Naan ya~/AOLAB ETHEREAL Aftermath #12. 21JAN2014


i’d picked up locavore goat the other day and, never having had it before, had skimmed recipes & hit upon Jamaican goat curry. It turned out i had many spices to at least try a riff of a for real curry so i went “all ass in.” Mine became a melodious melange of green tomato, sweet potato beets and collards slow-cooked to oblivion around the small cuts of goat.

The logic-on a fish day- was that i was using so many vegetables that i was killing two birds with one stone. i was prepping my meat dish for the following day & i was using the bone broth from it to simulcast infuse the curry as a whole[70% produce] so it could be noshed as a technically “meatless” dinner later on. Not that far of a stretch since i have been known to toss a packet of knox into  anything for the selfsame benefits. Anyway, while i was waiting on the goat curry[which cooked like 5 hrs on like 200/250], i got nudged into trying my hand at NAAN to go with it.

Now,  the person who is currently communicating with you was in another lifetime led alongside this one, an “All things indian” freak. I mean i was so bad that even my all-out love affair with Japan had a foundation of having found some of the BEST Indian food of my entire life (to this day)in a second floor walk-up restaurant in Shibuya.It was around THAT time, possibly in that particular instance that the city of Tokyo showed me it was serious about the bizarre, full-scale love it was offering me.


My gamut with India…It was a devotional love: After being suckled in Near Eastern & Egyptian realms, I came of age in the Asian & Indian art galleries at the Cleveland Museum of Art. And when i left Cleveland, alongside a bible from a usurping stepmother that i may have never opened and 300+ fashion magazines, i carted a statue of Shiva the destroyer dancing  the world to life or death[ which also made it to NYC & MAYBE japan, can’t recall]. When i danced it was with Shiva, ordering the universe[still kinda is 😀 ], when i got  amorous, it was full-on Krishna/Radha madness to the hilt, and i was totally corrupted by that movie Kama Sutra when it came to ideals of the male beauty possible and pertinent to me for a VERY long time… like a lifetime ago.

The closest i came to committing to religion, the only time it made an iota of sense  was with Hare Krishnas- the real ones who are like “i’m going to hold my arm up in the air until you come & GET me off this eva-lovin jailhouse of a rock, Krishna!”..the ones who went “yadayadayada..just take me home~” When i said Gypsy, i meant the real ones kicked out of India  a forever ago for refusing to be broken or submit to madness [still do, actually]. When i spoke of past lives, it was Ajanta more than Egypt the older i got, and there was an innate love & truth to it that i never even bothered to decipher for anyone else. I may as well have been the tiger that had been living in the caves & dove from the cliffs in the 1800s that led to its rediscovery. To this day, i sincerely feel that Krishna prepared me for Christ, and though there is not Bad Blood per se, it is obvious i was “won” from one to the other amongst the two of them.

It may be Because of all the deep-seated emo stuff with India over the years that i, in all my Houdini-like machinations in a kitchen that iii marvel at, never  even TRIED to make Indian food.  I was so  in devotional head that i was a bolly-fied mess out in  Queens so much so that i just couldn’t go. I’d get lost in the sensory mess of it all.

I say all that to say that as i watched the curry lose any Jamaican motifs to the Indian i was kind of awestruck in the seat of my soul. But with the mention of naan, something shifted or snapped to attention and …it was just time. it had to be done. Tried. The chef here happily egged on the gleam of curious joy that spilled out of my eyes and then it was on.

…and it was done.

So good that i was hollering for the chef to come back  and try it lol. I kinda Lost it due to nailing it. You’d thought i discovered gold lol. But in a way i did.

oh. And the curry was fackin amazing too 😀 !

the whole “no food porn!” element to this is hurting me more than its hurting you, believe me! lol



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