True Love. ETHEREAL Aftermath #5. AOLAB 10JAN2014

While running around crossing things off lists for the day, I darted into an old favorite café & ordered my old standard breezily, totally not thinking of anything but things done & to do. The chola at Royal Blend was vocally happy it wasn’t just chips as had been the case since I reunited with Illy[Not a boy, an espresso experience that once ran my life. &To be fair, they have great chips].

1/2 of a great Chicken Salad sandwich w/chips instead of their glorious, world famous potato salad. Like I said great chips. Paid & started noshing the chips[potatoes, people !] It wasn’t until she got way down to the kitchen that I gasped.

Sonafa-!!! Aww man!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I just remembered I’m supposed to eat Vegetarian all day! Do you guys have egg salad maybe?” I asked wistfully.

“Nope~ but I Could throw you a couple vegetables together into a sandwich~?”

“…you’d DO that?”

“No Problem!”

And so it was. I switched it to a la carte & ran out without even looking at it to finish FQ stuff, basking in feeling loved by her doing that at all, at her own suggestion. Headed home to waiting things, hunger headache encroaching.

For the record, the hunger headache was a combo of wearing contacts again for the first time in almost a year over the past few,& having utterly drained self of excess chutzpah by getting my ass happily handed to me twice physically today.

So I charge into the commune, blearily look in the fridge for what else can be grabbed, seeing not a thing but the vibrations off my stomach shaking the atmosphere with the roar of “Vegetables?!! You’ve got me on Vegetables!?!” Ok, not that bad, but for the second time today I could see this experiment that IS Ethereal bracing itself against logistical errors,snafus and challenges to authority.

I slam the fridge shut blindly, make some sort of hungry unicorn yammer and take off upstairs. I Get up into my quarters, sort & situate, strip [shush], sit down & pop open the sandwich I had not even looked at.

There sits…possibly THE most wonderful looking ALL vegetable  1/2 a sandwich I have ever seen in my LIFE. If it wasn’t sacrilegious, I could have bowed.

Gorge, thick wheat bread w/black & white sesame seeds across top, then layers of tomato, lettuce, cucumber & so much avocado that slices are like falling out the mouth of the sandwich, a slice of sharp cheddar angled on the top of it like a Kangol cap on an old man in Cleveland. Neat little packet of Dijon mustard nestled beside it., all “hullo~” Talking to me like Barry White.


All the rushing, roaring, and regulating just dropped away as I ate this simple masterpiece-& it was 1/2 a sandwich, mind you- more mindfully than I have eaten a sandwich in years. I was full by the last bite.

Utterly satiated.

On vegetables. Fourth meal in a row not including breakfasts since Wednesday evening. Sixth vegetarian including breakfasts. I’ve had just vegetarian dinners every night this week and I am still alive, too.

I am totally in “Wow” pose.

On Vegetables.

Today’s experience is all the more poignant due to having done back to back Boot camp & hardcore yoga classes, dry heated after while out and about. I was so beat in sauna that it took 10 minutes to get wet,& I Came from the shower. I’d sweated it all out lol. & I mean ALL of this morning’s caffeine too, sucked out of me by exertion.

It’s like a brand new day is dawning.






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