This is Zelda 14th level stuff. AOLAB ETHEREAL Aftermath #14. 24JAN2014


I’ve decided to take some actual time off today after an intense week of moving forward at all costs. What that means is that besides getting up for breakfast, for the first time in an official while, I am still tucked into bed as the afternoon begins. Satsang is in, but Spruce is being delayed because it’s going to amp me as soon as I take it lol.

While perusing FB, I came across an update from a natural-haired FB page I like where she was railing against Whole Foods and posted a  link. Upon reading it, I got hit with gratitude for God’s timing in all of this food stuff.

You’ve seen my  weird walk with them across this cleanse, and my joy over rediscovering the Hollygrove urban farm and market so that  I don’t have to go there anymore. But my drawing back from Whole foods really began after a popular science mag article about some of the “fake meat” they’re allowing on their shelves. And I’ve been all out refusing to buy spinach for myself to do spinach salads-which I used to Adore due to too many inexplicable E.coli  breakouts in regards to it. That just stopped conventional OR organic. Something wasn’t making sense as to why vegetables would be getting E. coli & salmonella to me, of all things. I also had eased into organic carrots after finding out those cute little baby carrots are carved from monstrosities that are like Godzilla carrots, unless I got given a shitload of them & couldn’t let them go to waste.

On this timing thing, that inherited/gifting carrot thing just went down again two days ago. The house was given six pounds of baby carrots. I even had set aside a bag that I was going to add to Sunset yesterday just in case I didn’t have enough, but the satsumas, navel oranges, sweet potato & turmeric filled it to the hilt, so I eh’d & gave them to someone else. I am so glad I didn’t after reading this.

from the article:

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: Concerned Citizen Uncovers Whole Foods’ Policy on Selling Food Grown in Sewage Sludge

Don’t fancy the thought of your spinach and carrots being grown in sewage sludge?

Neither does Mario Ciasulli, a semi-retired electrical engineer living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mario likes to cook, and enjoys good food. When he found out last year about the practice of spreading dried and heated human and industrial waste as “fertilizer” on food crops, he was upset.

Certified organic food cannot be grown in sewage sludge — or “biosolids,” the Orwellian PR euphemism used by the sewage sludge industry.

But sometimes the vegetable Mario needs for a dish isn’t certified organic, or he can’t afford the higher price of the organically grown version. Until he found out about sludge, he thought that as long as a “conventionally” grown fruit or vegetable he used wasn’t one of the “dirty dozen” for pesticide residues, he had nothing to worry about.

Sewage sludge is created by all of the human waste flushed down the toilet and sinks — which includes all the pharmaceutical residues the men, women, and children in the city using the sewage system use — and all the material corporations flush down the drain, which can include industrial materials, solvents, medical waste, and other chemicals. The water is removed from the sludge, and it is heated to kill certain bacteria, but the heating of the sewage sludge does not remove metals, flame retardants (which California recently listed as a carcinogen, or cancer-causing agent), and other chemicals that remain in the sewage sludge when food crops are grown in it.

Toxic Sludge Yuck KidIn addition to flame retardants and metals, sewage sludge has been shown to contain toxic substances and other contaminants such as endocrine disruptors, pharmaceutical residues, phthalates, industrial solvents, resistant pathogens, and perfluorinated compounds. Some of these contaminants can “bioaccumulate” in plants grown in sludge-contaminated soil and remain as residue on vegetables in contact with the soil. These plants are then eaten by children and adults.

Because he thought that other food shoppers would be as nervous about eating food grown in sewage sludge as he was, Mario believed that information about which “conventional” produce is grown in sewage sludge should be publicly available. So he decided to ask around at local grocery stores, to see what their policy was on purchasing from producers who grow crops in sewage sludge, and notifying their shoppers of the risks.

Mario asked first at Whole Foods Market, because he believed its public statements about transparency and educating its shoppers.

Mario went back and forth for months with the “team members” and “team leader” at his local store in Chapel Hill. He even had an email conversation with the vice president of his southern region of Whole Foods stores.

Everyone told him that Whole Foods neither asks farmers whether or not they grow food in sewage sludge, nor will they tell consumers about the possible risks from sewage sludge when they buy “conventional” produce instead of certified organic fare.

Whole Foods: The More You Know, the BetterWhen Mario asked the regional vice president, “Why does WF allow non-organic produce on shelves without checking the conditions they’re grown in?” he called the answer he got “corporate doublespeak” and summed it up as: “Whole Foods don’t ask, [and] they [the farmers] don’t tell.”

Mario has suggested that Whole Foods Market ask farmers who supply non-organic produce a simple question: “Do you spread ‘biosolids’ on any land where you grow crops sold to Whole Foods?”

Then, armed with this information, Mario has asked Whole Foods to label produce grown in sewage sludge. As signs in Whole Foods’ meat departments say, “The more you know, the better.”

Well, since this story first got fanned, Whole Foods has recently “changed” its policy.

This guy shouted from the rooftops in December of 2012. It is now January 2014. People are satisfied. I read it as them saying eventually we will stop or phase this out, but eventually is one of those terms…that can mean anything. I also see it as having to take over a year to address something that is in direct conflict with something they publicize as a core belief with them.

“In late 2013, Whole Foods announced a new set of standards for the fresh produce and flowers it sells. Sewage sludge was not mentioned in the announcement, but Ciasulli received word from the company that “[p]rohibiting the use of biosolids will be part of our core requirements. All of our suppliers will be compliant with the core requirements by the time we roll out the program.” A follow-up email to Ciasulli indicated, “This initial release was meant to be high-level. There are far too many nuances to include on a press release.”

This month[January 2014], Whole Foods Market spokesperson Kate Lowery confirmed to CMD that the new standards will eventually prohibit the use of “biosolids.””


So now, 2 & 2 come together and I UNDERSTAND WHERE ALL THAT E.COLI OUTBREAK sh*t was coming from with the conventional spinach and strawberries. I have to say would’ve been so mad if I had to throw out that entire batch of Sunset due to adding those carrots. Because that’s where this is at. Think about it: whatever is ON these vegetable,whatever is IN them due to what they were grown in, if you are eating them, cooked, raw or -egad-liquefied….all that is pouring directly into you.

One of the people offended by all this insanity wrote “You mean I need to pray over everything I eat now?”  Well, that should be the case in general with all of us for different reasons lol-& even I forget sometimes. But yeah.

PRAY. Take CARE of Your Self for real in 2014. Because THEY don’t give a care about you. You have to. It’s not about fear. It’s about focus. We have to figure this mess out one person at a time, demand better for ourselves one at a time. Eventually we will wake up in the midst of all kinds of tipping points, which is what I am shyly feeling like these days.

Like You gotta be willing to be the ONE person you know willing to do this for yourself before you can find out you’re not the only one being called into it. Having COURAGE…comes before being ENCOURAGED a whole lot of the time.

Thanks Naptural85[]  for the latest Whole Foods Infamy heads up.

And for any of yall getting nudged to take this seriously-meaning your health your life for you- check out  the Foodbabe [] . Your shopping experience will never be the same.



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