chapter seventeen


“Did you believe in God?” Habib asked Rabble out of nowhere at the counter.

“What?” the teenager asked.

“Did you believe in God?” the old man asked again as his eyes calmly swept the perimeter.

“You mean like before the shit went down with my mom being killed by that asshole she called her man? Did I give up on-” Rabble paused and dropped his head to peer closely into the dregs of his cup.

“I mean it was hard, and i’m never going to be right because of it, but- like- My friends, though? The way they rose up for me had to have been of God- I mean they put their lives on the line for me time and time again- just to make sure I made it through. Nothing but God could’ve-”  his voice trailed off to a whisper.

Rabble didn’t see the middle eastern man’s eyes white out.

“No- I mean in general. Now. But before. Same difference.” Habib asked with an even clip to his voice as he walked back around his counter, pulled out a huge weapon and cased the plate glass windows that protectively encased the two of them like a bubble.

Rabble just kept staring into his cup. “You mean Like Allah, Buddha, Krishna-?” he muttered as he watched the remaining oils dance across the blips of coffee. “I met this Dominican once, he said that where he was from, folks use to be able to tell the future from reading the last drops of coffee in a cup.”

“No, I meant the real one. But they do that in Persian cultures too. Seers, at least.” Habib mumbled, eyes flitting across the silent mayhem on the other side of the windows. “Had a sister get all into that because our line supposedly had that so-called gift. Lost her in it though. She missed the connection for the point-”

“Fam had it?Oh,well that means you got it too-” Rabble Rabble grinned for the first time in forever. “What you see in my future according to this?” he chuckled and tilted up his cup as he finally looked up. His jaw dropped when he saw the beast of a gun.

“Glass. Lots of broken glass.” Habib growled “And running. For the last dregs of your life. Now don’t…move.”

“What did I do to you?” Rabble whispered softly as his face all but caved in from despair, confused, rejected and hurt in one breath.

“No, no~son-” Habib whispered softly. “This isn’t against you, Rabble. It’s FOR you, kid. And for the sake of the son and the sister I lost to all of this. Turn around. Slowly, son.” Habib muttered something in his mother tongue and the veil dropped from Rabble’s eyes.

“What the Hell?!” Rabble hissed.

“Exactly.” Habib growled


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