“Michael Brown and the new two wrongs may reveal the right.” by Angel Brynner AOLAB 17AUG2014

…So …the riots are all over CNN in the tv room.
Been Oddly reticent on this one. But here goes:

Should this kid have been shot?No.
Yep-it’s that plain & simple. & it would be to ANY parent if they put their own child’s face in the place where THAT kid hit the ground. Imagine your daughter on the ground after putting her hands up, no matter what she did. No matter how Black or blond that daughter is, the answer is still no. That making it a “daughter” makes some people get that in a way they couldn’t over a son is a whole other post.

…BUT- parents acting like any demon-possessed kid [of any skin color]was an angel when the kid is robbing & choking folks[ if it IS him] actually IS some mess that grew old decades ago.

Should he have stolen anything OR choked anyone? No…but the cop didn’t even know he was a suspect in that. So…bluntly stated, there’s no legal stance the cops can take to cover that jerk’s ass…and THEY need to string his ass up on their own before those they’re supposed to protect justly burn that city to the ground in “protest” of their so-called “protection.”

JUST as much as parents-ACROSS THE COLOR BOARD- need to be Raising their kids to be decent individuals instead of “copping out” … until crap just like this goes down where they can cry in the cameras shoved in their faces for the morbid entertainment of sick masses. This is being said from an area where both sides of the color line fail HORRIBLY on that mess.

But the irony of the collision of those two kind of fuses… the irony of THAT there MESS is not lost on me. And in all this madness being stirred up on both sides… i feel like much of IT is because its not lost on you guys either. There’s a strange panic to all this. BUT Ironically…this f’d situation with seriously questionable vibes on both sides MAY be the only way the falsely victimized nuances both sides of this hide behind to keep doing their fucked shit…that neither side wants to own …will forcibly be broached.

Until the Lohans and Ryders of the world are getting winged by Barney’s guards for doing sim shoplifting mess no one’s going to be shouting “fairs” on this. That they tried to make it look like a black cop did the shooting is more insidiously foul than trying to release the cctv shots which had nothing to do with why the cop took aim.

But here’s the rub: This country grew both of these folks.

& “within your children lay God’s judgment against you-” can get really deep really quick. We’ve been avoiding dealing with the blunt details of this dynamic for a while.

Is this modern-day lynch-mob mentality? Yes. Sadly. An already violently disturbed mentality has turned in on itself after being swept under the rug for generations, presenting itself as much more of an aberration in these latter-days of possible plenty than ever before. But lying like feral folks championed in odd ways within and without our impoverished communities [Martha Stewart brags over hardcore rap being top played on her ipod] has not been going on for a very,very long time is part of the problem. It’s two sides of the same fucked coin that we keep “losing” so as not to deal.

AND…we’re going to have to deal with it.
Which sucks. Or our kids on both sides are going to end up wiped out by our refusal to handle this mess once and for all.

I truly believe there are less racist assholes in this country in 2014.
But i ALSO know for a fact that the hardcore jerks have raised their offspring HARD and suckled them long on that racist juice off in the cut.
Which has produced some fucked up people…as well as a slew of people who see how sick their parent’s racism IS and want nothing to do with it. Both sides of the color-line on that one too.

Which means we may actually have a fucking chance as a people.

My heart goes out to those of you reading this that are literally LIVING in the MIDST of this rioting mess. People forget when they’re gawking at the television that very real people live their lives where the latest spectacle and firebombs are jumping off.

But for  this kid to have come up and then fallen down the way he did there…means the mess was already foul there under the rug for a very long time. Which makes my heart go out to you all even more. The mourning you’re going through with all eyes on you due to the way this kid lost( and may have lived) his life… feels like a long time coming.

Was he a good kid, a bad one? Technically a good man? A bad man?

He is a human who got gunned down in the streets in an area rife with injustice at the hands of cops.

Martyrdom is very real. Even in 2014. And sometimes its the only thing that works.





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