing experience and a heady, incense-soaked beautiful dry- blow-out that has my hair smelling like roses and gleaming like black tourmaline under white-cloudy skies.

The Angel in the Angel is very happy, indeed.

Happy Saturday.


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