Not exactly an AOLAB Year in review, by Angel Brynner. 31DEC2013


Was actually a very intense year for me, and registered as such. In a good, life-affirming way. I was blessed that the lows were nowhere near as low as they once have been, said frankly. I was even more blessed that  those so-called “technical lows” really were few and far between, grace of God.

It’s really been  a great year. & i OWN that.

it’s funny. Standing here it’s like “yeah, not that much happened in 2013, but then the pause goes down and i’m kinda stunned. and grateful. Because it didnt Have to be like this.

In a very simple way I didnt know i was missing “hope. I’ve been living out of a suitcase for 2 months shy of 6years.  Who knew that having  “space” was conducive to  expanding your concept of what hope is and can be?

But then there’s the question. The one that looms for me every year, patiently waiting to be answered:

“Did God lie? Was 2013 Even Better than 2012?”

it’s a question i  usually can’t answer  for a while. Lots of rumination etc., But this time? This new Years eve i can say unequivocally  YES.

That my new years eve day consisted of pushing myself to hit the bullseye on  a few more of these cooking theorems i’ve been working this year…that there was time& space to even indulge in that… it the beauty of God to me.


Because like i said earlier…it REALLY didnt have to be like this. Life. I’m  just feeling gratitude, yall.


2013 was intense as fuck. in every department of my life.
But hands down, it blew 2012 away. I am closer to who i’ve always wanted to be. And that’s huge. That’s that kind of list …that inner list kind of stuff that sometimes even you yourself are not privy to until you’re nailing whatever it is On that list or gearing up to go for it again.


..and i Pray 2014 exceeds every joy received, trumps every bit of love given by the thousands.
…happy new year, everyone.


With Love & Happiness,

Angel Brynner

December 31st, 2013 835pm


profile of a bad-assed blow-out :)

profile of a bad-assed blow-out 🙂

the *Booyah* Post by Angel Brynner, AOLAB 16NOV2013

So… yall know about 🙂

check out the relaunched 😀

…and marvel at mah maturity lol

when life give you Lemons…sometimes ya gotta get a bit Master Cleanse-ish about it and make it verk FOR rinsing the parasitic-acting, yeasty mugs out of the ecosystem they are trying to fug up with petty nonsense.


Be Blessed and enjoy your lovely Sunday ruminations!

~here’s to running the race set before you elegantly every once in a while~


Sometimes, God lets people act horribly to you to see if you are going to remember the “cause” in the hail of fiery darts & solve the problem at hand, or if you’re going to waste time fighting with people “coming for you causeless-ly. “

Sometimes it is the only way he can broach questions about their character to them that would otherwise not be revealed. To them.

here's to running the race set before you elegantly every once in a while

here’s to running the race set before you elegantly every once in a while