If any of your friends pop up on your heart out of nowhere, let them know you love them. I just found out that one of my best friends since 1st grade- who tracked me down again last year so as to reconnect- passed away this morning.

She literally floated up in my mind yesterday and made me laugh by flashing Tommy Lee from Motley Crue … she’s the only other person on earth who would not be surprised if I turned up married to him one day…because I used to have my dad drive me from the east side of Cleveland to the edge of the west side of Cleveland…to hang out in her room…whose purple walls were covered to the ceiling with pics of Motley Crue and Poison and Duran Duran [Tommy lee, Ricky Rocket & Mr.Taylor, thank you very much!].  She was one of my strongest sanctuaries for eight formative years of my life…the high priestess of the one that to this day means the most musically to me: Rock.

& last year she kicked down all the doors I’d put up against mostly everybody in the 25yrs since the last time we’d seen each other due to dumb shit out in the world, popped me in the back of the head & reminded what real friendship was…and that She could still see who I was as a person and friend, no matter how stupidly or hurtfully others responded to me. God so healed me with her this year, and I thank him for her again and again, and am so grateful I got the chance to be loved by her brainy, wild genius butt for the second time around before she went home to the God it turned out we both believed in when we met back up.

Out of all my friends growing up, her Dad was the only one I’d ever even think of calling Dad, her sisters were the big sisters I never got to have because I was the oldest girl- And she’s already pulled a miracle from above because when I called to tell my Dad she died, it led to him opening up with me in a way he never has before, so high-five, Heather.
& I speak in present tense because I KNOW in my head and in my heart where you just high-tailed it to, and I cant wait to see what you do with the new digs[mansion] God just gave you the keys to.

heather micki and vicki


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