Prohibition. AOLAB ETHEREAL Aftermath #18. 3FEB2014


Chinese New Year, TFDOTM[the 1st day of the~],TMI cycles, Superbowl Sunday…

Ethereal was sOoooo benched this past weekend. Consciously lol.

What I liked in this arc was that When I took a weekend off the levitating bandwagon(get it?…floating…ethereal? aw, come on, guys! geez!!lol))it wasn’t really that bad. That’s not me rationalizing, that’s me sizing up  what the situation was & what I would’ve cast it as imagining on the earlier side of this walk.

Friday, my vegetarian lunch was  some of my curry…only it turned up to be the part chock full of omg goat is sooo good…ness, & I was like “I am NOT spitting that out, it is ON” lol. I didn’t drink a lick of juice on Saturday beyond Satsang. & When I went outback to hang with one of the breakfast cooks there was a Mountain of bacon due to a lull in overtaxed revelers. It  was sobbing about how come I didn’t love it the way I used to anymore…so, like any lover does when he or she sees that she is unintentionally breaking his or her beloved’s heart…I made two [nonorganic]eggs(i’d run out), two pieces of probably MSG-laden wheat toast & piled like 4-6 and a half pieces of bacon between them & the eggs. We’ve been together for a very long time and it’s hard to let go as it is, but now…even though things have changed…I had to let bacon know I wasn’t upset with him, it was all that  is done TO him before he gets to me.

Beyond that, the last of the Osso Bucco i’d frozen over New Years so as not to lose my flipping nerve regarding the syntax of  Ethereal was my lunch. With a corona- the first cerveza had on this trek. & dinner was a piece of plain Texas sliced toast, 1 egg and like a piece of ham. Sunday I was back on the juice, breakfast was vegetarian, I tasted the tuna mixes I was prepping for the pending week, and I ordered a small pizza from papa johns  alongside a guest  three hours after being hyped up by the RED FLIPPING HOT CHILI PEPPERS THRASHING  THE CENTER OF BRUNO MARS’ WELL DONE SUPERBOWL SET.



And then it-the big laidback-was, much like that snuff film of a superbowl… done. [people who fell out their chairs at the simplicity of all this are being given a moment to re-situate themselves]

I went about today having more of a rekindled issue with Getting myself to eat than eating anything that’s not par for the course. It’s almost 7pm & I’ve had 1 and 1/2 cups of espresso, a slice of that nozucchini bread I made & an egg. Every time I went to make myself a Veggiemama sandwich, someone would come up to order one so I just gave it to them. What feels good about this is that due to the issues with this not eating  at spots upon beginning Ethereal, I’m less moved by this. I get that my body is re-adjusting and actually likes how I’ve been treating it this month, which is cool. What is bringing the disciplinarian out of me is that all of that aforementioned noshing took place before 1230pm. But there’s not much Dita can do because I Juiced Every vegetable I had in stock the other day…my provisions runneth asunder~

ok. I HAVE stuff. The things in the freezer, like one veggie burger left, the stuff I just made for precisely This week, all kinds of grains… I HAVE food. I have food, people!

But today~ instead of handling that provision thing the way it was absently on Tap to be tackled…I decided to try something different.

The Hollygrove Market that I have been gushing about since its rediscovery is halfway between me at the commune & Whole Foods, with whom I am working out the details of an amicable divorce with. It is still a trek due to the unique attributes of the regional transportation system in New Orleans, and most times I’ve just cabbed it to avoid the drama. Even with the cab waiting For me and taking me back, the bill was still cheaper & bag was 2-3x more loaded than ever at WF.

But they have always had this option of home Delivery, which made my analog “but I like to pick my own produce out~” whiny little heart tremble. I’ve been eyeing it the entire time, and I finally just decided over the weekend to give it a try. You can order the box but there are other things there that I couldn’t see a way to add on the site, as well as switching out the milk bottle I have for the yadayadayaa so i’d sent an email asking how to go about xyz.

Upon seeing i’d not heard back from them by the time I finished breakfast this afternoon, I called in & got all my questions answered. But when I got to the whole “But how can I add the gracious bakery bread to the box?’ she said “well, you cant…but I think Gracious is on the site too as a stand-alone. I got a little excited as my fingers jumped across the keys and a Whole new world of EXACTLY what you guys reading this KNOW I’ve been needing in this opened up and spilled its cornucopia into my lap!

Turns out New Orleans is one of the latest cities outfitted for Good Eggs, a site and delivery service that lets you order food from local farmers and artisanal food makers.

These guys also are in Brooklyn, LA, San Fran…and have a link on their home page where you can let them know you’d love them where you are. The concept alone hit me like a paradigm shift. I would have never thought that anyone would be moved to do this on a broad scale. I still recall when Fresh Direct hit NYC- it like boggled the mind due to how visceral the whole thing is in New York with the options of Chinatown and all else. But so much has changed in my life & the world. This is such a godsend.


Every single company I’ve been raving about throughout  ETHEREAL is on this locally. Not only that, everything I need for the evolution of ETHEREAL to its next level** is available Locally sourced through this site. But where it got epic was discovering that right on the other side of the brick wall of understanding i’d been gently tapping my flinty forehead against when it came to conceptual stuff with the local juice bars was a company that showed up in naan a search online that is doing Locally what Suja is doing in Cali and Blueprint and the others are doing up in NYC. Not just piecemeal “carrot & apple juice”…actual cleanses that you  can grab for one or more days to build out …without the exorbitant shipping fee incurred moving fresh juice via overnight fedex from the east or west coast- upwards of $180 in some cases to do a three day cleanse which averages about 150. The name of the spot is Raw Republic [ ]& it was when I got to RR while just going up and down the NOLA aisles blissed at all of it having been there, organized the entire time [re-introduction of that Wizard of Oz/Kansas motif]…that I actually had to stop for a minute as it sunk in and tears sprang up.

I was emotional because…I felt- no, I saw that God really has had my back in this.

I’m walking out openly drastic changes in my life. And I am doing it, like I do most things, pretty much alone outside of God. Which I love, you know? There’s no better company than the man who wove you up from an idea in his heart. But I haven’t asked for any passes in this. I said “I’m doing this, and if it’s going to be hard because its New Orleans, not NYC or Miami, I’m just going to suck it up because I love myself and… I’ve spent so many years encouraging other artists to take care of themselves because no one else is going to do it the way that They SHOULD be…I have to do this for myself.”

It wasn’t about this being convenient. Anyone who has cleaned a juicer five to six times in two hours knows this is not about being flipping convenient lol. “You have a juicer you paid less than $40 for.” I have a knife & a board, I will cut.”Your supplies are scattered across ten miles- of sucky transportation,non-driver-” no problem, I’m doing this, “They wont be safe in-” I’ll ice them down daily upstairs. “There’s NO Organic meat in this town!” There are so many more elements to this that have been comically in the way of me doing this. Every small victory or surprise has encouraged me that I Can do this & I can do it anywhere. I can make this caring for my nutritive health work.

I’ve just spent the past month juicing 96 ounces of fresh organic juice for myself every four days. Nevermind the cooking for the REAL portion, or the supplies… I did it. And God was right there with me, watching me figure this out, lean in and learn how to do things I’ve always absently wanted to do and be about when it came to my food. IT has been amazing.

…and then three days before the end of it, of paying my dues, saying “if this is what it takes, so be it, i HAVE time, I may Never have the time & space to commit to this again if I don’t show me by doing it that it’s important to me…whatever it takes, i’m in…” God floats me across the finish line with anchovy pie still happily in my system from the night before, victorious.

Not only is ETHEREAL doable here hardcore…

I can have it all delivered from exactly everywhere I need whenever I need it so that the hours of trekking time to handle all this-and when I say Hours, I am lowballing it-  EVAPORATE. for like $2- $4. Flat. Rate. From them ALL. At once.

That’s like ordering in Chinese Food in a blizzard…. the equivalent of the old lifeblood of yore up north…but for the new.  That kind of service But good for you lol?!

You’re telling a former New Yorker…that SHE…can order locavore, organic sustainable groceries at pretty much pennies on the dollar in comparison with the local gougers…from vendors she fell in love with walking this out…and have them Hand-delivered to her door at-will?

Are you kidding me?


SO beyond “God Bless you”!!

And  I wouldn’t have wanted it the other way, from this vantage point. God is so cool with his concern about the artistry in his stories. He didn’t have to DO this for me like this. But now, it’s so precious to me as an experience. I have become some things I’ve wanted to be for a very long time working this out. & I have been so humbled by this food walk. In ways I cant even explain. not here. In the book**.

I’ll leave all that for the book.

🙂 & the comic relief that I’ve NOW discovered “wait~  I can add “convenience” onto that prayer request? really? Whoa~!” as a viable option lol. Never thought about that before lol.


** Of Course there’s a book. WHY do you think  there has been NO food porn, No recipes, really- no~ come on now~

You guys!!!lol

🙂 you’re forgiven for forgetting who this is at the helm lol.

God Bless yall & goodnight.


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