ETHEREAL Aftermath entry#2. AOLAB 8JAN2014

My body has acclimated to the lead-in splice for  the daybreak Satsang/rebirth juice that I’ve been on since last Monday…today. By acclimated I mean I actually didn’t have to go all “Lay on right side” SWF style this morning. My stomach didn’t protest, there was no stay still or you will hurlisms. But the intensity has been worth it. I made this a strong cocktail with lots of radishes, beet & garlic in it, alongside the red cabbage because I truly wanted a cleanse. not just digestively. Drinking satsang in the morn has made me feel like my cells themselves have been cleaning their rooms.

But the true intensity has been in the dreams. It’s what my aim was, so i’m cool. This is cleaning house in a way I haven’t ever done before.. I’m literally watching myself in most of my dreams kicking shit out of my “house” that i’d allowed to set up shop for years. symbols, motifs, people, places, experiences… I’m waking up knee-deep in conversations with god making sure i’m deciphering properly. its wild for me to see the absent lucidity go practical and unearth the shit that needs to be dealt with and put out.

pragmatic lucidity.

The other cool aspect about the dream-age has been that even more than naysayers, the strangest  assortment of folks have been showing up in dreams giving me boost, even in retaliation-in the midst of naysayers trying to pop off. Which has been encouraging. Oh. & the smell of the raja tea comes out of my skin at random moments-which is pretty fricking amazing to me because I spliced it from such a cerebral place.

As for the food…

Applying the love for food to healing and cleansing has been a very spiritual experience for me. The goal & FOCUS of this isn’t so much restrictive as it is Nutritive. I’ve done fasts, I’ve done juicing & things do happen on those journeys. but after experimenting for years with those matrixes and seeing others do the same, the gut instinct is my system will cleanse better if I am nourishing it as I am asking that whole clarifying of it.

“Your food as your medicine, your medicine as your food” doesn’t have to be a brawl or a smear, it doesn’t have to be this “ha~ha you cant have-” & its so surreal to feel that sent at this from outside of it & see it fall flat on the door and bounce back down the stairs. Treating meat as something special-sacred is in direct opposition to how we grew up with it. I’m from Ohio-5 meals were meat on average. Low-balling. So~I’ve given up burgers for a bit. Sounds chaotic? Well, not if its known I’ve been scaling back to 1-2 burgers maximum at month in preparation FOR this since January 2013.

I can have whatever I want…and I have chosen to focus on wanting an assortment of things that are nourishing for my system. I’ve chosen to focus on doing something to give my system  a different kind of emotional as well as physical appreciation to all of this. I desire to look Forward to it, meat. It’s not deprivation or lack. There are bacon-wrapped filets in the box NOW. For this. There is no restriction. There is this calm sweet anticipation. Which is new for me. I Looked forward to vegetable lasagna last night. Sincerely. THAT was cool.

Anticipation is one thing feeling-wise coming from a space of lack…one that i’m sure many of us have experienced at some time in our lives whatever the reasons. But to come from a place of gratitude over actual provision? …In the arms of Jehovah Jireh himself? It’s just another …Life.

ETHEREAL is not a “Diet.”

ETHEREAL is a “Live It.”

That’s my aim, intent, goal.  to LIVE IT. & one thing about living it. no one can live your life for you. You have to do it. You have to find your way for you. We each figure out our own salvation in every area of our life with fear & trembling whether we want to or not, whether we realize it or it. I’m choosing to believe God for a Joyful experience OF this. It’s just…a very cool head to be in. It lines up with the joy god gives me From cooking in the first place. I want to experience really applying the science of that joy to my life. Making & doing.

We were all babies once, unable to walk. some of us were jeered into walking, which may’ve left us too emotionally crippled to walk alone as we got older. Some of us were left to rot in disgust by impatient parents, for  it “taking too long” for us to get stepping, which may’ve  made those people feel they could never accomplish anything at a root level, no matter what they’ve done. Some of us came out the womb all but running, and may be still doing cartwheels on the path to this day, or may be fn exhausted, taking first breathers ever. But in the end, by the grace of God, the brunt of us end up able to do it.

Me personally? I have the feeling I was one of those babies who stood up holding the table like “tadah~!” & just danced 😀 laughing my diapered butt off. I feel…like I enjoyed the process every step of the way. They carried me so much the 1st few months like I was Balinese or something that i’m sure when I got my feet on the ground, then got ahold of that table and just shook what my momma gave me until I was ready to go to the next step.

Weird way to think of it as walking, but we often hear a delay is not a denial in regards to God and things. Something as simple as teaching my inner kid by example “No, we’re not eating until this time,” & its not like we HAVE to wait, but its cool watching us both go “okay~ lets walk this out…” and feeling all aspects of me happily exploring this.


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