Working the ROSTER #1. AOLAB 24JUNE2014.


Sooo…. I’m one of those chicks who…well…who cuts out food that looks so good I can imagine eating it right now. Have been since I was a kid w/hundreds of dolls making cupboards on the side of things from the remains of magazines I’d destroyed for the imagery. yep..even my toys were neophyte gourmands growing up. We ate well & we ate often.. and in a house where the mother didn’t cook[Dad turned it allatime tho], I recognize in hindsight my shall we say fascination with the “cut out ” food may have read like an aberration to the mother. Or maybe I really was the little genius I tested out to be because in the end all that turned out to be nothing less than a vision board of the things I knew in my heart would one day end up in my belly. I was seeding myself with dreams of food, see?lol.

Anywho… why is this coming up today? Because I have found myself on the other side of inspiration[read:full] where my inner child & I started riffing on THE ROSTER for dinner [Shrimp doesn’t go with mozzarella!” [me] “yes it does!trust me!”[her] only to recognize that my energy was drawing on seeds I’d been so visually moved by that they’d ended up in THE BOOK. Fantastic. Seriously. So I succumbed to food porn. And she was right about the shrimp /cheese thing. Who knew?{ Inner child did lol.}

I may get to heaven and see a pic of some recipe she saw at age five that planted That seed. 🙂



Do what it looks like.

Recipe like  a  Roman, I tell ya.

Happy eating.

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