(the fashionable beginnings of Artist Angel Brynner).

as gardens grow.behind walls. not doors by angel brynner ms 2011.JPG

 after 13 years of formal training in Cleveland’s art enclave of museums, schools and art institutes, a 16 year old kid by the name of Angel was introduced to  Gianni Versace’s Men without Ties, where she found illustrations by Thierry Perez that captured the designer’s artistic vision. She looked around at a family of clotheshorses and veered into Menswear instead of Fine Art.

After studies at uc/DAAP, FIT, and apprenticing with some of the vanguard within the menswear industry [Dimitri Uomo, Avirex etc], she went on to produce her own fashion events under the Angela Bell Menswear brand in the club scenes of New York and Tokyo, sponsored by an assortment of  companies :

G-shock      Maxim Magazine      GBX      Kangol    Penguin Publishing Group     Top Cow Comics      Shiseido     Cyber-Japan     Casio     Tokyo-X ray


Collaborating artists and companies understood the shorthand of her collages across language barriers. Marketing executives knew her creative copy and the snatches of collages that danced across her sponsorship requests better than the product of the line.  after balking about suggestively using her 6ft-tall frame in the branding of  the collection as the rest of the industry went that way, the artist put her line on hiatus, focusing instead on becoming the better writer and artist she SECRETLY knew she could be during her sojourn in Menswear.


Reborn as Angel Brynner, she began fleshing out her dystopic show themes into full-fledged novels and producing her own art exhibit-events in nyc, showing quietly and consistently until the end of 2007. 

inspired by recalling the crazy enclave of artists she was raised among, she got filled with a desire to do right by all the other off-in-the-cut fields of artists out there, the places North American artists of all kinds come from to the Art Mecca of nyc.  She hit the road in 2008 for the Art of Life project, determined to show that nyc was an option for creative inspiration, not an end-all. She never looked back.

tying together loves of art, fashion, literature, travel and design that she feels blessed to have been given space to  grow into off the radar and inspired by the lust for life energy that IS South Beach, In 2011 she began an adventure literally a block from where much of Gianni Versace’s Men Without Ties book was photographed: Publishing her work.


In August of 2011, thanks to a visiting artist residency awarded by Legal Art Miami, Angel began pre-production work on fashioning a series of  10 active-art books named the Art of Life collection. A collision of fashion, culture and  creativity, the books grew out of over 1000 collages created across three years and 13 cities for the Art of Life project. In December 2011 the Deco Walk on Ocean Drive showcased her REVIVAL exhibition during Art Basel/Miami Art Week, a happy return to full-site-installation form for the artist. In January 2012, in addition to her trilogy of novels arriving on Amazon.com she opened her second freestanding exhibition in South Beach:Baptized.Black .Light.


in march of 2012,Ab once again went globalboho-style. 1month in mexico.from the beaches of surf-centered sayulita on the west coast to the heart of old-world mexico in queretaro, hecho en mexico was her first totally immersive art project in ages. all spanish, all the time, always an artist in search of others on that same wave.


by may 2012, she was back in new orleans, buckling down for research connected to her upcoming novels. in early 2013 Ab was continuing to take on local commissions with nolawoodworks and the audubon  institute’s butterfly garden & insectarium, followed by a writers retreat in eleuthera, Bahamas to focus on her latest work.

  early 2014 has been spent knee-deep in research for the current trilogy, using New Orleans as her base as she short-treks to Memphis, Nashville, fort worth, dallas and various points across the  southeast in conjunction with it.


water and the absence of it have been prime elements in angel brynner’s work throughout her career. it is more precious than gold, even though the artist feels like we live& die to the contrary of that. with that in mind 2014 marks the beginning of a new approach to the “serve” aspect of the AOLAB manifesto of “go. see. serve sow[good]seeds” …via the aolab chassedi well projects[1.0 & 2.0].

utilizing tithes, free-will offerings, anonymous donations & portions of product sales, aolab is focused on covering the costs of digging six freshwater wells with  generosity water and drop4drop.org, with The monies going directly to the two charities &then towards the digging in developing countries.



 2015 saw the return of Angel Brynner to Downtown MIAMI to begin releasing the grievechronic series as  originally intended. Eutaxis, Ecclesia and Exodus were released under the KPM Press imprint by the summer of 2015, with the next set of books in the series locked and loaded for early 2016 back to back debuts.


…Where  next?

ONLY GOD  KNOWS what and where the newboho will be… stay tuned.


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