I’m already a bit absently ridic when it comes to circulation, exfoliation and what-not. Those scrub gloves? Since I first got intro’d to them, there has always been a pair in the kit that takes care of me. Another thing I got introduced to a long time ago and that I keep up lazily is dry-brushing. But the General Patton of the AOLAB summer arsenal[ a seasonal Homemade body-scrub]  had been needling to make it for a while.

I have tried so many store-bought scrubs that your head would spin, but again and again, I come back to the tried, true and pure to do, riffing as I go. I finally succumbed to the splicing this evening…and am still luxuriating in the aftermath of this latest mix as chill-out lounge India meets Dubai undulates in the candle-lit and incense scented air around me.

I spent my day off reading, doing laundry like we often do.  After polishing off the last  Medjool date I’d gotten for something I never made I had this perfectly sized container stare back at me every time I went into my cupboard, like the weight of the universe was bemoaning to just “mix, already!” So I did.

SUMMER 2O14 AOLAB SCRUB a bit of white sugar, 7/8ths of the container full of regular table salt, 1/8 kosher salt[I may punch it up with the last of my Himalayan salt hiding out up here], and heavy sesame oil, plus buckwheat honey.

I have used many kinds of salt in the past, but the table salt base has to do with a draw towards the added iodine,  which sea salts don’t have and which my body craves from time to time. The other salts can be added to layer their mysteries into the mix. The lower sugar/ high salt combo gives a moisturizing slip without countering all the imminent detoxing afoot. In the winter I’m much heavier handed on the sugar in the ratio. & the clash between the true sesame cold-pressed oil and the earthy sweetness of the organic buckwheat  honey has me dragging my hands absently across my scented skin, pores devouring it.

This week  I’ve come out of my devic African black soap phase into this amazing cedar soap that just gives this soft, deep desirous  plume of scent to my skin. I was Loving it, “may become a standard” style. But added to the aftermath of the scrub, oh my Word!


Good day off.





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