CHAPTER 27/EXCERPT FROM EXILE by Angel Brynner [workinprogress] 14AUG2014

chapter twenty seven

The little boy rubbed his eyes.

Where is she?” Where did she-” He angrily pushed his way through the piles of dozing adults in the darkened room. He held his breath as the stench that would haunt him the rest of his existence rose up out of everything and everyone in never-neverland around him. The rooms and clumps of bodies to peer through in search of his mom seemed to go on forever as he made his way through the shot-gun style apartment.

Mommy!” he whispered as he pushed hair out of this and that face again and again in search of his mother in a madness his young brain had already learned to steel itself against, the way all kids born in warzones instinctively learn to do. When he could search no more, he squatted down like the little lost boy that he was and quietly started to sob.

Gahbloom-?” a woman cried out softly in response to her firstborn child’s wails. “Baby-baby where are you?” she slurred, her tongue still thick with whatever she’d taken as she started to come back down.

“-Mommy?” He looked up hesitantly, face wet with tears as he tried to decipher whether it was a dream or she was really there, and if so, figure out where her voice was coming from.

Here-here I am, Gahbloomy~” she whispered from deep within a pile of bodies he had wandered past. “…here I am, baby-”

He ran to the pile and started screaming as he tried to claw his way in to her.

Mommy!!Ma!Get off her!Get- OFF!” He howled.

Yo! Somebody shut that motherfucking kid up!” a disembodied voice bellowed as angry murmurs of agreement went up around them.

Baby-baby-here i am-here i-come here-come here,baby-” the mother whispered weakly as she held up arms corroded with thin dried rivulets of blood. The little boy crashed into his mothers arms and shook as he sobbed against her. “shhh~Shhh,baby…it’s alright…i’m here…i’m…i’m on my way back riight now-”

The little boy couldnt stop shivering or crying in his mother’s emaciated arms. “You know-you know you’re the blessed and the best of me…you know that right, little boy?” the mother whispered softly as she came to a bit more with each terrified shake of her son against her broken heart. “That’s why I- that’s why I call you my …my Gahbloom~ because-” she stopped as her senses came all the way back on with a slash of shame as where she’d come to with her poor child in her arms.

Because- because I’m dirt-” She whispered harshly against the top of the little boy’s head as the smell of the drug den raped her senses. “I’m- I’m nothing but-but fucking dirt- but…but you? You, baby?You are my flower- you’re like a flower to me-you hear-you hear me? You’re my proof God still loves me because he grew the goodness of you in me-” She whispered as her words sunk into herself and him. Then and there she decided to do her best by him from here on out, by the grace of a God who had brought her viciously back to her senses with the sound of her child’s sobs screeching outside of the hole she had crawled into.

The demonic reality of the hell she had brought him into ripped across her clearing senses, demanding she fall back from her decision, but she refused. She might never forgive herself for the filth she’d come to in, but she was going to to do right by him, give him the chance to be somebody, even with his light mothered by one walking around with such a broken soul.

You- you’re gonna remember that, right?” She whispered harshly. The boy sniffed loudly as his tears dried up. He nodded softly, feeling warmth push back into his mom’s bony arms from the pit of a soul she had forgotten she’d had. When the demons saw her tipping point had been crossed, they malevolently stirred up the carrion and cattle drugged out around the two of them.

Shut that fucking babbling up!” Someone screamed.

Yeah! And-Get that crying kid out of here!!” another woman wailed.

Can we- can we go?” the little boy whispered. His mother nodded as she struggled to stand up out of the abyss she had retreated into for the final time. Still hunched over, at the last moment she gently grabbed his face and kissed the little boy’s tears away. His face glowed with love for her as power flooded into her from the wetness of his tears on her lips as she straightened up all the way.

All of a sudden a gnarled old man in a nearby pile caught sight of the little boy’s glowing face and he lost his mind at the idea of a little cherubic-like angel in the midst of his own personally purchased Hell. “That light! That light!” a half-devoured man screeched.

Get him out of here Now!Now!” another howled and lunged at them as little Gabryl’s mother scooped him up in her arms. Strength blossomed out of nowhere and the mother swung on the man violently, knocking him to the ground with an explosive left hook.

Get out! Get out before We all tear you apart!!” the gnarled man roared from the bruised pile on the floor as the mother ran out of the drug den with her terrified child swinging wildly in her arms.


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