“Self-Portrait of an artist, in luv…uh~”Angel Brynner, AOLAB 25NOV2013

I got into menswear…well…i got into menswear out of a campy love of naked men…and the beautiful lines fabric could make when played with across their flesh{…}. And because men’s pants were the only ones long enough for me growing up, it became a no-brainer for me to just rock my own pants et al along the way.

But my style?

Definitively speaking, my style, if we were going ink-blot about the whole thing, It’d be a cross-current of sexed-up Ralph Lauren, punked and tarted out by old-school Vivienne Westwood when she gets all tartan’d and ripped bodices about the whole thing. I’m very proud of every aspect of my Americana blood and all the rugged individualist & melting pot motifs that go with that…but mama Loves Cut like a…you know what, & lingerie. There are snapshots in my mind’s eye when i Nailed this melange to the catwalk that IS nyc and just Worked it. Like this vintage Brodie tartan circle skirt i wore w/nude or black shapewear  sleek bustiers that have been slashed for straps & fishnets until the items fell apart. it’d be sexy 50s badgirlbarbie w/my hair wilding all over the place,taking names ridiculousness. Outside of that, the other mainlines in my style would be global-glam and monastic.

That’s what i love. I just got out of step with wearing it lol.

Good clothes are hard to come by. Ok. That’s kind of  misleading for the brunt of the population, but if you grew up skewing towards either end of the general spectrum you know where i am coming from. And even the recent lushness at the ends tends to fall under odd misconceived  idealizations that show that although Aware of the giants & midgets warbling through looking forward to not being gangly or naked all the time, they seem to think said giants and lillipuhts are fantastically sized. I know a lot of tall chicks in passing.& i know hordes of mini-grown-assed-women flitting to and fro. In Both of those extremist camps, the brunt of them are NOT size zeros. or double 00s.

So when i find something-especially something that’s been a visual cue for me for years that means something diff from what it normally would on sight 😀 , &  that hadn’t been hatched outside of my skin yet, i crow like its Christmas.

It’s about “Share my Joy.” I have on no makeup in these raw shots. But what you are seeing in my face…that shekinah is what i got into fashion for. That is a rekindled love that has been slowly building over the past few years that just bonfired like  a mug all over my happy, turned out by a coat…face.

I’m seeing it documented for the first time above. I know what it feels like. I live for what it feels like in an absent-minded way. But it’s kinda cool to see it outside/in finally.

My clothing used to be my art.Long before i even entered fashion[and then went on hiatus from it], it was my medium of choice. Of All the things God has moved the spirit of NOLA to bless me with, the best has been a quiet renaissance of why it was so.


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