The Dream, the Horizon line. AOLAB ETHEREAL Aftermath #6. 11JAN 2014

Today is my “All Juices or Soups” day. It’ll be about 530pm when this hits the wire.

I’ve gotten writing done today[6+ pages of script(omg)!!], and I’ve also gotten pensive about the other side of this. My gym membership K.O.’s soon- I agreed to One Year before shifting the budget elsewhere- and have achieved that. I almost copped out, but made it to my sign up day & past. a personal big deal lol.

Because frankly I’m still suitcase mode home above the Haus or not, There’s a lot to consider as to how to walk the rest of this out going forward & how little space will be allotted to certain things when it is time to hit the road again.

This, of course is the aftermath of catching the tail-end of a  PX90-3 informercial lol. But whatever, the next stage is important.  To start all this without  some idea of the kind of lifestyle you’d like to lead is not wise. To be beyond the start  means you start hopefully wrapping your head around planning for success. One thing I AM sure of is that somewhere on the horizon, on the other side of this Ethereal Cleanse, I’m aiming to do this:



The logic is  odd. I mean “Why? after you’ve…Cleansed?”

I know, I know. It’s a case of sticking with this now will define how I go about this the next time. I need to prove some things to myself before the cost-effectiveness of this pans out. Like to go “there” not 100% sure you’re going to make even ONE day with vegetarian dinners[which frankly was an “egad” in the very recent past] is stupid.

But the Other side?

  1. buying organic fruits &vegetables Here in Nola, factoring in commutes and what-not is NOT the same as say, South Beach. The locavore price-gouge is in full-effect, but you just suck it up and go organic, dammit.
  2. It takes much more time as a whole to do it on your own. I do a lot in batches due to the House set-up. But its like 3 hours a pop to get it all done from set-up through clean-up every few days.
  3.  I may be leaving this juicer here…

That being said, I’d still love to even cap this Ethereal cleanse off with one of Suja’s cleanses. Does this mean just a set of three days on their juices from Whole Foods or my own riffs on their splices to start? Not sure. It really depends on where this Ethereal thing leads. Just going with the flow of it. It’s all New for me too.  Like I said, pensiveness all around. I’ll figure it out.

with love and space to figure it all out,

Angel Brynner.


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