Perfecting passages of time, pre-paradise, Angel Brynner AOLAB 8FEB2014

So I got bit by the bug. Actually over a month ago, but I was focused on ETHEREAL so I decided to let the desire to draw accrue. I forgot I never moved on getting that easel- especially since for the most part of my adult artistic life I have had a propensity for projects that allowed me to either be drawing directly ON or nailing slabs of what-have-you to walls…but there Had been a spot when a friend built another friend one that i’d said maybe it was time.

Two days ago the “Draw!” drawl  took me down like a gazelle & I shook the wood dude down for wood permissions. Found this simple, heavy slab of whatever it is & got flashed with visions of sitting happily on the floor, looking over my shoulder drawing, and carted the brute up into the garret yesterday morning. It wasn’t here an hour before it was on due to plotting with the sketchbooks and rolls of paper pulled out in silent accordance to the inner directive of “Your ASS is drawing…today.”

I was about to settle down when around the corner in my space one of the two chairs up in here cleared its throat. The writing one. “Maybe I can help?”

(Yes, pretty much everything is animated in my life.If chocolate cake can talk to you… a chair can be like “ahem” to me 🙂 DOn’t even get me started on the ganache or patois 🙂 )

i’d tricked it out cushion-wise and forgot about the gorge wrought iron base it has that is similar to the drawing board horses anyone who spent anytime in art-school studios knows how to ride. I spent four years straddling those ponies at CSA lol.

Anyway, perfect interim fit, great day back on the Appaloosa, and now all I need is Lenny Kravitz to show up all “I’ve got bayguls and grahvhlax~” & then the day’ll just be Perfect! As long as he keeps on his clothes. I have to draw the line somewhere with these dreams.


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