Buckwheat crepes topped with blackberry,black cherry,turkish fig and gala apples salad with cilantro and buckwheat honey[plus dollop of  full fat yogurt].

Aight. So I DID end up in the kitchen this morn to make the crepes…but I made a stockpile and tossed’em in the freezer to pull as needed. It was too hot last night and too much “compound living” activity buzzing about.

The fruit salad turned out really good though. I mean like slap yo mama in the morning good. Letting it marinate with all the cilantro and cherry/carrot juice spliced with the lemon overnight had me like swooning from the 1st bite….mindfully swooning, but still like “ooooh~!”

And apparently, putting the cherries INTO something to be eaten with is the fail-safe way of not devouring a whole bag of cherries in one sitting.

YALL could’ve told me that before!…38years to learn that trick !lol

That close-up is just a food-porn shot of the texture of mah crepes lolol. THIS is the first time it went all-out like that lol. I was like 😮 ! 🙂


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