Batch it up/4/ #17 AOLAB ETHEREAL Aftermath.30JAN2014.

Today was my first totally off  “ETHER” Day since I officially began this nourishing cleanse.

I’d let myself get down to two more servings of Spruce & like three of Sunset. I could’ve just bookended it with the Sunset, or started with Spruce but I just was like “ehhhhh~” Running out of Satsang and not wanting to juice last night  in a frozen house full of stuck guests is what led to the “OOk~You’ve actually been kinda really good with this…let’s ~ Let’s chill~” of this morning. I’d pondered grabbing a beet-based juice on the road during today’s errands but quickly eh’d. I’d already warmed to the day off after 24 96% on.

With no Juice to anchor me, I happily took a wildcard day, eschewing breakfast beyond a double-shot illy latte from Merchant NOLA [with inner kids yelling Shots!SHots!Shots!shots! in the internal aftermath of That], then suddenly having the surprise *!energy!* to walk in the sun up past Poydras before tumbling onto the St. Charles streetcar[Shots!SHots!Shots!shots!], hopping off under Jackson in the Garden District just to get in some more walking on sunshine over to Stein’s Market & Deli[].

I’d called from under my comforter  in bed, all “Pull OUT the Lox[ kinda like Liam Neeson yelling “Release the Kracken!!!”].” Head guy gave the “You got it, Boss!” & it was on. My logic was this: If craving that dang Lox mess Monster had gotten THAT bad on Monday, I was going to give it to me today when there was no “What do you mean they’re closed!!” insanity flinging consumptive food hormones into my blood by the handful…this way, i’d actually get to ENJOY it, instead of crying blinding tears( “Thank you!Thank you!!”) that would’ve washed all memory of the actual taste out of my mind before i’d even finished the sandwich.

It worked. my New York State of mind was happily appeased, & my joy over now being ONE of Only THREE fn people in ALL of New Orleans who order it is epic- I wasn’t even being *camp* with the call~ They TELL YOU on the site TO CALL IF YOU WANT lox BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO PULL IT OUT OF THE DEEP LOL(The Kracken!! The Kracken!!!!!!). The rest of my wildcard day was actually not as shall we say “descript” as i’d imagined it’d be whilst still in bed. Although i’d mused about king cake gelato[don’t ask], I didn’t get motivated to eat again until Hours later after errands and notes with Koko [book four kid] and a decidedly decaf Ceylon overlooking a lake, and when I did, outside of the last of the pinot, I ended up having an open-faced veggie burger on the last of the gracious baguette and a bowl of buttery, honeyed teff porridge for dessert that i’d planned to have for breakfast before I went to bed last night. That’s right. The Vegetarian dinner thing absently *STUCK* !!  I am as surprised as you are!

I was all about being out in the sun today, though. Maybe I was in need of Vitamin D, maybe i was low on iodine after all this time away from Miami Beach where my system just sucks it up  through the air and the salty lox atop the espresso was like gatorade, maybe it was the new workout pants, whatever was up, a spring was definitely in my step and I was all Over this city! Lower Garden, Bayou St.John,  City Park, CBD, I even was running around Wal-Mart for a bit- and I’d Walked there from Magazine with an all-day pass in my hand after the Lox. Just Amped. & on No Juice.

Who knows? Maybe my system needed a day to not be pensively processing all those liquid nutrients. But when I got back home, Holy was like “you know you have to juice tonight, right?”

After dinner I groaned because I got reminded to get on it, but I got on my grind. There’s an actual process that works better in the morning when in a communal kitchen set-up, or late at night. Sometimes I Juice in the garret, but the clean-up brings me down into the fray anyway- There’s a lot of up & down invested in this, plus clean-up et al. But the mood was surprisingly mellow tonight. Many may be out  after being cooped up due to the cold. But anyway, just like with exercising, once I got moving, and heard mamacita whirl, I was high again.



SUNSET:  10 CARROTS,4 CELERY STALKS, 4 OUNCES ALOE JUICE added to the remaining three servings of juice made from4 SATSUMAS, 4 NAVEL ORANGES, 1 SWEET POTATO,  1 NOB RAW TURMERIC.


  • This week will be the first to feature the aloe juice and the liquid chlorophyll mixed directly into the pressed juices.
  • There is a beet and parsnip soup on tap for later this week so that pulp was the only pulp that was not let go of.
  • I juiced the root vegetables i’d set aside because with all the other stuff I made, I never got around to a roasted root vegetable dinner.
  • no, I didn’t throw away the final servings of the last juice, it was still fine. I wont die from drinking juice I made on the 24th.

A FAB-smack on the Ass of K-Huds. AOLAB 29JAN2014

I’ve always LIKED Kate Hudson. I liked the characters she was drawn to as an actress, the vibe she puts out there as a creative, and I have always loved her mom’s work & vibe. goldiekhud

Like I hope to vibe out like Hawn & Hudson with any daughters God chooses to bless me with someday. Now it may just be an act, they are both actresses, but whatever~  I feel like it’d be cool 🙂 . In true Extroverted-Introvert style, this revelation may be a tad surprising to many of you. These kind of proclamations are not exactly my …style lol.

“YOU~ have had a girl crush?!YOU? & It’s…it’s been Kate Hudson?! ..really?Truly didn’t see that coming at all! but you Hate smiling! & She’s- she’s-” 

After all, even being utterly in love with Lenny Kravitz, the entire time I’ve been typing this I’ve been wracking my brain to recall the name of the Cameron Crowe movie she burst onto the scene as a Band-Aid in. But that’s not where she “got” me. She got me in that one with Mr. “One Genius at a time, bitches!!”  himself, Matthew McConaughey. She even made me like HIM as an actor long before his choices did. I thought she was Hilarious in that. Anyway~

I wasn’t comfortable with my grin for a long time because people made too much noise about it, always wanting me to “smile” but stepford-wifey-commercial cataloguey, reining it in when my natural one is kind of happily “duh-huh~lol.” So instead I just perfected my “I’m a Kill you if you ask my ass to smile again~” glare, which I am still kind of great at. But I  remember once seeing Her rocking Her goofy grin on some red carpet, klieg-lighting every one else OUT. My response, with a chuckle was “…Oh!So we’re here?…Well…ok~ :”D” hoisting my freak flag high and moving happily on.Between her and Cameron Diaz, I got to “fuck it, this is me” with the grin God gave me & stopped forcing myself to make a big deal out of smiling or not.

She was always grinning like a Cheshire cat,  very “F you, I knOOWw i’m hot~ I live with thiiiis~lol” like she was both purring and snort-laughing to herself. Plus she had a tendency to, when it was time to dress up, just basically scatter crystals across something sheer, slinky and-dare I say, comfortable-looking-  & call it a day, upstaging every chick attempting Old-Hollywood GLAHM-our, Daaarling~ with a toss of that goofy-assed grin.

Beyond that, out of all the actresses out there that we women have foisted on us as supposedly our body dharmas or ideals, Hudson always made me smirk a bit because she was the only one I ever felt seemed to be built like me[give or take 6 inches of leg] & left alone about it because they knew she didn’t give a ef what they may or may not have had to say about her “shape.” She wasn’t too skinny, she was slender, solid, healthy-looking for her height with that build. You never saw her going into  DD or Emaciate mode because she- she just always photographed as comfortable looking in her skin.

Blah-blah-blah.  Don’t make more of it than it is, don’t try to go Freud when its more of a Donna Karan kind of thing lol. Anyway, she works sporadically, it’s simple & not that deep, but i’d absently cheer on what-have-you.

Which brings us to Today.

When it comes to workout gear, since the aftermath of a full-on verklempt-ness with Get in Shape girl gear as an 80s kid I have always been so  basic black gear  that it’s been ridiculous. “Simple, boring-  I am not trying to pick up anyone in the gym anyway, & why break bank for something I’m going to beat the hell out of & have to replace” kind of head.  I’d tried on Nike & Fila stuff over the years & the cuts never fit me, things were never long enough or they added space where my body didn’t need more fabric. I wasn’t going to buy things that didn’t fit just to be a billboard-a bad one, mind you- for a company that had no appreciation for how I am built.  Their indifference coupled with my scowl over fit as it was Long before the price was an affront  led to me being Notorious for grabbing leggings for pennies  and destroying-then-replacing them with nan a rush because i’d invested basically nothing. A pair of $8 leggings that make guys Love to be behind me cussing in yoga class versus a pair of $89 leggings doing the same thing but with a swoosh? No thanks. It got “Ef It” & “frugal” real quick.

This also meant that sometimes it felt as if there was no pull factor into the workout process beyond paying exorbitant dues at a club for stuff I can do at home after a point. There was no long term this is a part of my life feel to it. Working out was More of a “get your head back in order or  your ass back in gear” head for a bit so I could coordinate the next leg of AOLAB, or “Solely to keep eating fried oysters on sandwiches filled with sautéed beef tips & gravy” kind of spot-check roll, added to the whole“do they have a sauna?”indulgent mystique of my things. Not saying it didn’t work. Nicely. But It all went down in drab gear, like I wasn’t really there. My heart tends to be more Fauvist comes to Technicolor anyway, yet here I was getting it done in mourning cloth I had no connection to lol.I’d been consciously celibate for years, but I wasn’t a nun, and yet here I was working out in an old habit [Go as Freudian as you like on that one lol].

It was EPIC when, around my birthday in September, I finally decided to inject some Color into the mix after pondering the emotional investment of that since January 2013.  Still throw-away, but the color snapped me into awareness that it was ME in that gear working out. THAT was a first real semblance of a personal investment into the process that led to where I am looking out from now.

Moving closer to my 40s, I have made the decision that I don’t want to handle my fitness like that. I want it integral. It actually does me VERY good, so it needs to factor in as systematically as some things need to and are being systematically factored out.

I’d checked into Lululemon, but it was mainly due to curiosity over all the bad press they were getting about consciously not servicing the very people who they could make even more money hand over fist from if they had the intelligence to respect them. It’s the same with any body type that is on the peripherals of the “False Norm” these campaigns get you going for. Whether you are over 6 feet or barely 5 feet, under-nourished or shall we say overtly nourished, you fight to fit into tops or fill them…when you find a company that addresses that elegantly, wordlessly… you got a friend and a banknote for the equivalent of Life from that serviced woman. Which in womenswear is like maybe two to three years versus the standard 3-6month affection turnover encouraged.

With Lululemon I guess I wanted to see if they had reason to be choosing to be so diffident, betting the house on mean girls, clackers & consciously self-malevolent chicks that were going to be as fickle as a flame in the wind due to being indulged, ready to abandon ship as soon as the company hit its tipping point of popularity. & I have to say, the people in their stores are nice enough, but the logic makes no sense in the south where the ladies who lunch AND have gyms in their homes run the gamut from size 00s, to slim twos to svelte 12s without batting a professionally tinted eyelash. One yoga teacher silently swore by lululemon by being head to toe in the line every class. Others hadn’t drunk the Kool-Aid and couldn’t be bothered.

I finally decided to try out this Fabletics thing that turns out Kate Hudson is somehow part of. I’d watched it out the corner of my eye. There’s been buzz a good year, almost. But all kinds of celebs are doing all kinds of what-have-yous, so, especially as an ex-fashist, it’s usually all taken with a grain of salt. A few weeks ago, after checking the reviews from folks actually buying the stuff-could you imagine a jeans designer opening themselves to THAT candor?- I was impressed. Finally, I was like “Let me really look into this & see if it could fit with what my physical integrity goal is,” and ordered an outfit.

What sealed the “Let’s at least try them” for me was NOT the great deal- you get 50% off your first outfit, and the normal price-points would not be bad at all for the outfits IF the gear was up to snuff. What sealed it for me  as I stood straddling waterways like a colossus smack-dab in one of those aforementioned left-fields of feminine sizing things at a clean six feet with four feet of leg hipbone to floor and an ass that has ways of its own-were ALL the reviews from my girls at the other end of the spectrum[ my “I SAID i’m 5’2″cholas,holla!!].

“Hey, these pants are GREAT & they’re Really Long…but i just scrunch them down at the ankles because I Love them!”

And the reviews from the Shake what my momma gave me cholas with asses and hips, senses of humor[giggles]& jiggles were JUST as loud. “The fabric is so thick-in a good way- & they’re made so well!”

The $ invested [no tax/free shipping] for the two-piece outfit could equal the cost of all the leggings I absently grabbed in 2013 that are on last legs…or most of the tops lol.

Well…the outfit fought through Wintercane Leon & arrived today expecting to see snow like the rest of us in the bayou. And THIS…is why… the absently Secret-girl crush I Have…platonically on Kate Hudson is coming out with a happy smack on the esoteric ass of the chola whose body I always identified with.

Remember that scene from Charlie’s Angels[ I know, cross-pollinating! but follow me for a minute] where the guy Drew Barrymore’s character is schtupping gets all “The chad is great! The Chaddddd is terrific!!” because she’d enjoyed him?


tHEeeeeeey fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





…Black with tuxedo-esque side panels of subtle black snake print.

I’ve been COld ALL day…I got out of the shower, anointed self with “omg maybe this oil will warm me up faster” oil…pulled these mugs on and… Haven’t been cold SINCE. & I have Issues With Downward dog & soon as I put them on & saw the situation in shock I instinctively popped down into Plank, twisted and flung 1 arm up into the sky, rolled back & popped right into it…NO issue. At All. I hung out there a bit, swooshing some, walking the dog to make sure.  Even the top which I wasn’t too keen on from the picture arrived and had me at Hullo.



This here chola officially went from a platonic girl-crush to a “see, I knew she was a[body] sista~”

I’m wearing the proof that she gets it. I am buying into it! I dont care if its marketing genius at play or what. The Pants FIT!!

I am Soooo sold.

I am so Amped to see the February collection that debuts in like two days. I’ve never tried on a pair of workout pants that fit like this. And it has me so amped that the gear arrived the day my February project account went live. I’m excited. I’m just simply excited. & it doesn’t kill my budget too?



This team she is working with?….they are spot-on and I hope they change Nothing!

So cool.… I guess I should say… check out Fabletics! omg. That’s endorsement right there! I’d rock an entire wardrobe of this  without a blink because it truly fits.


Bread & Circuses. AOLAB ETHEREAL Aftermath #16. 29JAN2014

So much of the drama we go through regarding food is purely learned behavior with no basis in the reality of what we physically actually need, like all things we have the capacity to do to the pornographic hilt.

I was thinking absently about  being lazy and just ordering from one of the other breakfast cooks on-site. I sat & watched that thought go to a sandwich called a butty that he does with bacon & egg. & hm’d on this, my final fish day of this week.

Then I went “well I have my own bread & eggs, maybe later so *yawn’*…windsurf[get on line]” (& for the record, I won the whole being lazy thing because I postponed even making this decision until like 1245pm on this day off 🙂 )” I log in & a handful of posts from pages are referencing baconheadisms-of which I used to be a very vocal member. & they were funny. like, snort-funny, but the timing of them hitting had me still in this odd observe mode. I felt receptors going “Yes! Bacon! See~!it’s right there again! bacon!” but the tonality of it was so much higher than my actual hunger that it just was kinda weird.

In the end, when I finally got mojo’d up to go eat it was more a desire for this new bread i’d found than anything else. I couldn’t order the butty because they were my eggs & to also give him the bread was the equivalent of a fat husband in the 70s yelling at his browbeaten wife to make him a sandwich.  I scrambled up some eggs, toasted the last normal piece of miche I had & sprinkled some mozzarella on it, piled on the eggs italian-style & tossed pepper, more mozz & sharp cheddar across them. the heel- which was like…imagine a robust dark hunk of moist, springy baguette- was smeared with sweet cream butter &,when I got upstairs, blessed with buckwheat honey alongside the virgin chai i’d warmed up[no dirty, filthy, sexy shot of espresso today. Rations, baby. I REFUSE to got through more than ONE can of illy a month on home use. Just below the radars of addiction lol].Yep. Heaven on flipping Earth.

It was only after this ecstasy had relaxed into me & was having ways with my person that I remembered i’d actually had a piece of bacon yesterday- I’d made beef Pho from scratch & used a gutted & slashed bacon-wrapped  tenderloin as the beef…using the bacon to get the bottom started off right. The memory of it was being toyed with by the possibilities around today, but had nothing to do with what I was really craving.

Which brings us back from the circus of phony taste sensations to the bread…which was obtained at a circus. On January 27th Martial Law quietly went into effect in the hearts and minds of however many people actually LIVE in New Orleans, thanks to the  nuts at the major news outlets who screamed that the end of the world was coming for us in the bayou. End of the world meaning “One to three inches of snow accumulation is expected for tonight due to Snowstorm Leon.”

Being from Cleveland, it went in one ear & out the other. Folks can barely drive down here in the humidity, so the idea of them dealing with an inch of snow was more comical than anything else. I went about my errands, one of which had been to pick up some interim basics from Rouses.

Ok. Not true. Truth-telling? I’d had caciucco stew for breakfast, and the craving for smoked Salmon that i’d put off prepping for the day before UTTERLY CONSUMED ME. Now That, unlike the bacongate of this morning was a true craving, Consumptive, mind-altering, inner-children falling out crying to their boyfriends all over the place. now…I’ve been Hungry before. I’ve been young chick in nyc on fumes hungry before. But This LOX mess that nailed me Monday was a Monster. It was funny- but I was like “Dammmmmmn~!” finally getting what Chocolate cake can do to folks lol.

The guardian my innerchild had been mopey-crying to picked us up & carried us out the house to run errands in the aftermath of finding out that the ONLY SPOT IN NOLA THAT DOES A FOR REAL BAGEL & LOX WAS closed on Mondays. It was all a blur up until the post office, a few blocks downwind of the last place i’d had a subpar bagel & nova conglomeration AND Rouses. I hedged my bets & picked Rouses, opting to pay to play a riff than to pay to be played by a rip-off.

They were blasting Janet Jackson’s Pleasure Principle as I was rolling thru the aisles trying not to dance TOO much primarily because the aisles were CLOGGED full of folks. Polite ones. but just a LOT of bodies. No way to go “sailing” without running into an old lady in a motor-cart. I kept absently going to myself “Why are so many people here at 3pm on a Monday? Is it the 1st?’ stuff like that. I guess I wasn’t noticing the ones running past like muppets looking for water or carts- I was too busy imagining the thing I was gonna do to that smoked salmon. I get in line-10 or less, baby!-& two other cholas roll up behind me, one holding all 10 of her items in her hands, struggling.

I offered the top of my cart &, chatty, I went “Every one & their mom is here today, huh?” She said” Thanks! Yeah, there were no carts when I got here.”

I was shocked.  “Why?”

“Because of the storm~” the chola behind her said.

I looked around with new eyes in awe as it sunk in. They were LOSING their flipping MInds in every other checkout aisle. Completely sold, hook, line, sinker. “Blizzard proportions. All is Lost. Save Yourselves!!” written on the panicked trying to be polite visages all around us.

“Temperature is supposed to drop from this 60 to 20 tonight~” said one of the women, who’d come out to make sure she had pita chips to nosh on through it.

“It’s CRAZY:O)! I moved from Kansas City to avoid this & looks like I got move further south lol.” she said, also with simple, easy-breezy things to chill at home with. I was suddenly very glad i’d grabbed a bottle of pinot noir for my “magazine-in” that night.

I headed back to the commune, warning co-workers- all of us from up north- to go get stuff because these people had lost their ever loving minds & thought the end of the world was coming. I’d gone to bed thinking i’d be waking up to all kinds of wintry- shit I didn’t come down here for- wonderland mess.  Naan a flake fell overnight. When I got up I found out they’d ALL thought ” eh~” & headed into the fray at different intervals. The responses from the frontlines later in the day were hilarious.

“It was Like Armageddon!!!-”

“There was not a can of tomatoes left at rouses by 7pm. No mustard, 1 beat-up pepper-”

“Apocalypse now-”

“If you hear it’s going to snow for two days & you have to do THIS to Rouses because you have NO food in your house, you need to rethink how you live lol!”

But we all laughed at how our families would probably do the same thing if they said “Hurricane in Pennsylvania.” Everyone was comically disgusted by how Heart of Darkness the whole storm had been hyped.

Wait-OMG- this was About bread!

ok- but I had to describe the circus said bread was stumbled upon in. I’d warily grabbed a loaf of Pepperidge Farm Rye from the packaged bread section because it had the shortest list of ingredients-2.5″ instead of like 3″- foodbabe would’ve been shaking me because she’d just posted something on them that I couldn’t fully remember so I tossed the sale loaf in my cart. I had a wine budget & got a great deal which made me dance a bit down towards the in-house bakery section. I absently got drawn to this odd pack-it was the earlier mentioned Old World Miche- & what i’d saved on the wine was the difference between it and the PF, price-wise. BUT…it was Organic, locally produced…and had a line and a half of ingredients, all that I could spell, say & recognize as actual foodstuffs.

It’s the best bread I’ve had since I got to town the first time in 2008. Not just here. This bread was even better than the bread in Montreal- Montreal has some GREAT bread[props]. And there was a stint IN nyc between 2008 & now. Nothing to outdo it in this era. The name of the place is  Breads on Oak. Adding that to the Best Baguette I’ve had in  NOLA since I’ve been here from Gracious Bakery… Now… we got a show going on!

In the end, no snowstorm. But I had roast beef & eggs for breakfast & made Pho from scratch for lunch. And when I almost gave up my wildcard meal for an absently unconscious makeshift roast-beef sandwich[on Miche w/tatsoi & spicy mustard] dinner last night, i’d caught myself, tossed the beef back in the freezer & pulled out a veggie burger to stay the course. & it was delicious. I Even got to approach working a double like Tina Turner in Mad Max beyond the Thunderdome, which was mighty cool in a house full of disgruntled, stranded guests yowling “but there’s Nooo Snow~” after all flights, buses & trains were cancelled.


I’m sure the cooking with love was going on hardcore across the parishes in households full of kids out of school until Friday, all hunkered down with comfort bowls of gumbo and jambalaya in front of all kinds of reality TV and the weather channel, expectant, hopeful & terrified all at the same time. Because another thing brought up by a co-worker was his friend who was born and raised here who’d seen snow twice in his life and not until his twenties. In a weird way…it reminds me of the renewed surprise of the taste of beef after making it special again. I personally KNOW a two-year old who just got to make her first snowman ever. With what fell yesterday. Eventually. You forget the memories you take for granted until they are reframed & you get to see someone still able to enjoy what you have made your way through all the way.

It doesn’t mean I need to go make a snow angel. There’s NO Snow, for one lolol. But why deny them the joyful, albeit utterly over the top dramatic madness of preparing for the opportunity to get to make their 1st snowballs ever?  We had our wintry campiness in Cleveland four months out of every Year if we were Lucky to not have six. Going to school in two feet of it, cussing, for twelve years…being in the bathroom listening to WZAK hopefully, dangling over the heater as you looked out the window at White fn Madness you KNEW Somebody was going to Have to shovel, thanking GOD for big Brothers & Fathers to be the first guard on that shit… feeling sorry for parents running out the house at 7am Just to turn ON the cars so they could heat up while they got ready for work….it being too cold to shovel or go to school, but the first thing done as SOON as the parents hit the road for work & we’d climbed Leisurely out of bed & gorged on  cereal…was snow-suiting up to go lay in the snow & wave arms and legs like mental patients trying to make the biggest wings…Trudging over to “The Hill,” armies of puffy snow-suit people with all kinds of sleds dragging behind them to fling themselves like madmen into what we all damn knew was a flipping Ravine in the center of the city, the adults acting crazier than us as they tumbled down to cement breakers padded with three months plus fresh snow…

Two women run down Mountain Avenue in a snowstorm.

If you haven’t had to wear TWO snow suits, an undercoat, an overcoat, a scarf that was gonna get wet from your breath hidden under the wraps of the secondary scarf to keep the wind out, a hat Under the hood of the first coat peeping up out of the collar of the secondary coat, gloves, mittens on top of gloves, two pairs of your own socks then a pair of winter socks from the truck at your dad’s factory job… a backpack with a trapper keeper and all kinds of books, lunchbox and a change of shoes…then had to RUN for the bus-stop, leaping over hurdles of shoveled drive-way snow left by people with cars who clearly forgot kids had to walk to the bus on things called sidewalks or get slowly plowed by frickin sludge-driving angry adults refusing to be late for work  due to stopping to pick up padded kids they’d slow-motion slid into like bowling pins…then climbed up the stairs of buses like you were atop Mount Everest… & proceeded to want to gang up & off the BusDriver for blasting the heat from a place of pure evil, knowing full well you and all your bad-assed little friends that drove them crazy all year were ROASTING in the parental layers you’d been suited up in… crowds of overheated children stumbling off the bus at school and collapsing into steaming piles in the snow before heading in to class…that one kid  dumb enough to take off layers cussing as he got shoved off the bus jacketless…

…Then you haven’t been blessed with the joys of being a kid in a place that gets Real Great Lakes right over there is Canada…winter lol.

yeah…Let them make the possibilities of their first snows a circus if they want to.

Strange days, interesting times, as long as we have our bread and circuses we’ll be fine.



for the breads I was chirpy about, check them out here:  &

You can pick up Gracious Bakery breads at the Hollygrove Urban Farm and Market, and Breads on Oak at the Mid-city Rouses in addition to their home locations.

“Old World Miche/ The classic Medieval French bread even before the baguette, Miche is a country sourdough made from organic high extraction flour and an organic rye, wild-yeast starter. It has a delicious, thick, crunchy crust with an airy interior. In the 12th century, the pistores (boulangers) baked them in communal ovens. The deep crust protects the soft, moist interior.”

Lilen’s song. by Minime Dontask[& Angel Brynner/AOLAB]. AOLAB 24JAN2014

(My inner child is singin’ this song acapella off in the cut to her lil spiritual traveling buddy dude. I’m transcribing the lyrics as she goes. 🙂 maaan~ that lil girl is in Loooove~ Enjoy the ride 🙂 )

















































Batch it up/3/AOLAB ETHEREAL Aftermath #15. 24JAN2014


This set of juices is not for the weak at heart. Don’t let the sweetness fool you. Muahahahahahaha~ for the recap,  there are two segments to ETHEREAL


& 2)

The teas in  the ETHER segment start out ritualistically the first week, relax a bit the second,& were to be phased out this 3rd week to be totally at-will. I still have 2 small bottles iced just in case. something akin to me is really enjoying that rose/hibiscus riff of mine, so I keep it on tap. This last week I’ve even been eh on the mid-day smoothie section because I’ve had so much energy from the juices & clean food.

Every time I plow through a set of 32 ounce SATSANG,SPRUCE &SUNSET bottles, I juice a new batch[hence the repeat blog title of batch it up]. The timing OF the batching will vary person to person if you are going along with me. Some of yall are plowing through gallons of juice a day. A lot of the detox plans encourage that whole 96 ounces of juice a day. If ETHEREAL didn’t include food I might be right there with them, but like I said this cleanse is intended to nourish you as it is kicking  out mess that doesn’t need to be there anymore. I feel your body does benefit from juice only days, i’ve seen it myself on me, but I also know the body will behave like its under attack if you don’t even your walk out. ETHEREAL is about doing all this cleansing & clean eating with love. That’s the aim, goal, intent. & Since some of you started with just trying the REAL section on for size, while some are full-on ETHER, only you know how long these precious liquids are lasting for you.

I’m averaging a good 4 days on my BATCH bottles. If  you’re walking this out grabbing 3 juices a day at a juice bar, holla~ lol…because having to clean a juicer three or more times in One day doing A BATCH-after the running around for supplies, no less- has me appreciating that approach lol. I am so about However this works for YOU is going to be your tried & true. You got a chef you can be all “Jeeves~ it’s 1230pm!pip-pip!” or “Man-servant~bringeth me mine Spruce~” Have at it 🙂 .  For me, juice pressed 2 days ago from veggies i’ve personally picked out and bonded with imbibes the thing with a whole other kind of “freshness” that suits me just fine. I picked that sweet potato out because it was lovely~ And now i’m going to veggie vampire the life-force out of it to make it one with me is my kind of sci-fi lol.  So It’s not the *freshest of the fresh*( as in triple everyday juice machination[&cleanup] over here at the garret. If you have that in you and the space to do so, go for it if its calling you, but for me, knowing exactly Where my juice is coming from & icing it in a chest until its all gone is satisfies all that in me.


Fresh vegetable juices on wooden table, on green background

not my pic~@~

…To the Juice[s]!





  1. all the citrus is done with the skin on. *sorry* 🙂 suck it up, it’s good for you. My dad used to make us eat them skin on and we’re all Amazons now 🙂 See~?!Possibly the chemicals, my a**!
  2. the whitewash base means that the brunt of the juice is from white root vegetables, each that have unique cleansing properties for our systems. When I buy them I divvy up half to juice, half to roast for the veggie meal portion of REAL.
  3. i came across an online tip for making any SPRUCE-like GREEN JUICE not suck. Not so much apples, though sweetness helps, but citrus. That tart, tangy cuts the “Omg-what am I doing to myself?!” gag reflex that could go down. I keep tossing lemons and limes absently into the fray & my Spruce mixes tend to burn more than gag when going down, due to all the peppers, jalapenos & garlic.
  4. if you’re getting this RSS style & it keeps re-tagging it’s not a glitch. it;s because I forgot things I juiced & had to add them lol 🙂 .

[ omg I’ve been  vegetarian four days a week for almost three weeks?whoa~!]

This is Zelda 14th level stuff. AOLAB ETHEREAL Aftermath #14. 24JAN2014


I’ve decided to take some actual time off today after an intense week of moving forward at all costs. What that means is that besides getting up for breakfast, for the first time in an official while, I am still tucked into bed as the afternoon begins. Satsang is in, but Spruce is being delayed because it’s going to amp me as soon as I take it lol.

While perusing FB, I came across an update from a natural-haired FB page I like where she was railing against Whole Foods and posted a  link. Upon reading it, I got hit with gratitude for God’s timing in all of this food stuff.

You’ve seen my  weird walk with them across this cleanse, and my joy over rediscovering the Hollygrove urban farm and market so that  I don’t have to go there anymore. But my drawing back from Whole foods really began after a popular science mag article about some of the “fake meat” they’re allowing on their shelves. And I’ve been all out refusing to buy spinach for myself to do spinach salads-which I used to Adore due to too many inexplicable E.coli  breakouts in regards to it. That just stopped conventional OR organic. Something wasn’t making sense as to why vegetables would be getting E. coli & salmonella to me, of all things. I also had eased into organic carrots after finding out those cute little baby carrots are carved from monstrosities that are like Godzilla carrots, unless I got given a shitload of them & couldn’t let them go to waste.

On this timing thing, that inherited/gifting carrot thing just went down again two days ago. The house was given six pounds of baby carrots. I even had set aside a bag that I was going to add to Sunset yesterday just in case I didn’t have enough, but the satsumas, navel oranges, sweet potato & turmeric filled it to the hilt, so I eh’d & gave them to someone else. I am so glad I didn’t after reading this.

from the article:

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: Concerned Citizen Uncovers Whole Foods’ Policy on Selling Food Grown in Sewage Sludge

Don’t fancy the thought of your spinach and carrots being grown in sewage sludge?

Neither does Mario Ciasulli, a semi-retired electrical engineer living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mario likes to cook, and enjoys good food. When he found out last year about the practice of spreading dried and heated human and industrial waste as “fertilizer” on food crops, he was upset.

Certified organic food cannot be grown in sewage sludge — or “biosolids,” the Orwellian PR euphemism used by the sewage sludge industry.

But sometimes the vegetable Mario needs for a dish isn’t certified organic, or he can’t afford the higher price of the organically grown version. Until he found out about sludge, he thought that as long as a “conventionally” grown fruit or vegetable he used wasn’t one of the “dirty dozen” for pesticide residues, he had nothing to worry about.

Sewage sludge is created by all of the human waste flushed down the toilet and sinks — which includes all the pharmaceutical residues the men, women, and children in the city using the sewage system use — and all the material corporations flush down the drain, which can include industrial materials, solvents, medical waste, and other chemicals. The water is removed from the sludge, and it is heated to kill certain bacteria, but the heating of the sewage sludge does not remove metals, flame retardants (which California recently listed as a carcinogen, or cancer-causing agent), and other chemicals that remain in the sewage sludge when food crops are grown in it.

Toxic Sludge Yuck KidIn addition to flame retardants and metals, sewage sludge has been shown to contain toxic substances and other contaminants such as endocrine disruptors, pharmaceutical residues, phthalates, industrial solvents, resistant pathogens, and perfluorinated compounds. Some of these contaminants can “bioaccumulate” in plants grown in sludge-contaminated soil and remain as residue on vegetables in contact with the soil. These plants are then eaten by children and adults.

Because he thought that other food shoppers would be as nervous about eating food grown in sewage sludge as he was, Mario believed that information about which “conventional” produce is grown in sewage sludge should be publicly available. So he decided to ask around at local grocery stores, to see what their policy was on purchasing from producers who grow crops in sewage sludge, and notifying their shoppers of the risks.

Mario asked first at Whole Foods Market, because he believed its public statements about transparency and educating its shoppers.

Mario went back and forth for months with the “team members” and “team leader” at his local store in Chapel Hill. He even had an email conversation with the vice president of his southern region of Whole Foods stores.

Everyone told him that Whole Foods neither asks farmers whether or not they grow food in sewage sludge, nor will they tell consumers about the possible risks from sewage sludge when they buy “conventional” produce instead of certified organic fare.

Whole Foods: The More You Know, the BetterWhen Mario asked the regional vice president, “Why does WF allow non-organic produce on shelves without checking the conditions they’re grown in?” he called the answer he got “corporate doublespeak” and summed it up as: “Whole Foods don’t ask, [and] they [the farmers] don’t tell.”

Mario has suggested that Whole Foods Market ask farmers who supply non-organic produce a simple question: “Do you spread ‘biosolids’ on any land where you grow crops sold to Whole Foods?”

Then, armed with this information, Mario has asked Whole Foods to label produce grown in sewage sludge. As signs in Whole Foods’ meat departments say, “The more you know, the better.”

Well, since this story first got fanned, Whole Foods has recently “changed” its policy.

This guy shouted from the rooftops in December of 2012. It is now January 2014. People are satisfied. I read it as them saying eventually we will stop or phase this out, but eventually is one of those terms…that can mean anything. I also see it as having to take over a year to address something that is in direct conflict with something they publicize as a core belief with them.

“In late 2013, Whole Foods announced a new set of standards for the fresh produce and flowers it sells. Sewage sludge was not mentioned in the announcement, but Ciasulli received word from the company that “[p]rohibiting the use of biosolids will be part of our core requirements. All of our suppliers will be compliant with the core requirements by the time we roll out the program.” A follow-up email to Ciasulli indicated, “This initial release was meant to be high-level. There are far too many nuances to include on a press release.”

This month[January 2014], Whole Foods Market spokesperson Kate Lowery confirmed to CMD that the new standards will eventually prohibit the use of “biosolids.””


So now, 2 & 2 come together and I UNDERSTAND WHERE ALL THAT E.COLI OUTBREAK sh*t was coming from with the conventional spinach and strawberries. I have to say would’ve been so mad if I had to throw out that entire batch of Sunset due to adding those carrots. Because that’s where this is at. Think about it: whatever is ON these vegetable,whatever is IN them due to what they were grown in, if you are eating them, cooked, raw or -egad-liquefied….all that is pouring directly into you.

One of the people offended by all this insanity wrote “You mean I need to pray over everything I eat now?”  Well, that should be the case in general with all of us for different reasons lol-& even I forget sometimes. But yeah.

PRAY. Take CARE of Your Self for real in 2014. Because THEY don’t give a care about you. You have to. It’s not about fear. It’s about focus. We have to figure this mess out one person at a time, demand better for ourselves one at a time. Eventually we will wake up in the midst of all kinds of tipping points, which is what I am shyly feeling like these days.

Like You gotta be willing to be the ONE person you know willing to do this for yourself before you can find out you’re not the only one being called into it. Having COURAGE…comes before being ENCOURAGED a whole lot of the time.

Thanks Naptural85[]  for the latest Whole Foods Infamy heads up.

And for any of yall getting nudged to take this seriously-meaning your health your life for you- check out  the Foodbabe [] . Your shopping experience will never be the same.


48 in it to win it /Transcendence. AOLAB ETHEREAL Aftermath #13. 23JAN2014.

I’ve just made my way back up to the garret after basically 48 hours of playing in the kitchen for posterity linked to Ethereal. Yesterday morning and early afternoon was spent grabbing supplies, and from 3pm until 7pm I was in the kitchen slow-cooking a big thing of cacciucco** /fish stew[ to have & to freeze],  juicing Satsang & a whitewashed version of Spruce, making a new batch of buckwheat pasta dough,braising some turnip greens with brussel sprouts & tatsoi, playing around with the concept of zucchini bread in a drunken Mexican kind of way, and trying my own riff on America’s [or the world’s] favorite veggie burger [ original recipe & details here:].

Recipes said to let  both the dough & the veggie burger mix sit for 2hours but overnight was optimal. Good thing too, because the communal kitchen at the Haus got slammed at 7pm and it was just easier to wrap it up with  all else done until morning. I’d planned to do it all in one day but 1030am to 730pm in some part of prep seemed good enough for a day “off” anyway, right?

Both the one bowl of that cacciucco i’d set aside for lunch with a hunk of *omgrealbaguetteinNola* [from gracious bakery] and the zucchini bread riff had me ON My FACE with joy once I finally GOT to them around 8pm. So good that the glass of red wine I poured to have alongside it is still sitting on my desk right NOW. Untouched. No need. DOne. It was That Deep.

A little after 730am today, I was back on the horse. I was tired, but my satsang was downstairs so even to start it beyond devotionals I had to hoist myself up. A guardian angel kept playing Sun Goddess by Ramsey Lewis & Earth Wind & Fire in the ether to nudge me along, but there was no real movement until my mind latched on to the thunderbolt of “Dirty Chai~[strong chai w/an espresso shot & whole milk]”. I was down to business within a blink of that thought.

What i’d done with the veggie burger recipe the day before was:

  1. I decided to use the beet and red cabbage pulp I had in the freezer in lieu of all this roasting then grating.
  2. Instead of reg rice, I made a pot of popcorn rice mixed with the last Kasha I had in the house and let it cool[logic? heavier feel, get rid of the last of the kasha].
  3. In lieu of ACV, I cooked the garlic down in balsamic vinegar[logic: richer taste].
  4. I didn’t have black beans[they don’t always jibe with my system anyway], but I did somehow inherit a can of Black eyed peas. Note: I Loathe Black eyed peas & ironically enough, the day prior to all this “I know~ i’ll try veggie burgers!” mewing The Holy Spirit himself was going to bat for them towards me out of nowhere. This continued throughout the shopping excursions, with both me & my inner child being straight “Hellnah!” & whatnot as he pushed & prodded on the subject matter,Never bringing up that the other can of beans i’d had on hand at home to pinch-hit[great Northern] were expired, leading to a stare-down & all kinds of “trust me’s.” I HAD no Choice but to admit that when I opened said can & the damn-near meaty smell of them hit the atmosphere that  Holy was on to “something,” but I was still wary. More on this below.
  5. After realizing that they just turned the oats to flour, I opted to use the buckwheat flour I have on hand instead of making flipping flour. Besides, with the kasha already in, the girth of buckwheat couldn’t do anything but Help  make all this mess confuse my mouth into meat-tastic-isms.
  6. I used the spices I had[lot on the list, some not, and had no honest clue the amounts. was just riding the wave of it all.]
  7. rereading it now, I realized that I skipped the brown mustard, but recall even absently opting out of adding mustard seed during spice-time. Even when I finally tried the bugger I opted out of mustard too, all instinctively. Maybe the balsamic vinegar’s weight did whatever the mustard was meant to. I may never know.
  8. I did the egg, I nixed the onions etc., etc.,


i’d read somewhere else that burning the mofos outside- “charring them”-then finishing them off in the oven would also up the meatiness of the entire enterprise, so from 745am until maybe 9am, that it what I was a motherload of veggie burger mix that actually Looked like seasoned ground beef for real. THAT was a shocker-my first response was “Oh my god, where’d all the beets and cabbage go?did things oxidize? what- ?” Then I realized it was the cooked kasha & popcorn rice that gave it that look. It didn’t taste like meat, it didn’t taste like kasha or like vegetables when I tried a pinch of the mix, which made me shrug my shoulders as it could truly go any way. The smell was really pretty amazing & I guess I owe that as much to the black eyed peas as I do the spices.

I charred them all & they really did LOOK like burgers. Which looked weird to the housekeeping staff at 8am, but hey. I promptly parchment-paper separated them & shoved them in the freezer, not even tasting them.

[good reason for that.ONE item spirit was adamant on me grabbing this week was TEFF, which I’ve had before. I’m research-wise in Africa this week & it’s an Ethiopian grain, its really good,& it was cold as heck so its porridge was breakfast with buckwheat honey & whole milk, plus that dirty chai. There was no room for taste-testing veggie burgers because to do so would’ve meant going full on, which I had no room to do at that time. But we’re getting there. Don’t worry. You know how I do :D]

By this time the buckwheat[pizzoccheri] pasta dough was  room temperature and I started re-kneading and working that all out. The Chef who likes to happily egg me on as I amble through all this cooking stuff came in, whistled at my nests, then showed me how to drape the noodles to dry on wooden spoons so i’d look more authentic lol. I rolled out piles of pappardelle and sheets of lasagna, made some ravioli with braised turnip greens and carrot puree in them, and even tried my hand at some farfalle. Had a ball. & I Never want to be slapped by a pasta-making Italian grandmother after the forearm workout I got doing all that. Happy sheesh, had a ball, but sheesh lol.

By the time I got done with all the pasta, I had enough for like a month and it was after 1230pm. Time Flew. I still had Sunset to juice, but I shyly opted instead to TRY the burgers i’d spent two days working on. Hesitantly as heck, too.

I took one out the freezer, oiled my lil cast-iron baby & slid it in, laying slices of sharp cheddar across it. Also yanked a hunk of thin baguette & sliced it open for the bun, shoved it all in w/the last of the fries that I know better than eating anyway. But at least NOW they’ll be gone was the logic. also cracked an organic egg in a ramekin, salt/pep’d & shoved it in too. I pulled the bread out and smeared it with fresh avocado, then wilted some tatsoi greens and shitake mushrooms to dress it with alongside all else.

I finished the dirty chai i’d been nursing all day, wove that bad boy together & went to have a seat. The living room was full but the TV was muted, it was surreal that I was given no choice but to be mindful of that first bite.

I was stunned.

And I am not even a veggie burger fan. I always felt oddly cheated with them. It’s like you can never become a FAN of Turkey burgers until you have an AMAZING turkey burger. Before that, it all just seems cruel lol. But THIS? This blew my mind. & You guys know I’m ridiculous on burgers in general. Yall saw my last meal before ETHEREAL began was full-on Five Guys. I MADE the bugger..and I was sitting there flabbergasted that I couldn’t tell it wasn’t meat. I finished it slowly and steadily. It was ALL things. The toppings were great, but there was no Ketchup or anything like that to hide Anything in. & I’m telling you, kid you not…the black eyed peas MAY have been what did  the magic.

Holy vibed out that “um hmm ~ see I told you~” bliss at me as I finished every bite. It was so good that I still haven’t had my slice of nozucchini* bread for dessert.  Full, sated, happy, and energized by the awe of it all, I knocked out this week’s Sunset juice, iced up, cleaned up and climbed up to the sanctuary.

That’s all for now.




*Nozucchini bread was basically my taking a zucchini bread recipe & using the sweet potato and carrot what have you pulps from a past week in lieu of freshly grated zucchini. One of the cooks here needed paprika & i’d needed vanilla extract, so we traded. He gave me a whole bottle of real Mexican vanilla-where they “oh~just slice 6 or 7 vanilla beans & fill the bottle with flipping Bourbon~”

😀 I am TELLING you, it got “lick the bowl” really quick.I got a small burn on my arm in all this yesterday & Obviously it 9 out of 10 times went down after the introduction of the Mexican Vanilla because I didn’t feel a Thing lol. Oh-& I used all brown sugar instead of white & brown. All I know is I had NO actual measuring cups and whatnot- the Haus is the Haus lol- so I was nervous, not sure if Zucchini bread OR Nozucchini bread fell in the realm of baking, exact measurements and whatnot. But it turned out great.

** My cacciucco was also winged. I’d used all my fish except a big oval can of sardines in tomato sauce on Ethereal’s pescatarian days so far. I went “why not?” & picked up a seafood mix bag to amplify it. If there was going to be Last Meal-isms, or better yet First Meal in Heaven-isms, it is very possible that mine would be some form of cacciucco or bouillabaisse or something. I did a lot of it on the stove then shoved it in the  oven low after dumping the merlot in so it could smell up the house. I also added tomatoes, red onions & peppers I had left over from a new sandwich for brunch this week[Tha Veggie[baby]Mama].