AOLAB ETHEREAL cleanse. the aftermath, day one[dress rehearsal]4JAN2014

It’s just before 8am January 4th,2014.Raja Tea is steeping on the nightstand next to me & the Satsang juice I call rebirth is already in.

This week has been the prep and lead-in to  ethereal. Some things you can and should just stop cold turkey and jump into, but I feel like in other areas it’s less about cannonballing into the deep end setting yourself up for failure OR tiptoeing into it and never getting anywhere if you’re looking for true success.

IMO[& please keep in mind this is ALL my opinion]I feel like the best strategy I’ve seen over the years, the one that has worked is respecting your body & mind enough to give yourself a beginning date and the experience of building up to that. It adds a sense of anticipation and exploration to the whole thing, & it can become as campy or badass an adventure as you need it to be to get on with it and through it.

After all, our body is not our enemy. If it is looking like we don’t want it to  look or acting in ways we don’t want it to act, we are the programmers who trained it up in that way. We may not have begun the process in the beginning, but we’ve kept the habits going on our own watch. So this whole “start again” stuff really does need to be a “true start,” but give yourself the gestation period you need to be ready to pop out and walk.

Those who really know me know that I have been fleshing this out for a number of years off in the cut, seeing what would and wouldn’t work while rolling through a real life.

In all actuality, I took my time figuring this out in order to prepare for success mentally, and then gave myself time to enjoy the sport of gearing up for it. When it was go-time, I gave myself a whole week to do the prep work and start factoring the different things into my days and switching out meals to taste-test slowly to build momentum. A week? Some people may need two.

Yall who know my AOLAB roll know I get kind of serious on the inner kid aspect to life too. We’re all at different stages on that point, but just let me say give the little kid in you some credit.

Is it possible they are going to mutiny? Hell yes. But keep in mind…YOU are who they were & They are the ones who Got to wherever you are in practical positive areas of your life. They are the dreamers and  doers- You’re the end result of wherever They hunkered down and busted their asses. So THEY can be your greatest asset in this if you get them on board.  Doing so will also stop the set-up for failure. Yes, you’re the adult…but they have lived with your cells longer than you. Some lines they draw in the sand you’re gonna Have to kick through. Others…They MAY have valid grounds.

…Like when I got curious about adding in an abomination I saw called a “Raw foods live Pizza” out of curiosity that even at first sight looked like  DEATH ITSELF,& “healthy” only once you got past looking into the face of death. My inner child comically Showed Her Ass. Then, once things calmed down & I was reminded this is the kid who never balked at any of the odd green ” vegetable vampire juice” I’ve gotten her to down in the past, I saw the error of my ways.  [Hence there is no raw pizza in Ethereal. At all. Possibly until the end of time.]

Just keep in mind: This is a three-part team-up. It’s you the adult, the kid that the adult bloomed from, and the Ancient, wise, healthy elder that you have it on your heart to become by the end of your journey. And just like it says in the bible a three part cord is seldom broken.

(that’s like Ecclesiastes or something 🙂 trust me. or look it up lol )

All that being said, onto the first taste of the AFTERMATH.

(see? sounds kinda hardcore, doesn’t it?lol)

The whole plan begins on Monday for me. But yesterday, after the week of shopping, prepping, drinking[NYE],taste-testing and working out the kinks so Monday will be smooth, I opted for my first full-on Vegetarian day. Now i’m sure I’ve had days in the past where all I’ve eaten were vegetables absently. But Friday, January 4th 2014 was my first day “being” a vegetarian. It’s a head-trip for an out and out carnivore, that label.

But once the Mid-Western-where’s the beef?- emo trip got pushed out of the way by the prep promise to stay savory, succulent and refuse to eat flipping cardboard rote veggie ish, the label’s inflammatory effects pretty much faded. Yes…My Vegetable Lasagna ended up being THAT good. Which is kinda cool.

The clip of the day?

Being frank. The Satsang 1st juice of the day-rebirth– is no joke. It may be my heavy-handed-ness with my splice this week, or that its like hopping off before the sun comes up, but I get all Kampai  w/God &, sipping it slowly, lay back down on my right side to make sure it stays down as i’m reading whatever daily devotionals i’m on. I’m hoping that as my body gets used to it, that punk-assed “ooh lord I need to make sure this stays down”-ness will change, but I will say I am more focused IN the studying.

Its like my whole body slows down like its spooked, all “What the sam hell are you doing?Is this what we signed on for?wait~it is!”. which I can work with. The raja tea followed it nicely- I brew strong then chill it & cut it with hot water the day of to have studying.

the rest of the day after that just kinda flowed. I started with my breakfast portion very small & now know I need to incrementally go up w/that. but my personal goal is to find what fits me. I did a tbsp. of Bulgarian yogurt, a tbsp. of fage 2 small handfuls of peace cereal[chia, almond coconut] & some buckwheat honey. Small but good.

Knocked back the spruce juice and vitamins then hit the ground running.

By the time I got around to my business over illy cappuccino at Merchant, there was a caucus that bfast was TOO small for the six-footer with the belly full of vitamins, so a croissant from Rivista was had with it. Still vegetarian, but that whole succulent thing got hit on the head. But today, i’ll just increase the size of the breakfast.

Headed to the gym & downed the Suja smoothie knocked up w/extra chlorophyll before back to back classes, handled more business and was having lunch[A bowl of roasted sweet potato, carrot, fennel, beets and squash, with 2small savory buckwheat pancakes] by 4-but I was so Hungry before and like an hour after that it was ridiculous.

By 6pm I was downing Sunset juice & surfing” Vegetarians hungry all the time, how not to gnaw your arm off” to get a better understanding of what my body was up to.Next time, i’m adding avocado or some other healthy fat to the veg meals.

Dinner was the glorious vegetable lasagna with buckwheat pasta. I made this bad boy in a loaf pan so the slices are tall and thin. There’s also like 1/3 a bottle of Barbera wine in it. But gut instinct feels it came out so good due to what I’d done making the homemade pasta a ways back that I just finished off. I kept reading diff splices/ratios of buckwheat to other flours in recipes & saw that it was the same breakdown as the buckwheat pancake mix by Arrowhead mills Nontraditional? yes. Did it make a great no-brainer healthy pasta base? It did. I also nixed the mozzarella & found this trick of mixing eggs into the ricotta,which I also amped with some of the pulp from the spruce juice.I told you I put the pulp in  near everything, but HERE, omg~ so good.

In the end, I opted for half a slice of the lasagna & dessert instead of full monty-ing the lasag. Best decision I made all day. For the sweet of it.simple. One of the homemade 2×2 granola bar squares,warmed with a lil ricotta & a bit of raw honey on top of it, plus a hot cocoa made w/organic whole milk, the least cocoa I have Ever put into hot chocolate[2tsp]& some red pepper flakes.

I handled the chlaloe shot plain & did my chamomile& chrysanthemum tea right before ten, got another hour of slow and steady work out of me…

And I never remember falling asleep so easily in my life.


by like 11pm.


woke up at 515am sans an alarm.

amazed and well-rested. Not even craving food.

I’m praying that the full-on goes as well as the dress rehearsal. It should be even easier since the first day is fish, but it’s wild to see I CAN handle a vegetarian day without losing my mind. The dress rehearsal gives me confidence that the 4 days a week in veg-mode could be full of some very cool surprises.


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