Portrait of the artist post-roam. /AOLABSPRING2014.

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Spring. When you get something that you need as an artist, it changes what you see in yourself across your own imagery. All the more so if part of your oeuvre is self-portraiture. These are the raw, documentary shots of  the face behind these words at age 38, on May 31st, 2014. This is on the heels of 30 days of fitting travel into my life on four-day jags[including to/from]after 3 days of working doubles to be able to do it…for my art, for my soul…in celebration of the Art of Life. It is raining like crazy outside my window.These shots were taken in the aftermath of scrubbing the road and past off of me and out of my hair. Not so much as shots of “who I am” but  instead bare-bones shots of “where I’m starting from” in this moment in my walk, esthetically and otherwise.

I got into self-portraiture as a way to work through not really looking at myself in mirrors. I really had no concept of what you people see when literally looking at me, no clue as to the minutiae of my own visage. made for a surreal modeling sojourn, to say the least.

When I take a picture of my “self,” i HAVE to see that self. take it into account. realize I am not exactly “just like the rain” and what-not. What I see in these shots of my self after the 30 days I will keep to myself. But it was important enough for me to document the rite of passage it displays, even if I won’t speak on the details of it.

-Artist Angel Brynner.

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