Artist Statement/Angel Brynner

Artist Statement/Angel Brynner

Hi-My name is Angel Brynner, and I make art as the truest expression and indicator of my love for the beauty housed in even the smallest slivers of the world we occupy. I have intense love affairs with many mediums in exploration of this push to show love, always grounded in telling a story. My first language is imagery. my second the words put to them, akin to dancing with the concept of “thought” in a tangible sense. My work can be read many ways, and that is part of the point of it.

My life’s work is to creatively set the captive inner children free in us all so we can do what we came here to do.

In visuals, the expression of that dance of captivity is reminding people of the Love. In words, the expression of that dance centers around dealing with the wars we fight that no one speaks about and the inner weapons we have to win them that are often discounted by our own souls on a daily basis out of habit.

Up until now,visually speaking I have worked primarily within the framework of murals: either in miniature via my collage work where I create revisionist landscapes for actors I find trapped in discarded visuals, ad campaigns and the like (which I tend to exhibit in oversized tiled prints); or in a more traditional yet allegorical vein of mural work focused on oversized freehand illustration and painting- as opposed to graffiti work. My collage work is different from others in that it usually focuses on building up divergent imagery into  expressions of hopefulness as well as how rooted we really are in the ruins of all that has gone before us, and “life” is what we creatively do with those components.

I don’t destroy visuals. I rebuild. I hope to encourage and connect with my visual work in a way that makes up for my reserve. My art is devoid of my cynism, or actually underscores how deeply indebted to romanticism most quasi-cynics are. What I see is love. I Feel like a child looking over God’s shoulder before birth, trying to gauge the kaleidoscopic beauty of the realm I’m about to cross over into, with nothing but trust for him ahead of time. What most people experience with my work is a drawing in. It is as if the images call out to them to tell them the stories They need to see in them, nevermind what I was trying to capture. I treat my collages as the ultimate Rorschach test. People see what they need to in them.

My goals and aspirations as an artist as simple. I want to die happy, as an old, joyfilled artist able to live fully until the very end. My JOY hinges on a communion with God that is always in play, yet I am happy when I am in motion and prolific. I am prolific when I vibe on the strange love I’m able to find in the energies coming together to define a place, even the flyers refused or recycled magazines, the ticket stubs of life. and I build anew from these beautiful discarded yet cherished bits of lives lived to dream occasionally of lives hoped for, or forgotten in our daily grinds.

When i can get people to  step across that line, reach out and touch the world they can’t figure out how I joined together with scotch tape, i feel fed. When they receive it as a snapshot of a world they thought only they can see, i am all the more blessed.

When it comes to words, I make books that are active, be it in a literary or visual sense. Books that actively pursue those who have been raised to be terrified of art and sometimes even the world are my specialty, my goal being to gingerly remind them that it is simply the world we all once knew and loved early on as children. I desire to trigger nascent faculties i truly believe God included in us as weaponry to be utilized that we have forgotten across the board with my work: hopeful, childlike imagination fighting with their day to day brains to tell them what they are looking at. For the rest of my life, I will keep seeing and sending that love back, no matter the medium.

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