The “Everbody walk the Dinosaur” post. AOLAB ETHEREAL Aftermath#8. 15JAN2014

 aKa: How an Angel went cavegirl for a hot, happy minute.
CAPTAIN’S LOG. STARDATE: Shevat 14, 5774 3pm-ish.
[Insert Captain Kirk voice and mannerisms …”here.”]
“I’m….Chewing-my FIRST PIECE OF~meat… IN A ~FLIPPIN WK!!…HALLELUJAH!!! LEFTOVER ROAST LAMB W/MILLET RISOTTO(appropriate hand motions)… and a side of sliced green tomatoes[sort of a sternum-led dip, wave-type movement) WITH…black pepper & olive oil-[euphoria] PERFECT SONG TO DO THIS TO~GOD(Sinfonia For Strings In F Major (“Dissonant”), F. 67 (BR C2)by Bach, Friedemann, Wilhelm)…I…. LOVE -FREEZERS- ~@~ …and DEFROSTER …THINGIES~ OMG~heaven…must be missing an angel~ Because She’s…EATING- God…knows~”
That~ my friends, was the play by play response to my first bite of mammal in seven days yesterday, the transcript of which went out live over the  facebook airwaves in the moment. The dance that accompanied it[in parentheses] has been added to give you a fuller, fleshier picture of what ensued, purely for your inner eye viewing pleasure.
It is Possible I may have the song “everyone walk your dinosaur” playing from the deep recesses of my brain every time I get to meat day if there is a bone with omg-flavorful marrow to shamelessly do things to with my tongue that have not been allowed in other directions for a very long- *cough*- because I went  so Flintstones with that first bite of lamb that I have no other words to explain myself.
And what’s crazy is smelling it did nothing. I had-by the grace of god no problems going vegetarian for evening meals straight through. The four days fully Vegetarian were pretty great, actually. I even came down into communals and guys were devouring thick slabs of glistening steaks-no issues. I’d even skipped the fish I was able to add to  breakfast Monday, and had a sucky late lunch pescatarian experience that day at Le Petit Grocery that made me not even desire- I also had skipped the meat add for breakfast the day of the last of that little lamb, ambivalently.
But that first bite?
God bless America.
This was like an explanation why people still want to move here from other places, the ability for That taste sensation to be an absently normal experience.
Was it that my tongue re-set? Was I just really appreciative of it After not having it in ONE meal for seven days? Not sure.
But it makes me want to wait again lol. To revel in the experience of being a Motherfucking Carnivore. By the Grace of God.
(Angel looks around for a spiritual chest to pound dramatically other than her own)
…it Also has me all ” Damn~ If waiting for a bite of That for seven days re-set things THAT deep & upped the enjoyment factor THAT much-& we all know i’m known for happily embracing my abilities to indulge wholeheartedly in whatever I am cooking or doing- there are certain things I can not Wait to sink my teeth-I mean like, damn! Is this running on equivalents? I hope this is …running…on…Equivalents, maaaan~ Already Have waited, but maaaan~”
I turn expressively to the laidback tonalities of Dave Chapelle mimicking a hippie who brought up Skull & Bones going “…Don’t tazer me, maaaan~” lol
with memories of happier volts of electricity running down my tongue to my belly yesterday at first bite.
(..but the deeper explanation of the previous paragraph?That’s a whole other post 🙂

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