Is when a state of mind takes the wheels and directs you to the only place certain things can be birthed.

Simply put: There is a rough draft due date for Exile.

In direct contradiction to the way the brunt of AOLAB has played out in years one through five, instead of cities, the artist Angel Brynner has signed on for silence and solitude. Of sorts.  On the literal shores of the isle of freedom. Also known as the veritable Isle of Misfit Toys, and Almost Heaven.

Holed up in a hermitage…a one room sun yellow shack that clings to a potholed, limestone cliff covered in jungle and bush. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and one of the most pristinely unforgiving surf breaks East of Eden.

No running water. a Television with no signal draped with fabric and turned into a table for maps, for caracs to plot wars and arcs of plunder. Enough electricity for a fridge, one appliance at a time, a fan and a cagey little laptop that adores the salt-choked breezes in this sun -baked place.

A bed, and a view of green and blue.

So far…after seven days in, 4 chapters  are out.


Go. See. Do… has the artist known as Angel Brynner having a baby off in the jungle. 

…STAY TUNED to see what comes out.


[ARCHIVE/ 2012]

What is AOLAB: Hecho en Mexico?


Angel Brynner takes the Art of Life project back abroad, this time to Mexico.

Set up as odd, fantastic voyages sandwiching a short open format Arts Residency in the center of Mexico, the core purpose of AOLAB Hecho en Mexico is the same as Art of Life in general:

“Go. See. Do…then see what comes out of your artistically.”

But the ante has been raised because come hell or high water, the whole thing is going down on the artist’s end in Spanish, actually living by nothing but the grace of God and her use of the language as much as possible.

From Mise en Scenes to interviews, photo albums, after-thoughts and beyond, the blog will focus on the artist giving shout-outs along the way to those things that have inspired her mind and captured her heart, as well as on the other artists of all mediums who she runs into in unique ways that have embraced her along this road.


  • A conversation thanks to those gracious enough to indulge a simple artist on the road in search of other artists answering the call on them in interesting, not exactly traditional ways;
  • An exploration due to clocking as much mileage across the Mexican federation as she can cram into the few weeks allotted to this project while maintiaining its shape;
  • and a Pilgrimage, due to the quiet significance pre-columbian art and the mythology attached to it had on her as a small child as soon as she saw her first giant Olmec head, all the more thrilling for her due to the trek going down in the spring of 2012.

This is not the Harvesting of a project, but the continued watering of one that has been a long time coming.

From here on out, every new leg and aspect of the Art of Life Angel Brynner project will be presented at www.angelbrynner.com

Stay tuned for more info.

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