The return of REAL. AOLAB 2JULY2014.

Today was a day off I aimed at living out as if the things on my to-do list were already deep in the muscle memory. It was cool to just flow doing the stuff I truly want to do everyday to keep me equilib’d instead of “do this, now this,now this-”

Mellow. I was mellow. But on it. And it was cool.

But the coolest moment was the “click” at the grocery store. I’d gone in for a few things to flesh out the stash- like hand-basket mode versus “CART”- was going to grab beets to  juice to splice with a motherload of carrot juice that I was opting out of drinking more than like 4 ounces of a day[defeating the purpose of why I’d gotten it, mind you]. I had my ginger, my cilantro, beets- & I looked up and…realized I was “just doing this.”

There was no nudging needed, no cajoling-it was just happening. It was a beautiful, clear “wow” moment. Everything popped out a bit more in colorful bas-relief. And then it registered that I had dandelion greens in the basket. A serious detoxifier that  is…something I’ve been trying to track in NOLA 7months.

But instead of ogling the emo-moment of it all, making it grandiose  and elegantly attenuated within me…so as to never forget… I consciously opted to just ride the wave for what it was.  Received it as the norm I have been consciously working towards in spurts, sprints and grunts since December. And my inner child lined right up.

“Let’s not juice all the greens and stuff this time. We throw out all the fiber  a lot anyway if we don’t add it to stuff. Let’s just eat.”

So that’s what’s up. REAL.

Eating Good. Correctly. 60 days. omg. I can DO this.

Doesn’t mean we’re off Satsang. We’re just handling this in a different way. Full-on Lifestyle.

From about 630pm on I have been in a solid prep state.

Still on The Roster. But just made a bunch of different things so I can get in, get out during this hot-assed season & still be on point with what I’m doing with my health and working out my wellness.

I picked up a double blender last week to tackle my SOBE Summer staple soups and smoothies. It’s a baby with two 28ounce cups so you can do a few things at once. Like make soups, smoothies, milks and the like without missing beats and all.

There are some swerves.

I backed up off whole milk- am going to do my matcha with homemade coconut milk.

Doesn’t mean Dairy is nixed. The potato salad I made is full-fat sour cream based instead of mayo. and Chobani finally put out a full fat yogurt with no extra stuff and since it’s like murder trying to find FAGE full fat over in the hood, I’m hoping for the best.

Why the switch to coconut milk, though?

The milk is better for you than the water. And we all know by now how good the water is for us. Research it yourself…it’s crazy.

But for me, the end of the week before last I let myself go to McDonalds out of bare cupboards, laziness and tiredness. It wasn’t a catastrophe or anything, but the next day as soon as I finished cooking for dolce Vita, my body literally dowsing rodded my ass over to Raw Republic, where I hadn’t been in ages even though I’d cried over its discovery. I grabbed instinctively a coconut milk, a beet drink and a ginger shot. The chola who runs it, after we fell into deep discussion, was like “your body knew exact what it needed after all that, and it was that coconut milk.”

She didn’t even have to say “listen to it.” I heard her loud and clear. And in one day I  was able to track the other supplements my Bodhi’s been quietly requesting as we walk this out that I’d been unable to find previously.

But I felt 120% better after getting it in me and THAT is what made me look into it more deeply.  I have been using variations of it this week, having my Spanish Professora from Nicaragua who grew up drinking it as my taste tester as I fig what to add at home. I found a can with no guar gum-solo Goya-and how to splice it, but my body did something  a few times upon 1st sips that made me think about the whole BPA aspect- my body is sensitive to strange things- & resolve to try the at-home with the flaked coconut recipe next.

That was one of the things that got knocked out tonight due to finding organic coconut flakes with no additives, no bleaching  blah blah blah. I even put back two different kinds of actual coconuts because something told me they were off. The next step after this experiment will be finding organic coconuts, but for this week, so far…this stuff is pretty good how I pulled it together.

The Menu will be a separate post. It’s all cold. Because it’s hot as fuck in New Orleans and all the more so in this particular kitchen…and I don’t want to be heating up ANY thing to eat for a bit. I just… can’t. Yep, even the soups. I figured THAT one out on Ocean Drive the hot-assed summer of 2011. They CAN be heated. but don’t need to be.



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