Ether is great. It truly is. Mind you, this is being said by someone named Angel, who has always leaned towards the more Terminator-style renditions of  said species. There’s great power in feeling Light as air and fast as lightning due to what you’re pouring into your chassis.

Images of  low-flying clouds made off of the condensation of mountains of raw vegetable pulp that have been juiced to make it rain in a whole new way jostle for attention as i type. I could literally LIVE off of the fumes off of freshly juiced veggies [i.e. clouds] for eons.

One of the surest signs that Angels were Angels and not human in the bible? They never ate. You Never hear a tale of actual angelic beings- I mean they come to the party & hang but its like they ply themselves with some heavenly elixir beforehand or something lol.

But sometimes, it gets kinda “Go real, or Go Home.”

We’re Back on that succulent tip I was riffing on last post regarding the Ether cleanse aspect of all this. I’m ALL for clouds and all, and juices are quite heavenly, but God did not send US to earth to work out our personal legends next to geysers of pressed juice. Personally, I feel like of all the love that God has for us, not much can compare to abject foodie love on earth. Follow me for a minute-

Where did he first “place” us? In a garden full of trees, all “Eat whatever you’d like off all these luscious trees{…the “except” part doesn’t even factor in here}”

How did he tag us for the treason against ourselves for our own good? With all kinds of food-growing related, bitter herbs, sweat of brow stuff(Whole other post).

Last rites before the paradise kick-out? a BBQ & bomb-assed hell’s angels leather gear to work out our mess in.

Cain & Abel catastrophe? An Iron Chef-like “offering” battle royale of Epic proportions.

Choicest Old Testament temples offerings? Lifestock offered up to be grilled for god, grains, oils, birds-Food, food, food.

Jesus first miracle? at a feast of a wedding turning water to wine…

Jesus last communion with his apostles? a flippin Supper-

And last but not least, what does even the book of Revelation end with? a fricking tree of life that has different stuff blooming on it Every fricking month.

I’m just happily seeing the whole thing with love.

IMO, GOD LOVES food Too.

I mean, even every sense we have keys into eating. Even the 6th one. Anyone who has heard a burger or a piece of cake they’ve never seen call their name knows i’m not kidding on that food esp tip. I’m joshing, but truth-telling .

Point is not even “oh, but we get ridiculous with it, and should be punished~”



Screw the food hair-shirts that are so popular in January. Screw beating yourself up for where you are now or how much that road is or is not littered with ding dong wrappers and baby-back rib bones. Heck, one of the BEST gifts I’ve EVER given myself was Nine months to eat my ass-ON- in New Orleans, working it all out in the wash[aka gym] after the fact to balance the glory and decadence of it all out. And when I say after the fact, I mean I did not join a gym until the END of that era.

BUT~ Whatever it IS on January 2nd 2014…is what is in your hands to do with as you see fit from here on out. How about letting the past be the past and just go towards cleaning up your roll a bit, seeing and honoring the beauty in what’s on offer on earth? Commit to take care of yo’self in 2014.

Maan…chill! Just clean it up a bit.

 and with THAT preamble… I present:


“foodie and cleanse together? Impossible!”

Not so much. In fact, after grappling with my geist on this for like the past few months, i received much love when the January issue of Bon Appetit magazine arrived trumpeting a food lovers cleanse as their approach in 2014 too.

 Similar riffs. Hearts of gold either way.

Figure out what works for you, duration, timing, portion-size configuration.

It’s exactly the same as it is with natural hair:

what works for one human may or may not work for you.

This- or rather, the combo of ETHER and real(…get it? tadah~lol)  is what works for me. Some days I am fully ETHER. Other days I am all the way “real.” But the goal for me is to be ethereal through and through, throughout this season.

Be your own barefoot priest about the thing

Hopefully i’ll see you on the other side of this, in the aftermath of it all.




CODENAME “real.”



Everyday has a  focus.

You pick which days you need where according to your schedule.

pick four days to be full-on Vegetarian about it.

pick two days to be full-on Pescatarian about it.

pick one day to be full-on Carnivorous about it.

For myself, I factor in an aspect of flow.

My hardiest day is the one I work a double on every week. That is my carnivorous day, and I amp that by making sure that meat is grass-fed, organic, and/or doing Something with a bone brothing all over the place for the energy. I try to keep it a bit “thank you mighty buffalo for sacrificing yourself to me~”ish, but that’s due to the spiritually campy bones in me.

I position my fish days on either side of the carnivore day to ease in and out of the meat head and the Vegetarian days bookend those.

Another thing: of the four vegetarian days, for me, one of them is a full-on juice and soup day.


Keep in mind that if you are doing the full-on ETHEReal thing, Breakfast on this comes after a juice and a herbal tea, then has another juice  some time after it. But the components are packed with power. a bit of dairy[1st], a powerhouse grain showing[2nd] and some days organic egg or smoked salmon[3rd]. For those of you who have been having a clandestine love affair with Japanese-style breakfast, you can go for it here if you want.

but Laidback disclaimer: This is kept small. for your own good.


 i’m doing 2 tbsp. of yogurt-esque stuff+ organic whole milk in my espresso.

right here is where most if not all your dairy is going to come to a head. But it is about being specific. A lot of people have gone OFF real milk  for nut milks- which is fine if it’s your thing, but a lot of the problem may be they were consuming milk stripped of the nutrients that make it worthwhile as it was. Say what you will, 2% & fat-free milk is Not milk to me.& this is after decades of dealing with it because we were all told its the healthiest. I stopped drinking milk due to 2%& 0%.It was like white water. But right around the time I hit the road for AOLAB, i got nudged to give whole-milk a try again. and I’ve not gone back.

I will do almond, cashew, hemp, oat milks, i even have space for pecan milk factored into this- its more when i need a sweet kick. but i keep in mind that almond & flax overdone can f with your thyroid, which my mom dealt with, so i don’t play too much.

I write all that like there’s a lot of dairy in this- there’s not, but the dairy that there IS is real, whole and organic. I have seen the effects of whole milk kefir, so I shout it from the rooftops. Bulgarian yogurt and Fage yogurt full-on[which Unfortunately is harder and harder to come by] switch the kefir out sporadically. And another add-on option i’m currently on is whole milk ricotta.



I do rose tea and pecan amped up granola bars I made w/chia & flax, a small bowl of hot cereal[kasha, oats, what have you],  a little bit of Peace cereal ( )  OR small Russian bliny buckwheat pancakes amped with the pulp from my spruce juice to take the place of toast.

grainage is key. It’s what keeps ya from going cray-cray hyped from dumping the espresso in(& don’t give me that look regarding the espresso, either. You don’t have to have it). I basically plop the dairy on top of whatever grainage it happens to be that day.



 protein is like an organic egg, a dollop of ricotta, or a little smoked salmon on fish days. If i’m craving greenage, i’ll add a lil greens to it too. But as you’ll see with the rest of the plan, i wont really be craving extra greenage at first.



Lunch is where the concept of days mentioned earlier comes in. One meat day, two fish days and four veggie days. e.g.,

Roasted root vegetables and grains on Friday

Juice day on Saturday

Vegetable lasagna on Sunday

grilled salmon and braised red cabbage on Monday

Osso Bucco on Tuesday

grilled salmon and braised red cabbage on Wednesday

Vegetable lasagna  on Thursday

Lunch is also the largest meal of the day. Not gluttonously, but here is the space and time to recalibrate your stomach. start small and add more a bit at a time portion-wise to see what really suits you OR do it the other way around. But do it Seriously. Consciously. PAY ATTENTION.



and here…is where I am cleaning it up for myself in a drastic sense. Dinner is small[keep in mind all the liquids all day from ETHER as well as the density of the stuff being consumed on real, no matter the portion size], & straight vegetarian.

6+ days a week. I leave myself the elbow room of  a meat deal if I want and/or need to go there, but i’m curious about living& walking this whole vegetarian thing out. it’s a Totally New experience for me.

Now… I prep kitchen out like a mug and have all kinds of soups, roots and lasagna ready to just be spliced, thawed or heated. But you can handle it how you see fit.

Your stomach will either growl b4 bed even though you KNOW you were full- it’s like a mind-trick & good for you! it’s habit! don’t buy it! You’ll wake up hungry for the juice and breakfast! OR you will knock the heck out food coma style from the carbs. each person has a diff reaction. I repeat: PAY ATTENTION to yourself.



it’s a clove of raw garlic with a bit of raw, buckwheat or wildflower honey before bed. This was my morning thing that has moved to my before bed thing. this way, the side effects of smelling like vampire repellant  can be washed off in the morning. why? It is what has kept me flu-free for eons, even surrounded by gypsy-travelling folks dropping like flies to viruses.

it’s a garlic..lick( get it?lol) Because you will Gag from the taste& burn-…but the honey will make you lick your lips anyway. I’ve seen a guy almost cry from me making him do this but it worked, so he took it. Personally, I’ve been doing this somewhat consistently since 2000,& sincerely feel in hindsight that i was led to it long before i found out what it actually does. I’ve even used it on members of my family over the years when doctors gave up and witnessed firsthand full recoveries. Raw Garlic cloves are no Joke, people.

 And too, chop or crush it  then wait a few. It makes the stuff in the raw garlic do its allapeanutbuttersandwiches  beat down a cold and flu thing and stuff.

 if you can’t handle the raw, garlic pills may do something, but its not going to be as hardcore.

well…There it is.

~the real.~

.~Le Real~.

have at it.



Don’t ask me how many days.

Don’t ask me what time you need to doff what, or how much.

Don’t ask me how many calories.

Instead of food-zombie-ing out,

Instead of cult-heading it, all “just tell me what to do!!”

then bitching when it doesn’t work for you…

PAY Attention to YOUR body.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and get right with YOU!

Heck, even with ETHER, its best to fig you out yourself.

Some need only 6 ounces of juice each time, other 16oz.

This is about an inner road-trip with yourself,

the goal of which is to Know how to do you,

optimally from here on out. 

Go at it Goldilocks style.

Is this Too big? Too small? Just right?

Taste and see what is good for you for yourself~

And give yourself some credit.

Give God some credit!



Find your porridge, people!

fiiiiiind youuuur Porriiiiiiidge~!




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