Listen!Two. The 10th step. AOLAB ETHEREAL Aftermath #10. 16JAN2014

IT IS 1246PM, JANUARY 16TH, 2014.

IT IS DAY TEN OF THIS CLEANSE(why am I yelling?lol-oops.)

…and I have just lost a fight and eaten smoked salmon on what, according to the schedule I set up, is a vegetarian day.

This was not your typical fight where one feels victorious or debilitated, but one where God Almighty simply goes “Listen~ I am more concerned about the contents overall than the day. Do what I say.”

What he is referring to is how in Ethereal there are 3 days where fish or meat are to be consumed at two meals: Breakfast & Lunch. Last week I skipped the meat breakfast due to having found nothing suitable for it. This week I had only one of the fish breakfasts & skipped adding the protein to the other two breakfasts consumed.

I still fussed for over a good hour-i’d already eaten breakfast much earlier and was fine moving onto the  smoothie or veg lunch. But I was also feeling a bit nagged by fatigue from what could be chalked up to the soft healing crisis symptoms this slow cleanse is pushing out of my system. My answer was a handful of pecans and another of peace cereal[up the breakfast portion, anyone?]. But it didn’t abate it.

Drinking water[maybe i’m just thirsty?] didn’t work either.

Eventually, I put two & two together and went what if there IS  a certain amount of protein my body MUST need to do whatever God wants it to do and I was under that?

It wasn’t an issue of willpower. I clearly had no interest in consuming it, not with my normal joie de vivre. But with it in, that bite of fatigue is gone, and it has barely hit my belly.

I know, i know- sounds suspect.

But here is where it gets weird for me. I’ve been a lover of food for a long time, but I have also  been kind of health-and-fitness oriented. Was never sporty. Teamage has never been an all-consuming draw. But I’ve done yoga [however indifferently, absently and/or shabbily] on and off since like the late 90s. I’ve never been “granola,” but i’d also never been a “Purple drank, fish stick” chick either. And in those not exactly granola ages prior to the recent few years, especially with aforementioned trust issues with food supplies, it always surprised me that I was never called or led to BE vegetarian.

In fact, the exact opposite. Any time I came across something horrific and would be like “That’s it!” God would calmly state “I have not called you Off” & in the “~” was a quietly weighted “obey me.” Not like he was plying me with pork or anything-though imagine the pig-lovers heaven THAT would be for a man who died dreaming of bacon…

He was just plainly-and repeatedly in the past “You are NOT a vegetarian.” & Since “God knows, so it goes,” I basically have always just “went.”

That’s been part of the strange joy about being motivated to try this out at this stage in my life for the 3-4 days a week. I mean, technically it could be that the quality of the produce available to me during those earlier times on the budget I was on would have only led to health problems due to it being pre-GMO busting et al. But whatever just went on now in this calm “eat the fish.” that the minions futilely tried to hijack, not understanding what was going on between God & I?  It is my first clear-headed experience of “I need you to eat x amount of~ carnivorous activity to run this world I’ve entrusted to you.”

That’s right. feels Official.

So “Listen! Two.” is a play on listening to God about the two breakfasts that need to have fish with them a week while doing this. What if the power to power thru the veg days for me comes from the small protein pile-up done on the three?

See? That’s my question, and its what makes me excited about this whole Journey. because I Do Not Know…and am finding out as I walk the path. I hope you have as much fun finding answers to the questions this cleanse is raising in your bodies too.

Oh yeah.So a directive/correction/clarification post is pending.



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