Return of the Native by Angel Brynner AOLAB 28FEB2014. [HAPPY500!]

so…this is the celebratory 500th post on this here blog.

Due to the festive vibe of the day due to all that, Esmey & I woke up feeling kinda Klymaxx-ish cut into the Love Bizarre.

…hopefully, Minneapolis would approve lol.

…oh. That’s right,b*tches~

Thundercats,dammit! lolol

Shook down a quasihipster for it that didn’t even Watch tha show!

…For Months! lol. Then shredded the life out the back of it lol.

Like I was some tiger-like alien humanoid tilted on catnip…


(joyful spiritual muppets all ova the place) (~@~)



Recognizance of Reconnaissance by Angel Brynner, AOLAB. 27FEB2014

Above is what happens when my hair has been twisted,dried and then聽is unfurled.

Below is what happens when聽my hair聽air-dries.

noun: recognizance.
  1. 1.
    a bond by which a person undertakes to observe some condition.

a recognizance is a conditional obligation undertaken by a person.

noun: reconnaissance.
  1. 1.
    military observation of a region to locate聽or ascertain strategic features.
    Reconnaissance is a mission to obtain information by visual observation or other detection methods.
    This is a new age for my hair and I. There has always been affection, play and chameleon-like interplays between us. But this past year has been consciously amazing. I have had… a good hair YEAR.
    That’s pretty hardcore.
    for ANY woman to be blessed to experience.

Not my Muse, but maaaaan ~@~ Lenny Kravitz + Angel Brynner, AOLAB 26FEB2014.


…it’s like each individual hair in this man’s brows is waving at me, Empyrean-style.

That’s right, Lenny Kravitz聽is so hot raw that he聽just made me plug the chaotic creations within my own work[book three, EMPYREAN*]聽 which I never do lol.聽 I wake up and bed down to the etheric stylings of imagining that there mug, raw like that,聽pretty much every聽day due to the love of God granted inner vision lol. Have for years. &One day, I am going to wake up and its going to be gifted & he’s gonna be聽konked out聽with my sleep-cap guiltily in his hands due to聽 yanking it off at like 2am, & we’re both going to be exhaustedly happy lol.

I am So tripping over HIM posting a photo of him looking like he looks to me allatime…the him I love…that I never had tangible visual proof of prior to this…that DUDE is getting his OWN blog post. That’s right! Not jack else to say besides

…look at him!lol jusssst-loook at hiiiim~lol

…and seeing as though his work has inspired a few categories over there->

as it is, it is about time lol.

He is not my muse.

I love him. I LOVE him. ioncare. HOW.i. look. saying. it.

And God approves of the union I am imagining with great gusto lol.


the most flippin’ gorgeous, kind, creative, crazy, clear-eyed, pert-tushed, grown-assed man,that Lenny Kravitz is. and I LOVE him.

And if he’s gonna hop on me for using his pic without permission-with his mean-pretty ass-well… it is about d*mn time~lol. Frankly, it will have taken him long enough lol.

Dang dude got my rabbity, tigerish heart all akimbo with those emotive eyes lol.

And any proffered聽hate has not a thing to do with my loving this beautiful man.

No impact. Doesn’t even ding it.

Love-which is within Lenny motherfucking Kravitz-for real- conquers all.

*Dude聽is so hot, had me misspelling the name of my own damn book. I left out the Y at first. Why? Because I was floating over this flipping photo of him lol.

Protective, AOLAB in studio/en utero. 26FEB2014.





February has been my first time sincerely trying protective style options in a consistent manner . it’s a natural hair thing that I never really got into conceptually. Mi y Esmerelda were much more likely to just have a love-fest every now and again & call it a day.

But this聽time I actually sat down and went “I want to try twists. As like a possible standard.”聽I like textural & length change-ups too much to go the dreadlock route, but I’ve actually twisted up my hair more than once this month & it’ been kinda cool. It gives聽a completely different UNFURL thing to my hair聽curl pattern-wise when I take them out after a few days, and i’m kinda feeling聽the whole process of it.

Also, I’m more in “taking in” mode vs noting down when it comes to research as of late…you know the deal. It’s the difference between being in a class where your pen is flying-your hand is listening聽but you are not- and being so sucked in by what you’re studying that you’re hanging on the professor’s every word. Turns out absently twirling my hair聽into聽twists while reading has been聽taking me in deeper, so i’m kinda just going with it lol.

聽It’s been a you only see’em if you really are in my life & are seeing me sort of thing, which has made the experience even sweeter,kind of like the moratorium on food porn pics. Sean Penn’s Snow Leopardisms again, perhaps.聽But since this is the end of the month…and it just happened again absently pouring over the inaugural Porter Magazine…it seemed like a good time to out my self or unveil.

THIS was聽 never my tomboy. Myyyy tomboy was always like a large,glorious tumbleweed halo of sorts flailing out behind me like Grace Coddington, with no recollection of being beyond the curve. Technically, I still do adore that look on me. But this…is making itself very comfortable.

“Angel, The Innocent” or “Gambatte Shalom,” by Angel Brynner AOLAB 23FEB2014.

Gambatte Shalom.

Gambatte means聽“work hard/Go for it!”聽in Japanese. Shalom means聽Peace in Hebrew and a few other middle eastern languages.

In the New Testament, Paul聽talks about working hard to enter into the “rest” of God. I have spent an entire road trip I am coming up on the sixth anniversary of with that as my foundational focus, come hell or high water. Due to God’s grace, mercy, favor and sense of twisted humor…he聽 has taken my willingness to go through hell to obey him and continually kept me in some variant of sincere Heaven, no matter what. The sense of joy, happiness, all from him.

I am grateful beyond words. I’m聽 gleeful with my gratitude for God..

聽I thank God for the time, space and situations to introduce me to the innocence still blooming within me, and the hope that the ones I am meant to love聽cherish it.

聽God knows…my heart.聽聽And where all the bodies are hidden.


Enjoy a mellow Sunday night in spirit & kind,..

and I hope your pending week

Is productive and peaceful.

Gambatte Shalom.