it is finished… the “NOBLOG 1YR PERSONAL PROTEST.”That it actually happened boggles the mind.


…after that last blog on Michael Brown I had to step down. I was frustrated with the focus of all of it…and felt that the only way not to fan the flames was to remove myself from that particular fire, absently sure it would burn itself out and the media would not get what they wanted. Take a year off from blogging. Sabbatical.

Fast forward a year.
So much good interspersed with cruelty and stupidity, terrorism and malice.
Sandra Bland…

…madness attempting to erupt again and again…but the difference this time was that the true nature of said madness was so flagrantly available for all to see each and every time that the entire energy of the push changed.

We didn’t get worn out from dealing with the symptoms of their disease. They did. We embraced all who embraced us and let the beast be the beast, to its chagrin…which took the brunt of its energy.

It stopped being a victimization of a people with outmoded oppressive propaganda loops being consumed with every breath, seeding more insanity. We started using the system they pinned us in with the re-direct the gaze and the flow.

Everything changed in Baltimore.
When the cops tried to cyber-bully that flare-up into existence and people from within it shouted out the true deets in real-time…

When the gang members who were trying to be framed turned out to be in meetings with the spiritual leaders of the community at the exact time the press was trying to say devils nigh was surely going to explode…

The beast wasn’t ready for the minute shifts and it was the most beautiful thing i’d seen in a while. This current generation they keep trying to have a reaping over…showed why in ways many may have missed.

The true madness was over not being able roughly shove a class of people seen as separate due to the way melanin resides in their skin over the brink INTO a matching madness that had been a silent prophesy in racist , twisted, fear-based camps since We the people got pushed into equality for all. The We the People they didn’t want to recognize was surely going to rear up and make their offspring pay for what their ancestors enacted…that is how this game was designed to roll out and go down.

But We did not. Even when cops used a stupid hick kid as a pawn to off the Senator that made them have to wear body cameras to Police the fn police…when surely that was going to be the end result of all that. The moron said it himself. He was going for the glory of a race war that, at 20 in 2015, had no real denotations in comparison to the civil rights era.

Why didn’t all this mess work?

Perhaps… because in a very basic sense, whether we realize we are walking it out or not…we people of color in 2015…in the midst of secular inanity and insanity… are already living out the lives of the Avenged. We do not have to be Avengers…because we have the opportunity every day in this country people are still dying to sneak into…to live as the blessedly avenged and just go for the things of import in our lives, no matter the color of our skin.

…let than sink in for a minute.

At any given moment, we can and do rise, as individuals, motivated by the loves God has put in our respective minds and hearts..two seats of thought we’d all been told we as a race were too base to utilize in pragmatic fashions.

The strange beauty was in knowing…
and seeing the sickness that was all over the #SANDRABLANDSACRIFICE, and #CHARLESTON… #THEHOMELANDTERRORISM for what it truly was…yet living unafraid, in light of that truth. My heart went and still goes out to the her family. But I pity those who killed her, not for the meanness of their hearts…but the fragility of… their so-called power base.

A beast is its wildest, sickest and most violent when it knows it really is bleeding out. Pay attention to that.

We are in the midst of the death throes of many monsters that have ruled this world… principalities are falling down… due to the love inherent in the color-FULL outcropping of us, no need of the paltry quip of colorblindness, no need to cast off skins we breathe through in order to be seen as one.

& I don’t reference the meek, wishy-washy love of this system, that fleeting bullshit that is emboldened by consumptive desires just like the ones at the root of all this american race shit.

I reference the active, god-given love that makes each of us DO things that bring light and life into the dreary corners of this gorgeous plane. I speak of the violent taking Heaven by force…being read in a wholly different direction.

We are FINALLY becoming badass in the displaying and flipping of the two and five and more talents we’ve each been entrusted with. Even the one talenters have learned not to dismay the one who gives them something to work with in fear of losing it.

And that will overpower any beast.
Be who you are to the bone and you can never be alone …because to be that.. to live that out…you gotta get Vayo con Dios about the shit.

We got this.

And the blog IS back.
But there are some modifications in the pipeline.

MANY things have happened in the year that has passed. GREAT things. Including the completion of the Artist in Residence gig in New Orleans and a relocation to Miami to build out the Publishing Imprint in earnest.

…but enough about that.
I just… hope you missed me.

God Bless,
{…and prepare for the overflow}
Angel Brynner.