Protective, AOLAB in studio/en utero. 26FEB2014.





February has been my first time sincerely trying protective style options in a consistent manner . it’s a natural hair thing that I never really got into conceptually. Mi y Esmerelda were much more likely to just have a love-fest every now and again & call it a day.

But this time I actually sat down and went “I want to try twists. As like a possible standard.” I like textural & length change-ups too much to go the dreadlock route, but I’ve actually twisted up my hair more than once this month & it’ been kinda cool. It gives a completely different UNFURL thing to my hair curl pattern-wise when I take them out after a few days, and i’m kinda feeling the whole process of it.

Also, I’m more in “taking in” mode vs noting down when it comes to research as of late…you know the deal. It’s the difference between being in a class where your pen is flying-your hand is listening but you are not- and being so sucked in by what you’re studying that you’re hanging on the professor’s every word. Turns out absently twirling my hair into twists while reading has been taking me in deeper, so i’m kinda just going with it lol.

 It’s been a you only see’em if you really are in my life & are seeing me sort of thing, which has made the experience even sweeter,kind of like the moratorium on food porn pics. Sean Penn’s Snow Leopardisms again, perhaps. But since this is the end of the month…and it just happened again absently pouring over the inaugural Porter Magazine…it seemed like a good time to out my self or unveil.

THIS was  never my tomboy. Myyyy tomboy was always like a large,glorious tumbleweed halo of sorts flailing out behind me like Grace Coddington, with no recollection of being beyond the curve. Technically, I still do adore that look on me. But this…is making itself very comfortable.


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