“Lunch, Divine~” by Angel Brynner AOLAB All Saints Day 2013


As many of you have guessed by now,what with my brazen rhapsodies about paella and baguettes and the like, i have foodisms afoot almost everyday of my life.

Whenever i am writing or researching it gets more intense.My second baby[Exist] led to me throwing dinner parties when i barely had tables[no chairs] and curtains for walls because i HAD to teach myself how to make quiche and savory bread puddings and the like. That second book also ran wild at all times except for two: When my boy Tyler FlorenceĀ  or my woman Ina Garten came on Food Network TV.It was unspoken we will not hardly be doing anything during those two times of day[they used to come on back-to-back two times a weekday]/Anyone else could be over-ruled.

But this season of it has been very special for me in its specificity. I’ve learned somethings by the fourth time out in the bookquest,and have been applying those things lately. Like menu planning. I HAVE to cook.but i can’t be all over the place dithering about what i’m Going to cook. So this surge out I’ve made a 30day plan,divided by lol the grace of God and 4weeks, 5 to 6 options for lunch,the bigger meal,4-6 for dinner-lighter fare. By doing this-& it took all kinds of mess to get it finally done,my weekly grocery list is a no-brainer& i get to enjoy xyz on all levels, once i’m done with accruing the materials. i can switch weeks depending on the pull i feel on the kids being carried &what have you. And all of the weeks contain meals i’ve never tried to make before. Like today.

This week the lunch is about experimenting with beef. and today i took my first ever 2-pound hunk of beef and chopped off a filet for surf&turf down the line,a slab for steak frites on the way& handfuls to throw into a homemade bowl of pho sometime real soon.

And then…i…after much splicing of online recipes…tackled making my first roast. It was adrenaline-soaked madness with the slathering of salts and herbs and all the stuff that you don’t think goes into-i just realized that i hogtied beef today lol- but anywhoo… here she is:

She came out with just enough pink-I’ve been easing off of the whole rare bent i’d been on for years after learning more about what it does to your system- and had the house smelling lovely for hours.

So that’s how she ended up. On a pile of old-school yolk-seared kasha&mashed potato with a buttery garlic,pepper& crab reduction drizzled on her.

While she was at it I also tackled pasta. Buckwheat. Pasta.

but that’s another post.

[let the James bond music begin!]


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