LoveloveLOVE, ante-meridiem/ a sabbath self-portrait,” Angel Brynner, AOLAB. 8MARCH2014

…so, this happened after screenwriting class last night~

I was playing with my hair, feeling Love being beaming all at me from like everywhere as I processed what i’d taken in.

Acceptance is a strange beauty that is so undeniably potent, powerful and persuasive… I Love doing this. I accept that playing with my hair is part of my process & it makes me laugh my ass off. I thank God for this shape-shifting crown he set on mah head that gives me such goofy joy, and for the ones who are able to share that giddiness with me with nothing but love…that I get to keep it in-house, and that the Most High polices who gets to happily partake of said joy with me.  Thank God for the space to go for the things he  knows I love, and for the love that bounces back from those things in line with him. It makes all the difference in the world and how you move through it..


Happy Saturday, yall!


Thanks to  Whitney over at  [who always makes me grin in general, so full-on shout-outs 🙂  ]…for the inspiration of trying a modified wet-set on already dry thick-assed, curly, natural hair… Genius! It took so quickly!



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