Return of the Native by Angel Brynner AOLAB 28FEB2014. [HAPPY500!]

so…this is the celebratory 500th post on this here blog.

Due to the festive vibe of the day due to all that, Esmey & I woke up feeling kinda Klymaxx-ish cut into the Love Bizarre.

…hopefully, Minneapolis would approve lol.

…oh. That’s right,b*tches~

Thundercats,dammit! lolol

Shook down a quasihipster for it that didn’t even Watch tha show!

…For Months! lol. Then shredded the life out the back of it lol.

Like I was some tiger-like alien humanoid tilted on catnip…


(joyful spiritual muppets all ova the place) (~@~)




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