“Angel, The Innocent” or “Gambatte Shalom,” by Angel Brynner AOLAB 23FEB2014.

Gambatte Shalom.

Gambatte means “work hard/Go for it!” in Japanese. Shalom means Peace in Hebrew and a few other middle eastern languages.

In the New Testament, Paul talks about working hard to enter into the “rest” of God. I have spent an entire road trip I am coming up on the sixth anniversary of with that as my foundational focus, come hell or high water. Due to God’s grace, mercy, favor and sense of twisted humor…he  has taken my willingness to go through hell to obey him and continually kept me in some variant of sincere Heaven, no matter what. The sense of joy, happiness, all that..is from him.

I am grateful beyond words. I’m  gleeful with my gratitude for God..

 I thank God for the time, space and situations to introduce me to the innocence still blooming within me, and the hope that the ones I am meant to love cherish it.

 God knows…my heart.  And where all the bodies are hidden.


Enjoy a mellow Sunday night in spirit & kind,..

and I hope your pending week

Is productive and peaceful.

Gambatte Shalom.



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